Why your Business needs Employee Monitoring Software

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As a business owner, you may often find yourself asking: Are there any technological solutions out there that will help my organization make better use of its time? Or, how you can I leverage cutting-edge technology to improve my company’s productivity?

To begin with, these are great questions. According to a research study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, technology has been the key source of rising business productivity in recent years. Companies that have higher business productivity levels are not only more profitable, but their customers are a happier bunch, too. But how do you measure business productivity, and isn’t it largely dependent on the efficiency of your employees.

Most companies spend a large amount of their resources on hiring the ‘right’ talent. They assume that hiring the right people will automatically ensure higher levels of productivity. However, in an era of technology, where the Internet and social media are omnipresent, even the best employees end up being less productive. So how do you keep your employees riveted to their tasks and committed to their projects?

Implementing an employee monitoring solution that tracks and controls how your employees use their time at work can prove to be very effective. Here are five ways in which employee monitoring software can help your organization maintain high levels of efficiency and ensure greater productivity.

1. Control Internet Access

Get more control over what your employees use the Internet for. CurrentWare, an employee web filtering software provider, offers an Internet control system that allows you to restrict and track internet usage and enforce a web access policy across all workstations in your office.

This allows you to cut down on unnecessary distractions and time-wasting activities that employees sometimes get hooked onto. It also helps you keep a tight control on and limit internet access and bandwidth, which helps to keep costs down while maintaining high-speed access for all work-related activities.

2. Track employee internet usage

An employee monitoring software with a browser report tool can generate tabular and graphical reports of how a particular employee used the internet during a given timeframe. Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be used by managers to coach distracted employees and quarantine time-wasting activities.

CurrentWare’s BrowseRepoter is an excellent example of how this feature works. Employee internet monitoring software can also be used by managers during performance evaluation discussions to grade their employees and provide necessary feedback.

3. Monitor progress for employee-focused training

Even though they may have gone through extensive training, your employees will sometimes make mistakes. The important thing to do is to identify and isolate those mistakes so that you can provide the necessary training. By monitoring real time or recorded progress remotely, you can check if your employees are following standard procedures and working on tasks diligently. Errors can be corrected as they happen, which will help reduce costs and save time.

4. Delegate responsibilities and avoid bottlenecks

On any given day, if you notice that a particular employee has too many tasks to complete, while another team member has relatively fewer or lower-priority tasks on hand, you can redistribute some of the tasks so that the workload is balanced. This helps reduce bottlenecks and increase efficiency, resulting in happier customers and more business. CurrentWare’s BrowseReporter can monitor application usage and allow you to find out which employees have free time on their hand.

5. Virus and malware prevention

Prevent virus attacks and malware from wreaking havoc on your organization’s network. Employee monitoring software that incorporates effective browse control mechanisms helps you filter or block internet websites or certain categories of websites. CurrentWare offers a product that reduces the possibility of virus attacks and prevents the introduction of dangerous malware or spyware into your organization’s computer network by blocking the access of external devices such as USB keys.

Employees are often considered the greatest assets of an organization. But getting the best out of them is not always an easy task. Use the right employee computer activity monitoring tools to enhance employee efficiency and boost business productivity.

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Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu
Sai Kit Chu is a Product Manager with CurrentWare. He enjoys helping businesses improve their employee productivity & data loss prevention efforts through the deployment of the CurrentWare solutions.
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