User Activity Monitoring Software for Citrix & Windows

Use CurrentWare’s UAM software to monitor desktop computers, virtual machines (VMs), and servers running the Windows operating system.

Monitor user activity in environments such as Citrix, Terminal Server, and Remote Desktop Services—including persistent and non-persistent VDIs!

  • Stop Data Theft
  • Monitor User Activity
  • Restrict User Internet & App Access

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Cybersecurity Benefits of Monitoring User Activity With CurrentWare

By implementing CurrentWare’s UAM software, organizations will enhance their ability to monitor employee computer activities, ensure proper resource utilization, and thwart insider activity that compromises data security

Fight Against Data Leaks & Security Incidents From Insider Threats

CurrentWare’s user activity monitoring and data loss prevention features give you the activity logs you need to protect data.

  • Prevent data breaches with proactive alerts of high-risk activities like using unauthorized portable storage devices
  • Audit employee computer activity for suspicious activity and anomalous behaviors
  • Track and restrict file movements across portable storage devices, cloud storage services, and network share drives
Gloved hand types on a laptop. There is an external hard drive connected to the computer, implying a malicious data theft incident
Alert for workplace conduct policy violation

Get Alerts Of Company
Policy Violations

CurrentWare’s DLP & UAM alerts notify designated team members when there are unauthorized connected devices, visits to high-risk websites, and more

  • Internet Abuse
    Take appropriate action when employees visit high-risk, inappropriate, or unproductive websites. Maintain evidence of misuse to investigate any individuals involved.
  • Support Disciplinary Action
    Evidence of employee computer activity supports disciplinary action if an employee is found to have engaged in misconduct.
  • Corrective Action
    Discover opportunities to ensure that employees are properly trained in the acceptable use of workplace technology.

Detect Suspicious Activity With Real-Time User Activity Monitoring

The CurrentWare Suite includes several employee monitoring solutions to track employee behavior for potential insider threat indicators.

  • Detect Risky Activity
    Monitor user behavior for suspicious activity with built-in alerts, reports, and dashboards
  • Audit Logs
    Historical activity logs of login/logout times, internet use, USB activity, and software usage give you the data you need to detect insider threats
  • File Transfers
    Track and restrict file movements across portable storage devices, network share drives, and websites such as cloud storage services
Search engine query report with queries related to insider data theft
Network share drive file transfers log
Employee working on a computer

Third Party Risk Management

Third-party vendors, partners, consultants, and contractors often have privileged access to a company’s internal systems.

Use CurrentWare’s data loss prevention and user activity monitoring features to detect high-risk behaviors from third party vendors.

  • Continuously capture screenshots to collect evidence of misuse
  • Monitor productivity of freelancers to ensure invoiced hours are used appropriately
  • Track and restrict data movements to portable storage devices and cloud storage services to protect sensitive data

See Exactly What’s Happening With Desktop Screen Capture

Record user activity of your employees’ screens to see exactly what they are doing on their computers. 

  • Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots
  • Monitor desktops in real-time to watch for unsafe data handling and inappropriate behavior
  • Screenshots are tagged with the website or application that was being used, the time, and the name of the computer
Employee desktop screenshots

Detect & Prevent Employee Theft

Trusted insiders with access to sensitive information are a significant security threat.

CurrentWare helps prevent and detect insider threats with advance awareness and control over employee computer usage.

  • Protect Data: Block access to cloud storage sites and limit removable media to authorized devices only.
  • Detect Insider Threats: Receive real-time alerts when employees violate your acceptable use policies.
  • USB Activity Monitoring: Track what data has been copied, created, deleted, or renamed on removable media to identify the source of a data breach.


Monitoring User Activity in Citrix Workspace Drives Software Adoption & Productivity for The Coding Network

There was a gap in the data we had and we wanted to get something in place before there was an incident.

CurrentWare has really made our Citrix rollout a lot easier from a tracking and management perspective.

CurrentWare customer spotlight: The Coding Network, medical coding specialists

How to Improve Data Security With CurrentWare

The CurrentWare Suite provides critical security controls for protecting your network, endpoints, and sensitive data against a variety of high-risk activities.

Device Blocking window Screenshot of CurrentWare's USB device control software AccessPatrol

Block & Audit Storage Devices

Control who can use portable storage devices and set security policies to limit what devices are allowed. Monitor data transfers to removable media and network storage devices to ensure that your data security policies are being followed.

Data loss prevention cloud storage DLP security tips

Prevent Data Loss to Cloud Platforms

Protect sensitive data against the risks of cloud file sharing sites. Block cloud storage sites/apps, restrict uploads/downloads, and monitor file transfers for high-risk or anomalous activity.

AccessPatrol sensitive file transfers alert

Audit User Activity for Insider Threat Risks

Monitor employee computer usage for signs of insider threats. Track file transfers, web browsing, app use, and login/logout times for high-risk, anomalous, or inappropriate activity. Receive automated alerts straight to your inbox when specific events occur.

Screenshot of AccessPatrol's USB file transfer blocking feature

Block Data Transfers to Portable Storage

Go beyond simply blocking unauthorized devices; ensure optimal data protection with your trusted devices, too. Block file transfers to portable storage devices based on file extension and file name.

Screenshot of BrowseControl's Port Filter for blocking TCP/UDP ports

Block High-Risk Network Ports

Block unused TCP/UDP ports to reduce the attack surface of your network. Improve data protection by mitigating the threat of data leakage over FTP, SFTP, IRC, and other high-risk network ports.

Screenshot of category filtering window from BrowseControl web filter. Porn and social media categories blocked.

Block Risky Sites

BrowseControl’s web content category filtering database provides you with a convenient way to block millions of websites across over 100 URL categories. Easily block users from accessing social media, porn, games, known virus-infected websites, and more!

The Critical Role of User Activity Monitoring Software


70% of intellectual property theft occurs within the 90 days before an employee’s resignation announcement.1

Without insider threat management measures in place, stealing sensitive files is as simple as a transfer to a  USB flash drive.

Insider threat incidents that took 90+ days to contain cost organizations an average of $17.19 million per year.2

User activity data is essential to detect insider threats and solve issues before they can escalate their attacks.

20% of data breaches from 2020-2021 involved trusted internal actors such as employees and contractors.3

Insider threat management tools offer the protection and detection features you need to prevent data breaches.

How CurrentWare’s UAM Software Improves Employee Productivity & Operational Efficiency

CurrentWare’s user activity monitoring software includes an intuitive productivity management featureset that grades productivity based on internet and application usage. Once distractions are discovered you can effortlessly restrict access to them using the integrated web filter.

Track Idle vs Active Time

CurrentWare’s computer activity reports let you see if an employee was actively using their computers. You can even see if a specific website was actively used or simply running in the background.

  • Monitor employees’ internet usage based on active time, idle time, and total time to see how long they are away from their computers
  • Track active and idle times of employees based on how long it has been since they have used their mouse or keyboard
  • Start tracking employee idle time after their computer has been inactive for a set period of time
Weekly breakdown of employee active vs idle time
Login session tracking activity log

Prevent Employee Time Theft With Time Tracking

The average employee steals ~4.5 hours per week from their employer, totaling nearly 6 full work weeks per year. 4

Combine idle time tracking with logon/logoff tracking to get a full picture of when employees start and stop working on their computers

  • Audit logon and logoff times to see how long your employee’s are working at their computers
  • Get a record of each time your employees startup, sleep, and shutdown their computers
  • Verify that employees working from home are active during work hours and see when they are taking breaks

Save Money With Genuine Software Usage Data

Underutilized software costs businesses a staggering $34 billion per year! With genuine insights into employee application usage you can make informed software asset management decisions.

  • Find the utilization rate of specific pieces of software
  • Discover what SaaS tools have fallen out of use
  • Ensure you have enough licenses to meet genuine demand
BrowseReporter specific application usage dashboard

What Makes CurrentWare the Best Employee Monitoring Software for Tracking User Activity?

CurrentWare’s user activity monitoring software provides your organization with the capabilities it needs to manage employee productivity and ensure that company owned devices are kept secure

Teramind Features

Offline Monitoring Option

Client-side software continues monitoring user activity and enforcing security policies even when your users leave the corporate network


Remote Employee Monitoring

CurrentWare’s user activity monitoring solutions track user activity no matter where they are, allowing you to manage remote employees with ease

Full Data Control

When you use CurrentWare’s user activity monitoring software you remain in complete control of all the data you collect


Central Console

Easily deploy policy updates for groups of users or computers, from the convenience of a web browser; integrate with Active Directory to sync your users

CurrentWare's Key Features

Internet Off

User Activity Monitoring

Track web browsing, software use, search queries, and more

Remote Screen Capture

Screenshot Monitoring

Take automatic screenshots or remotely view desktops

Application Blocker

Track Software Usage

Get insights into software usage trends in your organization


Transparent & Stealth Modes

Run silently in the background or provide notice of monitoring

Block USB

Block USB & Other Devices

Set full access, read only or no access on storage devices

Allowed List

Device Whitelist

Allow only authorized storage devices to be used

Block Files

Block File Transfers

Prevent files from being transferred to portable storage


DLP Activity Reports

Track file transfers, storage device use, file operations, and more

Internet Off

Block Websites

Block websites based on
URLs & content categories

Download Filter
Block Downloads/Uploads

Prevent uploading and downloading based on file type

Application Blocker
Application Blacklisting

Block specific Windows
applications from launching

Internet Off

PC Power Management

Remotely track and control PC power states

Internet Off

Centralized Console

Manage all your users from the
centralized console with Active
Directory import or syncing

Internet Off

Platform Security

Protect your CurrentWare console
with 2FA, passwords, privilege
management, and more

Internet Off

Offsite Management

Extend onsite security policies to computers running outside the corporate network

Internet Off

SQL Server Supported

Database scaled for enterprise and
large business operations using
Microsoft SQL Server


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Frequently Asked Questions About
CurrentWare’s User Activity Monitoring Software

Does CurrentWare Have Access To Employee Data?

No, CurrentWare cannot access your employee’s computer monitoring data. CurrentWare’s software does not send your user’s computer usage data to CurrentWare. They are installed and managed by your organization.

All of the data collected by CurrentWare’s software is stored on a database that is installed in your organization’s data center or cloud service provider.

With CurrentWare’s on-premises & self-managed cloud deployment options, you’re in complete control of your data.

  • Sensitive employee data stays secured to your standards rather than being sent to a third party.
  • Maintain data localization and residency compliance requirements by keeping employee data exactly where it needs to be.
  • Retain auditable records of user activity for as long as you need

For more information please refer to our Terms of Service.

Is This a Cloud Product?

The CurrentWare Suite can be deployed on-premises or on a cloud platform of your choice. Both deployment option are compatible with remote workers with a few configuration changes.

Learn More:

Will CurrentWare Track Web Browsing When Users Uses Private Browsing Modes or Delete Their Browsing History?

Yes. CurrentWare’s software client collects user activity data independent of the browser’s browsing history.

Internet browsing data will remain intact for use in reports and dashboards even if the user deletes their web browsing history in their browser or uses a private browsing function such as Incognito Mode On Google Chrome, Private Browsing On Mozilla Firefox, and InPrivate Browsing Window On Microsoft Edge.

Does CurrentWare Work With Remote Workers?

Yes. CurrentWare’s computer monitoring software allows you to monitor remote workers through a variety of deployment options such as an offsite mode that works without access to the internet, connecting through a VPN, port forwarding, or by installing it on a cloud platform of your choice.

Learn More

Are There Any Limits To The Free Trial?

The free trial for all of CurrentWare’s computer monitoring software solutions are fully functional. You can deploy it on up to 10 computers for 14 days. If you need more time or more computers to properly evaluate CurrentWare in your organization, reach out to our sales team.

How is the CurrentWare Suite Secured?

CurrentWare is committed to the security of its platform, its users and their data. 

  • All of the data collected by CurrentWare’s solutions is stored in your organization’s data center or cloud service provider; the data is not sent to CurrentWare.
  • The web console cannot be accessed without a username and password. For an added layer of authentication security you can enable two-factor authentication.
  • You can selectively enable/disable what data is tracked and delete old records automatically.

For a complete overview of the security measures that CurrentWare has in place, check out the CurrentWare platform security overview page.

Will CurrentWare Work Without an Internet Connection?

Yes! Since CurrentWare runs on your own server, and doesn’t ping back to a remote server elsewhere, CurrentWare can run on air-gapped networks without access to the outside internet. This means it an excellent fit in research facilities or other high security environments.

To deploy CurrentWare without internet access you can do a Standalone Setup with all components on the same PC, or you can install the central management software within your intranet to centrally manage PCs within an air-gapped network.

When your employees disconnect from your network the client agent will store their activity data locally on their computer. Once they reconnect to your network their data will be synced to the CurrentWare server.

Note: If you wish to get activity data from employee computers that are outside of the network, they will need to be able to communicate with the CurrentWare Server. Once a connection is reestablished you will receive your employee’s computer usage data and any CurrentWare policy updates will take effect.

Learn More: Will CurrentWare work if someone is not connected to our network or the internet?

Will CurrentWare’s User Activity Monitoring Tools Capture Keystrokes?

No. Keyloggers are a security risk due to their ability to capture sensitive information such as passwords. CurrentWare’s UAM tools provide less invasive and more secure alternatives that provide more valuable insights such as URL tracking, file transfer monitoring, and desktop screenshots.


Learn More: Should You Use Keyloggers on Employee Computers?

How Does CurrentWare Monitor Employees in Citrix, Terminal Server, and RDS?

CurrentWare uses a client-server model where the client is installed on the desktop that you’d like to track and apply security policies to. The client communicates with the management server that you install on a computer, server, or virtual machine you control.

The client agent can differentiate the users logged into the remote desktop servers so that you can apply different internet and device restrictions on different groups of users.

CurrentWare’s Citrix user activity monitoring software is supported on desktop computers, virtual machines (VMs), and servers running the Windows operating system. 

In addition, all CurrentWare components are compatible with Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Terminal Servers (TS)

So long as the underlying operating system is a version of Windows that is supported by CurrentWare, your users can be monitored. 

This means that you can audit user activity on Desktop as a Service (DaaS) providers such as Amazon Workspaces and Citrix, self-hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), or physical endpoints that are being accessed through remote desktop, DirectAccess, or a VPN. 

CurrentWare is known to be compatible with the following virtualization software:

  • VMware
  • Parallels
  • VirtualBox
  • Oracle VM
  • Virtual-PC
  • Hyper-V

In addition, CurrentWare integrates with Active Directory, allowing you to import your Windows users and OUs directly from your Active Directory onto the CurrentWare Console. 

Learn More: CurrentWare for Terminal Server/VDI/Remote Desktop Services Compatibility


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1 Your Employees are Taking Your Data – Richard Agnew, Infosecurity Magazine.
2 2022 Ponemon Cost of Insider Threats Global Report.
3 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.
4 Forbes – How To Insure Against Time Theft