Employee Screen Monitoring Software

BrowseReporter is a versatile employee computer screen monitoring software for capturing screenshots of remote and on-premises desktops.

Capture screenshots from each desktop, track how long employees are away from their computers, monitor web browsing habits, and track application usage.


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BrowseReporter's employee desktop screen capture feature with a grid of screenshots displayed

Automatic Screenshot Monitoring

The optional desktop screen capture feature of BrowseReporter automatically captures a screenshot of your employee’s computer when they access a specific application or website.

  • Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots of your employee’s desktops; even on multi-monitor setups!
  • Get an over-the-shoulder view of your employee’s PC no matter where they are working
  • Each screenshot is tagged with the website or application that was being used and the name of the computer

Live Computer Screen
Monitoring Software

Monitor employee desktops in real time with the remote screen capture feature. Get a live feed of what an employee is doing on their computer and remotely capture screenshots of their desktop.

  • Remotely take screenshots of other computers in your network, even on dual-screen setups
  • Monitor desktops in real-time to watch for unsafe data handling and inappropriate behavior
  • View the screens of employees to check-in on their activity without walking to their desks
Remote Live Screen Monitoring With BrowseReporter.

Note: The real-time remote screen capture feature is exclusive to LANs with the CurrentWare Client connected to the CurrentWare Server over a Private IP.

BrowseReporter desktop screenshot capturing feature. The screenshots show two monitors at once.

See Exactly What Your Employee’s Are Doing on Their Computers

BrowseReporter’s screenshot monitoring feature captures high-resolution and compressed screenshots of employee desktops.

  • Configure screenshots to be automatically deleted after a set period of time has passed
  • Take screenshots based on pre-defined parameters including which computer(s) you want to capture, what websites/application you’d like to capture, and how long to wait before taking a screenshot
  • View screenshots in a photo grid or as a table list; use advanced filters to find the exact screenshots you are searching for

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Check Out Our Great Reviews on Capterra!

The reporting feature offers accurate insights on internet activities in order to ensure compliance & organization policies are met. The offsite management feature makes it easy to monitor those working from home.

Carroline Achieng O., Sales Consultant
Absa Life Assurance, 10,001+ Employees

BrowseReporter is simple to use and provides our company with the information we were looking for. Having BrowseReporter installed has prevented any internet abuse. This was exactly what we wanted!

Denise P., IT Manager
Paper & Forest Products, 51-200 Employees

BrowseReporter allows us to better control the activities of our remote employees, which are growing in number due to our transformation policy. It prevents irregular practices that go against our company's basic labor standards.

Kilmer M., Senior Director of Advertising
Financial Services Company, 51-200 Employees

Browsereporter is an extremely useful piece of software for monitoring our employees' devices while they are at work. It enables us to view data in real time, conduct detailed analyses of each employee's activities, and improve productivity where necessary.

Sebastian P., Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer
Retail, 10,001+ Employees

Shady-maple Logo

Case Study

Shady Maple Transforms Their Productivity With  Internet Filtering & Employee Computer Monitoring Software

“Being able to identify negative browsing trends and put a stop to them within a couple of hours has meant that our employees are focused on the job almost all of the time. We have become an extremely efficient workforce."

Employee Computer Activity
Dashboards & Reports

BrowseReporter’s user activity dashboards and computer usage reports give you the insights you need to identify
productivity leaks, detect excessive bandwidth usage, and improve business intelligence.

User Activity Dashboards

  • Use the collected data to review aggregated results of your entire workforce or drill down to individual users
  • Select the date range and activities you want to populate the dashboard with
  • Use the activity log to review raw data; add/remove columns, sort data, and export to .XLSX or .PDF

Track Productive vs Unproductive Time

Employee Productivity Dashboard
  • View time spent on productive vs unproductive web browsing & app use
  • Customize to what is considered productive in your organization
  • Compare trends in aggregated & individual productivity over time
  • Use the Productivity by Location reports to ensure you have a productive remote workforce by comparing productivity levels between time spent in-office vs time spent working remotely

Idle Time Tracking

Screenshot of BrowseReporter's employee idle time tracking dashboard
  • Find out when remote employees are idling for too long or spending too much time on non-work related activities
  • Customize idle time based on the last keyboard/mouse inputs
  • Discover which departments or employees are the most active

See What Websites are Browsed the Most

  • Find out what the top browsed productive, unproductive, and neutral websites are
  • See which groups are the most active internet users
  • Review what categories of websites are being visited

Monitor Bandwidth Consumption

BrowseReporter internet bandwidth usage dashboard
  • Detect bandwidth hogging websites on your network
  • Review bandwidth usage trends to inform network capacity planning
  • See which individual users or groups have the greatest bandwidth usage

Track Application Usage

BrowseReporter's software application usage monitoring dashboard with graphs
  • Detect the use of unauthorized software applications
  • Find out what the most popular apps are and how long they're used for each day
  • Determine software adoption rates through user activity data

Take Screenshots Of Your Employees’ Desktops

BrowseReporter's employee desktop screen capture feature with a grid of screenshots displayed

Taking screenshots of your employees' desktops lets you see exactly what they are doing on their computers.

  • Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots of your employee’s desktops
  • BrowseReporter can be configured to automatically delete older screenshots to reduce storage requirements
  • Screenshots are tagged with the website or application that was being used, the time, and the name of the computer that was captured

CurrentWare’s Other Desktop Monitoring Software Features
for Tracking Business Technology Use

Track Internet Use

browse control email alerts
  • Track the websites that your employees visit and the time they spend on each site, even when they delete their web browsing history
  • Collect evidence of unsafe and unproductive computer activity to ensure that employees are following computer usage policies
  • See how long each website was actively used for to better understand how much time is being spent on distracting websites

Monitor Employee Productivity

browse reporter productivity

BrowseReporter’s employee productivity monitoring features make it the best computer monitoring software for improving employee performance.

  • Get reports of how much time was spent on websites that are productive, unproductive, or neutral
  • Use the employee productivity dashboard to study employee behavior; find most productive employee and see how they spend their time
  • Compare productivity levels by location to find out if employees are changing their work habits when they work from home
  • Customize the productivity tracking classifications to best match what is considered productive for your employees

Track Windows Application Usage

browse reporter application use
  • Record what computer programs are being used on each device to discover software piracy and shadow IT security risks
  • Collect software usage data to see which programs should be decommissioned and which ones require more licenses
  • Improve employee productivity by ensuring that they aren’t spending their time on unproductive applications

Audit Login & Logout Times*

enpower manager user logon history
  • Verify that employees are starting and stopping their work days at expected times
  • Track logon duration to ensure that employees are not logging in after hours or working unauthorized overtime
  • Track the utilization rate of laptops and desktops with reports of what devices your employees are logging in to each day

Log USB Device Usage

access patrol usb device usage list
  • Monitor file operations history on USB devices, cell phones, and cameras for indicators of insider threats such as high-risk behavior and data mismanagement
  • Collect evidence of data theft, attempts to use unauthorized USB devices, and general peripheral device usage
  • Trace an end-user’s peripheral device usage across all of your organization’s endpoints

Get User Activity Alerts

On-Premises Solutions for Data Localization & Residency
  • Keep sensitive data safe from insider threats with alerts of high-risk file transfers to portable storage devices or attempts to use unauthorized peripherals
  • Enforce internet use policies with alerts of employees that visit high-risk websites including porn, torrents, and unauthorized file sharing websites
  • Set a threshold to only trigger email alerts when a given website URL or category has been visited a specific number of times

Capture Computer Screen Activity

Technical Safeguards with Proactive Data Security Controls

See exactly what your employees are doing on company computers.  BrowseReporter is an employee screen monitoring software that can capture screenshots when specific websites or applications are used.

  • Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots of your employee’s screen
  • BrowseReporter can be configured to automatically delete older screenshots to reduce storage requirements
  • Screenshots are tagged with the website or application that was being used, the time, and the name of the computer that was captured

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Use Desktop Monitoring Software
Improve Visibility of Remote Workers

BrowseReporter employee productivity by location report, comparing the productivity of remote vs in-office employees

Compare Productivity of Remote & In-Office Teams

With reduced visibility, how can you be certain that your workers are as productive working from home as they are in the office?

Use the screen monitoring features and productivity by location reports of our desktop monitoring software to get employee productivity insights no matter where your teams work. By remotely tracking teams you can see where each employee thrives.

Employee Monitoring - Application & Internet Usage

Praise High Performing Employees & Identify Shirkers

Many leaders worry that their employees will be distracted, or worse—actively disengaged—while they work from home.

Remote screen monitoring software is a valuable tool for identifying poor performers, improving visibility into employee productivity, and providing high-performers an opportunity to demonstrate their efforts. 

BrowseReporter's employee desktop screen capture feature with a grid of screenshots displayed

Provide Opportunities for Flexible Employee Schedules

How do you keep a pulse on the activity levels of your remote workforce when everyone is so disconnected from each other?

Idle time tracking and screen monitoring software provides a clear picture of when your teams are working on their computers so you can rest assured that they are engaged no matter how they schedule their time.

Use Employee Monitoring Software
to Improve Productivity & Performance

Make Informed Decisions with User Activity Monitoring

BrowseReporter’s detailed desktop activity reports provide managers with the activity data they need to better understand how in-house and remote team members are spending their time at work.

  • Improve productivity and efficiency by identifying employees that are wasting work time on social media, games, and other distractions
  • Track productivity and efficiency for your entire workforce, a specific team, and individual employees
  • Find out the time slots that remote workers and other employees with flexible schedules are the most active

Enforcing Acceptable Use Policies Has Never Been Easier

Our employee computer monitoring software gives you detailed evidence of web activity, making it the perfect tool for enforcing internet use policies.

  • Empower anti-harassment initiatives with evidence of employees that are visiting inappropriate websites during work time
  • Improve security with triggered alerts every time your employees visit high-risk websites including porn, torrents, and file sharing websites
  • Track computer activity to collect evidence of unwanted computer usage, then use BrowseControl to block unwanted websites and applications

Monitor Employee Productivity

BrowseReporter’s detailed employee productivity reports provide managers with the activity data they need to better understand how in-house and remote team members are spending their time at work.

  • Find out if employees are wasting work time on social media, computer games, and other distractions
  • Track the productivity levels of your entire workforce, a specific team, and individual employees
  • Review the websites that were open during inactive periods to verify that idle time was spent on work-related tasks
Monitor Employee Productivity
Improve Visibility

Custom Inactivity Threshold

BrowseReporter’s computer activity reports let you see if an employee was using their computers. You can even see if a specific website was actively used or simply running in the background.

  • Monitor internet usage based on active time, idle time, and total time to see how long employees are away from their computers
  • Track active and idle times of employees based on how long it has been since they have used their mouse or keyboard
  • Start tracking employee idle time after their computer has been inactive for a set period of time

Automatically Capture Screenshots of Employee Desktops

See exactly what your employees are doing on their computers. BrowseReporter is an employee screen monitoring software that can capture screenshots when specific websites or applications are used.

  • Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots of your employee’s desktops
  • BrowseReporter can be configured to automatically delete older screenshots to reduce storage requirements
  • Screenshots are tagged with the website or application that was being used, the time, and the name of the computer that was captured

Track Login & Logout Times

Combine idle time tracking with enPowerManager’s logon history reports to get a full picture of your employee’s activity levels.

  • Audit logon and logoff times to see how long your employee’s are working at their computers
  • Get a record of each time your employees startup, restart, and shutdown their computers
  • Verify that employees working from home are active during work hours and see when they are taking breaks

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How to Improve Employee Productivity With CurrentWare

The CurrentWare Suite provides the visibility and control you need to boost productivity.

See How Employees Spend Their Time

Use our employee monitoring software BrowseReporter to track employee activity. Track idle time and internet usage to ensure that team members are focused on their projects and tasks.

Monitor Remote Employees

See how your team members spend their time, no matter where they work. Use productivity analysis and automatic time tracking to verify that remote employees are working their expected hours.

Enforce Computer Use Policies

Use our employee performance management software to control and monitor internet use. Easily prevent access to websites that are dangerous, unproductive, or inappropriate.

Empower Human Resources

Use our employee monitoring software to collect evidence of inappropriate computer activity. Address undesirable behavior before it harms overall productivity and employee performance.

Track Productivity to Deter Time Wasters

Workplace distractions are a major drain on productivity. Track time spent on unproductive websites to increase productivity and ensure your staff is on track when you assign tasks.

Optimize Project Management

Track idle time trends to find out which departments are underutilized or overutilized. Identify opportunities for growth and areas where work processes need to be adjusted.


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Employee and Computer Monitoring Features

Internet Off

Internet Monitoring

Track detailed user web browsing activities on their computers


Web Activity Reports

20+ different detailed graphical and tabular reports

Application Blocker

Track App Usage

Track employee computer usage on Windows applications

Internet Off

Idle Time Tracking

Track mouse and keyboard movement to monitor inactivity

Bandwidth Tracker

Bandwidth Tracking

Find users that are hogging the network's bandwidth

Tracking Schedule

Tracking Scheduler

Only track URLs during specific time and days

Remote Screen Capture

Screenshot Monitoring

Take automatic screenshots or remotely view desktops

Email Report

Email Reports

Automatically email reports of employee web usage to managers

Category Filtering

URL Category Tracking

Understand where your users are surfing by tagging a URL category to every web page

Email Alert

Email Alerts

Send email alerts to authorities when user browsing has exceeded company web policies

Internet Off

End-User Reports

Provide your employees with on-demand access to their own user activity data


Stealth & Transparent Modes

The software can run silently in the background or be configured to alert users

Internet Off

Centralized Console

Manage all your users from the
centralized console with Active
Directory import or syncing

Internet Off

Platform Security

Protect your CurrentWare console
with 2FA, passwords, privilege
management, and more

Internet Off

Offsite Management

Extend onsite Internet usage
policies to laptops running outside
the corporate network

Internet Off

SQL Server Supported

Database scaled for enterprise and
large business operations using
Microsoft SQL Server


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Best Practices for Monitoring Employee Productivity

Be Transparent About Monitoring

Employees that are not aware that they are being monitored, why they are being monitored, and how they are being monitored are less likely to find employee monitoring acceptable.  

Covertly monitoring employees risks harming morale, eroding trust, and—ironically—harming employee productivity. The majority of workplace privacy laws even require that employers notify their employees about data collection.

Being transparent about employee monitoring provides employees with the opportunity to learn how productivity monitoring will be used for their benefit. It’ll also allow them to voice any concerns they may have about how the employee productivity tracking software will be used.

  • Allow employees to access their reports so they can monitor and see what the time tracking tool is capturing.
  • Disclose the scope of productivity monitoring during onboarding and within employee handbooks/policies.
  • Have employees sign a workplace privacy policy that informs them about what the tracking tool is collecting, how it will be used, and the purpose for the collection.

Set Clear Expectations

Your employees need to understand what is expected of them. What productivity metrics will be used to measure their performance? Are work computers allowed to be used for personal tasks? Is a manageable amount of non-work web browsing allowed so long as they are meeting their KPIs?

Use Tracking Software Fairly

Employee productivity monitoring is best received when it is used for learning and developmental purposes. Using a productivity tracker to micromanage employees, perform automated assessments, or single out individual employees is a surefire way to cultivate negative employee sentiment.

Protect Time Tracking Reports From Misuse

Employee productivity monitoring software captures potentially sensitive data such as search engine queries and web browsing history.

If this information is leaked to unauthorized parties or used for an inappropriate purpose it can become a serious privacy issue for employees.

For this reason, the employee productivity tracker must be secured in the same way that any other form of sensitive information would be protected.

This includes limiting who has access to the time tracking reports, keeping the time tracking information stored in a secure location, and ensuring that any user with access to the employee productivity tracker understands their security and privacy responsibilities

Know the Limits of an Employee Productivity Tracker

An employee productivity tracker provides excellent insights into productive and unproductive computer usage, but there are limits to tracking tools.

For example, employees may have job-adjacent tasks that have them spend time away from their computers; this idle time is still productive as the employees are working.

Employees may also be using unmonitored personal devices for non-work web browsing, making them appear more focused than they actually are.


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BrowseReporter Employee Monitoring Software FAQ

Are There Any Limits to the Free Trial?

The free trial of our employee monitoring software is fully functional. You can deploy it on up to 10 computers for 14 days, which is perfect for testing the employee monitoring software out with a small team.

If you need more time or more computers to properly evaluate CurrentWare’s employee monitoring software in your organization, reach out to our team. You can call us, email us, or use our live chat.

Does CurrentWare Have Access to My Employee's Activity Reports?

No. CurrentWare’s employee monitoring software does not send any of the data it collects to CurrentWare.

All of the data collected by CurrentWare’s employee monitoring software is stored on a database that is installed in your organization’s data center or cloud service provider.

For more information please refer to our Terms of Service.

How Much Does BrowseReporter Employee Monitoring Software Cost?

When purchased as a standalone solution, BrowseReporter employee monitoring software starts at $3.99 USD per license per month, paid annually.

The final costs depend on the number of licenses, how many years are purchased in advance, and other factors.

For the most accurate costs, reach out to our sales team for a quote.

Can I Use BrowseReporter Employee Monitoring Software for My Remote Team?

Yes. BrowseReporter is a remote employee monitoring software that supports a variety of deployment options that allow companies to track remote teams.

Using BrowseReporter employee monitoring software you can monitor employee computer activity no matter where each team member works.

To learn more about monitoring remote workers with BrowseReporter employee monitoring software, visit this article: How to Set Up Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Will BrowseReporter Continue Monitoring When They Leave The Network?

Yes, BrowseReporter is a versatile remote employee monitoring software.

The employee monitoring software client agent that is installed on the employee computers has the ability to monitor computer activity and track productivity even if it does not have a connection with the CurrentWare Server.

When your employees disconnect from your network the employee monitoring software client agent will store their activity and productivity data locally on the device. Once they reconnect to the network their data will be synced to the CurrentWare server.

Note: If you wish to get data from computers outside of the network they will need to be able to communicate with the CurrentWare Server.

Once a connection is reestablished you will receive your employee computer activity data and any CurrentWare policy updates will take effect.

Learn More: How to Set Up CurrentWare’s Employee Monitoring Software for Off-Site Teams

Can BrowseReporter Monitor User Activity On Citrix, Remote Desktop, and/or Terminal Server?

Yes. The CurrentWare Suite is supported on desktop computers, virtual machines (VMs), and servers running modern versions of the Windows operating system.

The CurrentWare Suite (BrowseReporter, BrowseControl, AccessPatrol, and enPowerManager) is also Citrix Ready verified, allowing you to use CurrentWare Suite modules with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service (XenApp & XenDesktop service). You can install the CurrentWare Clients on your Citrix Workspace running Windows.

In addition, all CurrentWare components are compatible with Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Terminal Servers (TS).

When monitoring Citrix virtual desktops with CurrentWare’s employee monitoring software solutions you can track computer activities with PC Mode to track the individual virtual machine or with User Mode to track the activities of specific employees across multiple devices and/or virtual machines.

Monitoring and managing your end-users with CurrentWare in a Terminal Services environment works similarly. The exception is that in a Terminal Server/Terminal Services environment the server will be registered as an individual endpoint; when you run a report from PC mode it will give you a report on all the users’ profiles in a single report.

Learn More:
CurrentWare for Remote Desktop & Terminal Server

CurrentWare for Citrix Activity Monitoring

CurrentWare System Requirements

Will My Employees Know They are Being Monitored?

Depending on the needs of your environment and the laws of your jurisdiction you can use our employee monitoring software to monitor employee computers with or without its transparency-enhancing features enabled.

Stealth Employee Monitoring
BrowseReporter employee monitoring software operates in stealth mode by default.

In stealth mode, the CurrentWare Client is not visible in the system tray or control panel of the employee’s computer.

Transparent Employee Monitoring
BrowseReporter’s optional transparency-boosting features make it the best employee monitoring software for being transparent about tracking employee computer activity.

These features helps your teams remain aware that their computer activity is being monitored in the workplace.

  • Monitoring Notifications: Display a custom message that periodically reminds your employees that their internet and application activity is being monitored by BrowseReporter
  • Show In System Tray: Enable this feature to make the CurrentWare Client visible in the system tray of your employee’s computers.
  • End-User Reports: Enable this feature to give your employees access to their own computer activity data. This lets them see exactly what internet and application usage data is being shared.

Learn More: Best Practices for Monitoring Employees


How Can I Start Monitoring My Employees’ Computers?

Monitoring employee computers is as simple as deploying  employee monitoring software on their computers.

You can start monitoring your employees’ productivity and computer use today with a FREE trial of BrowseReporter employee monitoring software; simply follow these steps.

  1. Download & install BrowseReporter
    Download the files for your free employee monitoring software trial. On the administrator’s computer, run CurrentWare.exe to begin your installation.
  2. Deploy the software clients
    Deploy the CurrentWare Client (cwClientSetup.exe) on all the computers you want to monitor. You can deploy the client with a local install or by using Active Directory, SCCM, or our built-in remote deployment tool.
  3. Monitor employee productivity
    After installing the employee monitoring software, you will see all of your employee’s computers on the CurrentWare Console. From this console you can generate detailed reports on all of your employees’ computer activities including internet and application usage.

Is it Legal to Use Employee Monitoring Software?

When determining how employee monitoring software will be used with the teams in your organization it is important to understand the potential privacy implications for your employees and what factors influence your right to monitor employee computers.

Depending on your jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of your employees you may have legal obligations to fulfill before using employee monitoring software tools. The best practice is to consult with a legal professional first.

Most workplace privacy and employee monitoring laws require you to be transparent about data collection. This includes informing employees about what is being monitored, how their data will be protected, and how it will be used.

Typically this disclosure if provided in an employee manual, workplace monitoring policy, or acceptable use policy.

Get a FREE Template: Workplace Monitoring Policy (Employee Monitoring Policy)

The best employee monitoring software helps you meet your privacy requirements with privacy-enhancing features such as alerting your users that their computer activity is being monitored.

Who Uses This Employee Monitoring Software?

CurrentWare has a global client base with companies across a variety of industries including government, healthcare, finance, nonprofit, and manufacturing.

CurrentWare helps its customers protect their business against time theft, lost productivity, data leakage, and web-based threats by monitoring and controlling computer use.

Read our employee monitoring software customer case studies to learn more.

Will BrowseReporter Track Web Browsing When Users Uses Private Browsing Modes or Delete Their Browsing History?

Yes. BrowseReporter’s employee monitoring software client collects user activity data indepedent of the browser’s browsing history.

Internet browsing data will remain intact for use in reports and dashboards even if the user deletes their web browsing history in their browser or uses a private browsing function such as Incognito Mode On Google Chrome, Private Browsing On Mozilla Firefox, and InPrivate Browsing Window On Microsoft Edge.

How is the CurrentWare Suite Secured?

CurrentWare is committed to the security of its platform, its users and their data. 


  • All of the data collected by CurrentWare’s solutions is stored in your organization’s data center or cloud service provider; the data is not sent to CurrentWare.
  • The web console cannot be accessed without a username and password. For an added layer of authentication security you can enable two-factor authentication.
  • You can selectively enable/disable what data is tracked and delete old records automatically.


For a complete overview of the security measures that CurrentWare has in place, check out the CurrentWare platform security overview page.