Employee Computer Screen Monitoring Software

BrowseReporter is a versatile employee computer screen monitoring software for capturing screenshots of remote and on-premises desktops.

Capture screenshots, track how long employees are away from their computers, monitor web browsing habits, and track application usage.

BrowseReporter's employee desktop screen capture feature with a grid of screenshots displayed

Automatic Screenshot Monitoring

The optional desktop screen capture feature of BrowseReporter automatically captures a screenshot of your employee’s computer when they access a specific application or website.

  • Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots of your employee’s desktops
  • Get an over-the-shoulder view of your employee’s PC no matter where they are working
  • Each screenshot is tagged with the website or application that was being used and the name of the computer

Real-Time Computer Screen Monitoring

Monitor employee desktops in real time with the remote screen capture feature. Get a live feed of what an employee is doing on their computer and remotely capture screenshots of their desktop.

  • Remotely take screenshots of other computers in your network, even on dual-screen setups
  • Monitor desktops in real-time to watch for unsafe data handling and inappropriate behavior
  • View the screens of employees to check-in on their activity without walking to their desks
Remote Live Screen Monitoring With BrowseReporter.

Note: The real-time remote screen capture feature is exclusive to LANs with the CurrentWare Client connected to the CurrentWare Server over a Private IP.

lightbox view of a desktop screenshot captured by BrowseReporter screenshot monitoring software

See Exactly What Your Employee’s Are Doing on Their Computers

BrowseReporter’s screen capture feature captures high-resolution and compressed screenshots of employee desktops.

  • Configure screenshots to be automatically deleted after a set period of time has passed
  • Take screenshots based on pre-defined parameters including which computer(s) you want to capture, what websites/application you’d like to capture, and how long to wait before taking a screenshot
  • View capture screenshots in a photo grid or as a table list; use advanced filters to find the exact screenshots you are searching for

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"We are able to make sure employees are not spending work time on the internet."

- Ken W, IT Manager
Shoreline Sightseeing

"BrowseReporter provides comprehensive reports that helps me keep track of my employees' web browsing activities. "

- Stanley K., IT Director
IT & Services Company


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CurrentWare’s Other Computer Monitoring Features
for Tracking Business Technology Use

enpowermanager's user logon history report with timestamps of when employees log in and out each day

Audit Login & Logout Times

Combine BrowseReporter’s screen monitoring tool and computer usage monitoring features with enPowerManager’s logon history reports to get a full picture of your employee’s activity levels

  • Audit logon and logoff times to see how much time your employees spend working at their computers
  • Get a record of each time your employees startup, restart, and shutdown their computers
  • Verify that employees working from home are active during work hours and see when they are taking breaks
browsereporter computer activity dashboard with top 5 most used applications and websites listed

Apps and Websites Tracking

Our employee computer monitoring software gives you detailed evidence of web activity, making it the perfect tool for enforcing computer use policies.

  • Empower anti-harassment initiatives with evidence of employees that are visiting inappropriate websites during work time
  • Improve security with triggered alerts every time your employees visit high-risk websites including porn, torrents, and file sharing websites
  • Track computer activity to collect evidence of unwanted computer usage, then use BrowseControl to block unwanted websites and applications
AccessPatrol USB file operations report

USB Activity Tracking

AccessPatrol’s USB control features include a USB activity monitor for increased visibility into high-risk data transfers.

  • Receive real time email alerts when employees violate your endpoint security policies
  • Audit file operations reports to see files that have been copied, created, deleted, or renamed on removable media devices
  • Review USB activity logs to trace data breaches back to their source

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Improve Visibility of Remote Workers

BrowseReporter employee productivity by location report, comparing the productivity of remote vs in-office employees

Compare Productivity of Remote & In-Office Teams

With reduced visibility, how can you be certain that your workers are as productive working from home as they are in the office?

Use the screen monitoring features and productivity by location reports to get employee productivity insights no matter where your teams work. By remotely tracking teams you can see where each employee thrives.

Employee Monitoring - Application & Internet Usage

Praise High Performing Employees & Identify Shirkers

Many leaders worry that their employees will be distracted, or worse—actively disengaged—while they work from home.

Remote screen monitoring software is a valuable tool for identifying poor performers, improving visibility into employee productivity, and providing high-performers an opportunity to demonstrate their efforts. 

BrowseReporter's employee desktop screen capture feature with a grid of screenshots displayed

Provide Opportunities for Flexible Employee Schedules

How do you keep a pulse on the activity levels of your remote workforce when everyone is so disconnected from each other?

Idle time tracking and screen monitoring software provides a clear picture of when your teams are working on their computers so you can rest assured that they are engaged no matter how they schedule their time.


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BrowseReporter's Employee and Computer Monitoring Features

URL Filter

Internet Monitoring

Track detailed user web browsing activities on their computers


Web Activity Reports

20+ different detailed graphical and tabular reports

Application Blocker

Track Application usage

Track employee computer usage on Windows applications

Internet Scheduler

Idle Time Tracking

Track mouse and keyboard movement to monitor inactivity

Bandwidth Tracker

Bandwidth Tracking

Find users that are hogging the network's bandwidth

Tracking Schedule

Tracking Scheduler

Only track URLs during specific time and days

Remote Screen Capture

Screenshot Monitoring

Take automatic screenshots or remotely view desktops

Email Report

Email Reports

Automatically email reports of employee web usage to managers

Category Filtering

URL Category Tracking

Understand where your users are surfing by tagging a URL category to every web page

Email Alert

Email Alerts

Send email alerts to authorities when user browsing has exceeded company web policies


End-User Reports

Provide your employees with on-demand access to their own user activity data


Stealth Mode

The software can run silently in the background or be configured to alert users

Centralized Console

Central Web Console

Access the administrative console from a web browser on any computer in your network

Remote Client Install

Remote Client Install

Easily deploy the CurrentWare Client remotely to all of your computers

Offsite Management

Offsite Management

Extend onsite Internet usage policies to laptops running outside the corporate network

Centralized Console

SQL Server Supported

Our database is scaled for enterprise and large business operations

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