Computer Monitoring & Web Filtering for Schools

Whether on-campus or taken home, use CurrentWare’s computer monitoring and web filtering for schools to ensure student safety.

  • Monitor Student Internet Activity
  • Custom Internet Use Policies
  • Meet CIPA Compliance

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The Benefits of CurrentWare’s
Computer Monitoring & Web Filtering For Schools

CurrentWare’s internet filtering and computer monitoring software solutions are critical technology protection measures that schools and libraries need to meet CIPA compliance while ensuring a safe and productive learning environment. Prevent access to inappropriate content in just a few clicks.

Create a Safe Learning Environment

Effortlessly deliver safer online experiences with advanced awareness and control over student computer usage.

Implement 1:1 technology and digital tools confidently knowing that students have thoughtful guardrails for digital exploration.

  • Category Web Filtering: Block millions of websites with unsafe and inappropriate content across 100+ URL categories in just a few clicks
  • Student Internet Monitoring: Get insights into websites visited, browsing times, and search queries to ensure students are browsing the web safely
  • Custom Policies: Apply unique internet restrictions to students based on different age groups and legitimate research needs

Fight Distractions for Effective Classroom Management

Implement computer monitoring & web filtering for schools to defeat distractions, increase student engagement, and empower teachers to teach confidently with technology.

  • Block Distractions: Block PC games, inappropriate content, social media sites, and more to keep students focused on their tasks
  • Time-Based Controls: Apply web filtering rules based on schedules to accommodate breaks, after-school programs, and clubs
  • Disable Internet: In just a few clicks you can block internet access entirely, allowing students to use their laptops to take notes without the temptation to browse the web

Prevent Cheating in Online Tests

Laptops and desktops are critical learning tools, but without internet filtering it’s far too easy for them to cheat on their tests.

Take back control over student PC use with CurrentWare’s computer monitoring and web filtering for schools.

  • Internet Control: Allow access to only a select list of URLs while blocking all others to ensure that students are only accessing permitted materials
  • Monitor PC Use: Get near-real-time visibility into student PC usage to ensure that they are not misusing their computers during instruction
  • Live Screen Monitoring: Monitor student desktops within your LAN in real time with a live feed of what they’re doing on their computer

Protect Devices Anytime, Anywhere

To truly support remote learning and 1:1 device programs you need computer monitoring and web filtering for schools that ensures student safety no matter what network your students use.

With CurrentWare’s software client you can rest assured that your students and devices are safe when taken off site.

  • Anti-Tampering: The CurrentWare Client stays on the student’s computer and cannot be uninstalled or disabled without administrator access
  • Scheduled Monitoring: Disable internet monitoring outside of schools hours to give students the freedom to browse without data collection
  • Endpoint Security: Protect endpoint devices with CurrentWare’s robust  solutions for PC activity monitoring, USB device control, and web filtering for schools

Easily Customize Web Filtering Policies

Easily provide access to bona fide research—without exposing students to adult content.

CurrentWare’s granular tools and user-friendly interface allow IT admins to delegate adjustment of web filtering policies to teachers and other trusted staff members.

  • Request Access: When a student tries to access a blocked website they can click a link to request access
  • Policy Groups: Apply unique policies to groups of students and devices to give mature age groups greater freedom without exposing young students to inappropriate content.
  • Operator Accounts: Admins can selectively allow staff to modify web filtering policies for multiple devices without being given access to the all of the admin console

Enforcing Internet Use Policies Has Never Been Easier

Our student computer monitoring and internet filtering software gives you detailed control and visibility of web activity, making it the perfect tool for enforcing internet use policies.

  • Collect Evidence: Maintain records of students attempting to visit inappropriate websites on school devices
  • Internet Security: Improve security with triggered alerts every time your students or staff visit high-risk websites including porn, torrents, and file sharing websites
  • Filtering & Monitoring: Track student computer activity to collect evidence of unwanted computer usage then block unwanted websites and applications based on the reports

Web Filtering & Internet Safety In Education

Exposing students to the digital world comes with a responsibility
to protect them. Students love BrowseControl because it gives them a safe working environment and prevents potential bad actors from interrupting their educational experience."

Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Web Filtering & Computer Monitoring Software for CIPA Compliance

With CurrentWare’s database of over 190 million URLs, meeting CIPA web filtering compliance is as easy as a few clicks. Block websites across 100+ URL categories including hate speech, weapons, and pornography.

With CurrentWare’s CIPA-compliant web filtering for schools you can effortlessly tailor your internet use policies to suit the needs of each student, staff member, or patron. Effortlessly disable blocking to enable access for bona fide research or other lawful purposes.

CIPA Compliant Internet Filter—BrowseControl

CurrentWare’s BrowseControl is a technology protection measure that allows libraries, schools, and employers to restrict access to undesirable content and websites using features such as allowed/blocked lists, custom URL internet filtering, and category-based internet filtering. 

BrowseControl’s Content Filtering feature gives libraries and schools access to our up-to-date restriction database with over 100 URL categories.

With the category web filtering solution, any inappropriate websites can be blocked based on adult-oriented content categories, allowing children and patrons to use the internet without exposure to obscene material.

CIPA Compliant Internet Monitoring—BrowseReporter

CurrentWare’s BrowseReporter allows schools to implement and maintain CIPA compliance by monitoring their students’ use of the school’s technology. 

Along with CIPA-compliant monitoring, BrowseReporter gives you access to additional features such as real-time internet monitoring and detailed internet activity reports through a centralized console. 

With BrowseReporter, schools are provided with detailed reports on the sites and applications used by students with metrics such as total browsing time, sites visited, and keywords searched.

What is the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)?

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was enacted by Congress in 2000 to address concerns about children’s access to obscene or harmful content over the Internet.

CIPA imposes certain requirements on schools or libraries that receive discounts for Internet access or internal connections through the E-rate program – a program that makes certain communications services and products more affordable for eligible schools and libraries.

In early 2001, the FCC issued rules implementing CIPA and provided updates to those rules in 2011.” – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

The goal of CIPA is to limit children’s access to obscene or harmful content over the Internet by incentivizing public libraries and K-12 schools to implement a “technology protection measure that protects against access to visual depictions that are obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors” such as CurrentWare’s CIPA-compliant web filtering for schools and libraries.

How Can Schools & Libraries Become CIPA Compliant?

Schools and libraries must certify they are in compliance with CIPA before they can receive E-rate funding.

    To become CIPA compliant, public libraries will need:

  1. Internet safety policies that dictate safe internet practices
  2. Internet filtering technologies to proactively prevent exposure to obscene visual content (referred to as a “technology protection measure” outlined under CIPA)
    Schools have two additional CIPA requirements:

  1. Methods of monitoring the online activities of minors
  2. Education to minors about appropriate online behavior including cyberbullying awareness and expectations for conduct when using social networks or chat rooms.

Learn More: Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Federal Communications Commission

Meet CIPA Compliance With CurrentWare’s
Technology Protection Measures

Full Functional. Easy to Use. Install in Minutes

Why CurrentWare is the Best Computer Monitoring
and Web Filtering for Schools & Libraries

Flexible User & PC Management

With CurrentWare’s flexible and intuitive internet monitoring and web filtering solution you can easily protect students and devices no matter how large or small your school district is.

  • AD Sync: Use Active Directory import and sync to manage student and staff devices using your school networks’ existing organizational units
  • Deployment: Use CurrentWare on Windows laptops and desktops either on-premises, on a self-managed cloud server, and even via Citrix, Remote Desktop, and/or Terminal Server
  • Granular Policies: Organize your users into their own policy groups such as different age groups, departments, or classrooms to ensure web filtering policies meet their needs without affecting productivity
  • Central Console: Remotely manage multiple devices from a convenient central admin console
  • Offline Management: Continue protecting and monitoring devices when they leave the school network

Effortlessly Block Inappropriate Content With the Category Web Filtering Solution

BrowseControl’s web filtering category database provides you with a convenient way to block millions of websites across over 100 URL categories.

Easily block users from accessing inappropriate content including social media sites, porn, games, known virus-infected websites, and more!

  • Inappropriate Content: Prevent minors from accessing adult-oriented websites including pornography, adult dating, drugs, hate sites, and chat rooms
  • Internet Distractions: Stop students from disrupting their learning environment with distracting games, social media sites, and video sites
  • Easy Exceptions: Allow web filtering exceptions for permitted domains while blocking a target category, such as allowing access to LinkedIn while blocking Social Media

Learn More: BrowseControl’s Web Content Categories

Protect Students and School Networks Without Blocking Legitimate Research

Over blocking while using web filtering for schools and libraries harms education; when you implement web content filtering policies that are inflexible and overly aggressive it can unintentionally generate false flags and block access to legitimate research.

CurrentWare’s web filtering for schools can be adjusted in just a few clicks, allowing school administrators to adjust their web filtering policies as soon as over blocking is detected.

  • Staff Access: Use CurrentWare’s Operator Accounts to provide staff with the ability to adjust their classroom’s web filtering policies without giving them access to other admin features
  • Ease-of-Use: Once deployed adjusting student and computer web filtering policies is as easy as a few clicks, allowing IT staff to delegate the management of internet use policies with minimal support
  • Custom Policies: Prevent young students from accessing inappropriate content while providing older students with more flexible access for legitimate research purposes

Advantageous Pricing for Education & Nonprofits

School districts are forced to do more with less. CurrentWare’s computer monitoring and web filtering for schools provides a cost-effective way to manage technology in your school network without straining budgetary needs.

  • Education Discounts: To help manage EdTech costs, CurrentWare offers educational institutions 10% off of any of the products in the CurrentWare Suite.
  • Bundled Solutions: CurrentWare’s classroom management solutions can be purchased individually for the greatest flexibility or as a full suite for the best value.
  • Volume Licensing: Volume-based licensing provides advantageous pricing for organizations that need web filtering for schools with large quantities of devices.
  • Prepurchase Discounts: Pricing breaks are available for schools and libraries that sign up for multi-year plans, or have future growth planned and can commit to bulk orders.

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Paper document that says "Internet Usage Policy"

Internet Use Policy Template

Download this FREE internet use policy to set standards for acceptable internet usage in your organization.

  • Disclose the organization’s intent to monitor internet use
  • Communicate acceptable standards for technology use
  • Describe your users' rights and responsibilities

Flexible Deployment Options

With CurrentWare’s user activity monitoring solutions you’re in complete control of how your data is stored, secured, and retained. Your employees' data cannot be accessed by CurrentWare.


On Premises

Have Complete Control of Your Data


Install the management software on a standard computer, then deploy the client software to your users' computers


Remote Workers

Manage Users on Any Network


Connect your remote employees’ computers to the management software with simple port forwarding rules


Self-Managed Cloud

Citrix, Azure, AWS, GCP, and More!


Enjoy the scalability and availability of the cloud alongside the security, control, and flexibility of our on-premises solution.

CurrentWare Suite

Get all 4 modules for the best value or choose the exact solutions you need

Get Advanced Activity Insights

BrowseReporter is a versatile employee monitoring software to track productivity and efficiency.

  • Make informed decisions
  • Enforce company policies
  • Improve productivity
today's insights user score cards

Block Harmful Websites

BrowseControl is an easy-to-use website blocking software for restricting internet access.

  • Block URLs & categories
  • Block unwanted apps
  • Website allow & block lists
Screenshot of category filtering window from BrowseControl web filter. Porn and social media categories blocked.

Stop Data Theft to USB Devices

AccessPatrol is USB control software to protect sensitive data against theft to portable storage devices.

  • Block USB devices
  • USB file activity alerts
  • Block file transfers
AccessPatrol peripheral device permissions mockup block usb

Control PC Power States

enPowerManager is a remote PC power manager for centrally managing power settings across all endpoints.

  • Track logon and logoff times
  • Log PC power event history
  • Remotely shutdown PCs
Screenshot of enPowerManager's PC power schedule with weekly boot, restart, and shutdown events scheduled

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"As a 'novice' I was able to set up with help from support in about an hour. Previous software took forever and didn't work as advertised. This software worked right out of the box."

Dr. Gerard B, Office Manager
2-10 Employees

"This software was easy to install and customize to our needs. Category Filtering is such a time saver and of course saving time is saving money!"

Scott S, Senior Systems Engineer
201-500 Employees

"BrowseControl is the best software for internet filtering. We can block specific websites and applications...[being able to] add and remove the restrictions instantly is a great feature. They have a great customer support to solve our queries."

Ajoob S, Engineer
501-1000 Employees

"The software actually does what was advertised and the support is great! We were able to have the software up and running on the same day with no issues or even a call/email to their support."

Ken W, IT Manager
201-500 Employees

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CurrentWare Features

Internet Off

Internet ON/OFF

One click to completely block
the Internet

Internet Off

URL Filter

Allow or block specific URLs;
customize policies for each group

Internet Off

Category Filtering

Block websites based on
content categories

Internet Off

Internet Scheduler

Set unique restrictions at specific
times of the day

Internet Off

Internet Monitoring

Monitor web browsing,
keyword searches, and more

Internet Off

Computer Activity Reports

15+ different detailed web
activity reports

Internet Off

Track Application Use

See what applications are being
used by employees

Internet Off

Email Reports

Automatically email user activity
reports to designated inboxes

Internet Off

Block USB

Block unauthorized USBs to protect
against data theft

Internet Off

Block External Devices

Easily block DVDs, external drives
& other peripherals

Internet Off

Device Permissions

Set full access, read only or no
access on storage devices

Internet Off

Allowed List

Allow specific storage devices on
your network

Internet Off

Centralized Console

Manage all your users from the
centralized console with Active
Directory import or syncing

Internet Off

Platform Security

Protect your CurrentWare console
with 2FA, passwords, privilege
management, and more

Internet Off

Offsite Management

Extend onsite security policies to any remote computer running outside the corporate network

Internet Off

SQL Server Supported

Database scaled for enterprise and
large business operations using
Microsoft SQL Server


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How to Protect Student Privacy When Using
Computer Monitoring Software For Schools

End-User Reports

Give your users access to their own computer activity data. By giving students access to their data they can see exactly what computer activity is being captured.

CurrentWare auto delete scheduler with checkboxes for URLs, applications, bandwidth, and device data

Custom Data Retention

Automatically delete user activity data after a set period of time. Maintain auditable records of computer usage and time tracking for only as long as needed.

Monitoring Software Notifications

Periodically display a pop-up message to notify your users that their computer activity is being monitored. The notification’s me