Web Content Filtering & Monitoring Software for Education

Whether on-campus or taken home, CurrentWare’s web content filtering and computer activity monitoring software protects students and devices.

Web Content Filtering & Monitoring Software for Education

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Computer Monitoring & Web Content Filtering For Compliance

CurrentWare’s internet filtering and computer monitoring software solutions are important tools for schools and libraries to meet compliance with regulations that are designed to protect computer users and their data.

Content Filtering & Endpoint Security Solutions for FIPPA Compliance

CurrentWare’s agent-based web filtering, endpoint security, and computer monitoring tools provide public bodies that are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) with a critical layer of security for protecting personal information and other sensitive data in their custody.

  • Data Residency: CurrentWare’s products operate on-premises, ensuring that potentially sensitive computer monitoring data is stored and accessed only in approved jurisdictions.
  • Data Loss Prevention: AccessPatrol’s endpoint monitoring and USB access control features protect the sensitive personal data of students against illicit data exfiltration through USB devices.
  • Malware Protection: BrowseControl’s Category Filtering database is regularly updated to proactively block malicious websites that are known to be used as vectors for transmitting malware.

Enhanced File Transfer and Device Usage History

AccessPatrol’s endpoint detection and response features provide you with the detailed records and alerts you need to ensure that sensitive financial data is handled correctly. Protect sensitive files by configuring AccessPatrol to alert security personnel to suspicious endpoint activities on their network.

  • Data Loss Prevention Reports for Digital Forensics Investigations: In addition to real-time alerts, AccessPatrol can be configured to automatically generate and archive auditable financial data transfer DLP reports that serve as valuable pieces of electronic evidence for use by digital forensics detectives investigating the cause of a data breach.
  • File Operations History: Maintain evidence of any files that were copied, created, deleted, or renamed on USB devices. AccessPatrol’s file operations history reports document the actions taken, the date and time they occurred, the file types interacted with, as well as the source and destination paths of all file operations.
  • Allowed Devices History: Review exactly how whitelisted devices are being used in your organization. These reports allow investigators to see the times and dates that the devices on the allowed list have been used on company computers.
  • Allowed vs Denied History: Inspect employee peripheral device usage history to identify attempts to use blocked or unapproved devices. AccessPatrol displays employee device usage history to show the sequence of device usage events leading up to the attempted connection of blocked devices.
  • All Devices Accessed: These detailed device usage history reports provide investigators with detailed device usage history reports that display a high-level overview of each and every peripheral device plugged into your endpoints.
  • Real-Time Alerts: In addition to collecting digital evidence, AccessPatrol can be used as an endpoint detection and response tool. AccessPatrol’s real-time email alerts immediately notify security teams of suspicious file transfers and unauthorized peripheral device usage in their network. Easily identify any employees that attempt to copy sensitive files to external storage devices, delete files on external hard drives, or connect unknown devices to their computers.
  • Manage Devices That Are Taken Off-site: Mobile devices pose a unique threat due to their reduced physical security. When laptops are taken off-site by employees you can rest assured that AccessPatrol’s endpoint security policies remain enforced without the need for an internet connection. Your managed devices will continue to enforce the existing endpoint security policies and any updates to your configurations will automatically synchronize with the CurrentWare server when they reconnect to your network.

K-12 schools and colleges need to ensure a safe and productive academic environment when their students access the internet using school-supplied devices.

Data Loss Prevention &
Endpoint Security

  • USB Blocker: Protect confidential and sensitive files against data breaches. Enforce the exclusive use of authorized and encrypted USBs on endpoint devices that are used to access student records. Ensure that bad actors cannot use personal devices to illicitly exfiltrate confidential files.
  • Endpoint Monitoring: Collect evidence of suspicious network activity with auditable endpoint activity reports. Maintain logs of all USB file operations and peripheral devices that have been connected to monitored devices.
  • Data Security: Defend against accidental and malicious insider threats by restricting sensitive file types from being transferred to USB devices by unauthorized personnel. Protect the personal information of students and staff against loss, theft, and unauthorized copying to USB devices.
Person working on computer while Access Patrol is monitoring
workout at a computer with Browse Reporter monitoring

Computer Monitoring – Application & Internet Usage

  • Internet Monitoring for CIPA: Monitor the online activities of minors to meet CIPA compliance requirements & secure e-rate funding.
  • Monitoring Reports: Maintain auditable records of applications used, websites visited, bandwidth consumed, and keywords input into search engines by students and staff.
  • Improve Bandwidth Usage: Monitor for excessive bandwidth consumption that slows network speeds and disrupts connections to the digital tools used for teaching and learning.
Browse Control

Content Filtering – Blacklist Websites & Block Applications

  • Network Safety: Defend networks against malicious websites that are used to transmit malware and gain unauthorized access to the networks that contain the sensitive personal information of pupils, parents, and staff.
  • Internet Safety: Enforce the use of safe search filters on search engines and use website blacklists to protect students from inappropriate or obscene content while ensuring that students are following acceptable use policies.
  • Custom Configurations: User-friendly and granular customizations for content filtering ensure that unsafe and inappropriate content is filtered without interfering with legitimate educational needs.
BrowseControl - blacklist websites and block applications

Advanced Power Policy Management

  • Power Management: Advanced power policy controls provide the means for remotely restarting devices after deploying security updates.
  • Cost Savings: Save on energy costs by scheduling devices to start up and shut down during specified time slots or by using enPowerManager’s integrated Wake-on-LAN features.
  • Go Green: Reduce unnecessary computer power usage as a critical part of energy efficiency initiatives.

Meet CIPA Compliance With CurrentWare

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Device Management and Internet Safety Software For Schools

Computer Monitoring Protects Students & School Networks

  • Protect At-risk Students: Monitor keyword searches for search terms that indicate students are at risk of self-harm and other dangerous behavior.
  • Enforce Acceptable Use Policies: Proactively filter inappropriate content and alert administrators to users that are using their devices improperly.
  • Monitoring Reports: Maintain auditable logs of activities performed by each user and device. Investigate suspicious file activity on USB devices, track inappropriate web browsing behaviors, and ensure that students are safe when using the web.

Granular Policy Configurations

Customizability is critical for content control software that will be used in the classroom. Depending on the age group, devices, or subjects, each instructor may have their own considerations for which applications and websites are suitable for use in their classroom.
CurrentWare’s products allow operator permissions to be assigned to teachers, allowing them to modify internet monitoring and content restrictions based on the needs of their classroom. This enhanced flexibility allows for CurrentWare’s filtering technology to be used in schools without over-filtering and disrupting the education of students.

  • Customizable Restriction & Monitoring: Detailed customization options provide tailored policy management based on each student’s needs. Use bespoke whitelists and blacklists to protect students without blocking access to legitimate research.
  • Offsite Management: CurrentWare policies for school-supplied devices can be extended offsite to continue protecting students even when they are using their devices on a home network or when they lose access to the internet.
  • User Friendly: Content restriction policies can be easily managed without sophisticated technical knowledge. Educators can easily adjust the application and website blacklists for their students without relying on other staff that are dedicated to policy management.

Internet Access Control Prevents Cheating During Online Tests

CurrentWare’s content filtering and computer monitoring solutions are excellent classroom management tools for providing educators with greater control over how their students use technology during class time.

  • Blacklist Websites: Easily configure BrowseControl’s internet filter to only allow the exact domains or URLs needed for students to take their tests.
  • Remote Screen Capture: Use BrowseReporter’s remote screen capture to watch the screens of students for suspicious behavior during tests.
  • Application Usage: Use BrowseReporter to track the application usage of students during tests or use BrowseControl to block all non-essential applications.

Content Filtering Helps Fight Distractions in the Classroom

To mitigate classroom distractions, schools with one-to-one computing (“1:1”) programs rely on internet content-control software to ensure that their students are not distracted by technology during class time.

As students become increasingly tech-savvy, physical monitoring of student activities simply isn’t enough to fight distractions in the classroom – internet filtering and monitoring provides teachers with an important classroom management tool for fighting distractions in the classroom.

With the solutions in the CurrentWare suite teachers can easily manage all of their student’s devices, allowing them to ensure the technology in their classroom can be used to support learning activities without worrying about interference from internet-based distractions.

  • Whitelist Websites: Web filtering software allows students to access digital learning materials without unproductive websites becoming a hindrance on their learning. Educators simply need to add the desired domains or URLs to their whitelist while blocking the rest of the internet.
  • Turn Off Internet: With BrowseControl, teachers can block internet access altogether, allowing students to use their laptops for note taking without the temptation to play online computer games and visit social media websites during class time.
  • Custom Permissions: In the event that a student requires legitimate access to a website on the blacklist, teachers can be given access to adjust the student’s web access. Web content permissions can be modified based on user, device, or group to provide teachers with the tools they need to control content without negatively affecting the learning experience of their students.

Content Filtering & Internet Safety In Education

“Exposing students to the digital world comes with a responsibility
to protect them.”

Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Advantageous Pricing for Schools and Libraries

School districts are forced to do more with less. CurrentWare’s computer monitoring and device management solutions are a cost-effective way to manage technology in classrooms without straining budgetary needs.

Education Discounts

Education Discounts

To help manage EdTech costs, CurrentWare offers educational institutions 10% off of any of the products in the CurrentWare Suite.

bundled solutions

Bundled Solutions

While the solutions in the CurrentWare suite can be purchased individually, the best value comes from purchasing the full suite.

volume licensing

Volume Licensing

Volume-based licensing provides advantageous pricing for organizations that need to manage large quantities of devices.

Prepurchase Discounts

Businesses that pre-purchase multiple year plans enjoy favorable discounts on their annual plans.

BrowseControl Web Filtering Features

Internet Off
Internet ON/OFF

One click to completely block
users from browsing the web

URL Filter
URL Filter

Allowed list or Blocked list for
specific URLs

Category Filtering
Category Filtering

Block websites based on specific web content categories

Internet Scheduler
Internet Scheduler

Schedule internet use policies for specific times of the day

Bandwidth Tracker
Safe Search

Enforce safe search to prevent
explicit search results

Internet Quota
Internet Quota

Set a time-based quota for
internet browsing

Download Filter
Download Filter

Block files from being downloaded from the internet

Port Filter
Port Filter

Close unused and high-risk
TCP/UDP ports

Customized Message
Customize Message

Display a customized warning
message on blocked websites

Application Blocker
Application Blocker

Block specific Windows
applications from launching

Internet Timer

Allocate specific time for your
users to access the Internet

Stealth Mode

Restrict internet use without
altering users

Centralized Console

Central Web Console

Access the administrative console from a web browser on any computer in your network

Remote Client Install

Remote Client Install

Easily deploy the CurrentWare Client remotely to all of your networked computers

Offsite Management

Offsite Management

Extend onsite Internet usage policies to laptops running outside the corporate network

Email Report

SQL Server Supported

Our database is scaled for
enterprise and large business

Meet CIPA Compliance With CurrentWare

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