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Secure your Windows computers on a centralized desktop management console

CurrentWare Console Central Management for Windows Computers

Improve Productivity

Track Employee Activities

BrowseReporter is an easy-to-use employee computer monitoring software for managing employee productivity and monitoring for compliance with your internet use policy.

Use BrowseReporter’s integrated internet usage monitor and computer software monitor to generate detailed usage reports that provide you and your team with the insights you need to make data-informed productivity management decisions.

Automate email reports to be submitted for review by business owners, human resources staff, and management. Address excessive bandwidth usage, declines in employee productivity, and inappropriate workplace internet usage with the best employee monitoring software.

Content Filter

Restrict Websites & Applications

With CurrentWare’s content filtering software BrowseControl you can customize unique application and websites blacklists for each of your users, devices, and departments.

Proactively block websites and computer applications that put data at risk, distract employees from their tasks, and abuse your limited bandwidth.

BrowseControl’s content filtering features allow you to enforce your internet use policy by blacklisting websites. Use the Category Filtering add-on to effortlessly block millions of websites across hundreds of categories.

Data Security

Device Control Lockdown

CurrentWare’s data loss prevention and endpoint security software AccessPatrol provides you with the USB access control capabilities you need to secure the sensitive data in your custody against illicit exfiltration.

Never fall victim to Bad USB attacks ever again. With AccessPatrol’s USB blocker you can configure custom USB device permissions for each user, device, and department in your company.

Device access codes easily grant temporary endpoint access for unique visitors. AccessPatrol’s centralized policy manager ensures that your USB security plan is scalable and easy to manage without interrupting important business.

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"Finally, a truly enterprise solution for Windows that filters internet and blocks apps."

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Top 3 reasons why thousands of companies are using CurrentWare


Improve Employee Productivity

Improve employee and student productivity by filtering web contents that are distracting or explicit.


Understand Your Employee's Web Activities

Isolate unproductive employees/students who are spending exceptionally large amounts of time surfing the Internet for personal use.


Prevent Malicious Attacks

Prevent the threat of infecting the network with suspicious software or viruses by blocking access to specific ports or by restricting the downloading of specific files.


1-2 hours

Time wasted daily on distracting web browsing during work hours

$60 billion

Cost of productivity loss due to Internet misuse


Data breaches came from insider threats in 2017


of Americans work from home occasionally during the year

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