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Insider threats are the greatest cause of data breaches in healthcare. CurrentWare’s technical safeguards are trusted by hundreds of healthcare organizations to secure sensitive ePHI and EHRs from data breaches caused by illicit data exfiltration and negligent insider threats.

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Technical Safeguards Protect Patient Data

CurrentWare’s technical safeguards provide an added layer of security for protecting sensitive patient data covered under data protection and privacy regulations such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR.

Data Loss Prevention & Endpoint Security

CurrentWare’s endpoint DLP solution with critical peripheral device controls for protecting sensitive data against loss, theft, and unauthorized copying to USB devices.

  • Custom Device Permissions: Assign read-only, no access, and full access for USB devices based on user, device, or organizational unit.
  • USB Blocker: Prevent employees from using unauthorized devices that can be used to transmit ransomware and illicitly exfiltrate data.
  • File Transfer Visibility: Alert administrators to suspicious file activity and maintain an auditable log of files that have been copied, created, and deleted on USB devices.
Data Loss Prevention & Endpoint Security
Employee Computer Monitoring

Employee Computer Monitoring

CurrentWare’s computer monitoring software for tracking how employees and other users engage with technology in the workplace.

  • Internet Usage Monitor: Application and internet usage monitoring to maintain logs of computer activity and alert administrators to undesirable web activities.
  • Screen Monitoring: View the screens of employees in real-time and remotely capture their contents.
  • Auditable Monitoring Records: Maintain perpetual records of applications used, websites visited, bandwidth consumed, and keywords input into search engines.

Internet Content Filtering

CurrentWare’s application and internet control software to prevent access to content that is unsafe, inappropriate, and unproductive.

  • Application and Web Filtering: Block access to websites and applications that put sensitive data at risk: unauthorized cloud storage, P2P filesharing platforms, and websites that are known to contain malware.
  • Easily Blacklist Websites: Combine custom whitelists and blacklists with BrowseControl’s Category Filtering feature to seamlessly block thousands of websites spanning across over 100 URL categories.
  • Blocks Internet Access: Block internet access entirely for the best internet protection on legacy systems.
Internet Content Filtering
Advanced Power Policy Management

Advanced Power Policy Management

CurrentWare’s energy management solution. Conserve energy, reduce costs, and help protect the environment – all from a centralized console.

  • Power Management: Advanced power policy controls provide the means for remotely restarting devices after deploying security updates.
  • Cost Savings: Save on energy costs by scheduling devices to start up and shut down during specified time slots or by using enPowerManager’s integrated Wake-on-LAN features.
  • Go Green: Reduce unnecessary computer power usage as a critical part of energy efficiency initiatives.

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Key Features for Protecting Healthcare Data with CurrentWare

Granular Policy Configurations

Granular configurations based on devices, users, workgroups, and other organizational units allow healthcare organizations to establish security policies that protect EHRs and ePHI without interrupting the efficiency of patient care. Policy configurations can be extended offsite for mobile medical workers using laptops to access the network.

Take Back Control Over Your Technology

The software solutions in the CurrentWare suite provide healthcare organizations with critical security controls for managing technology on the network. HIPAA security officers can rest assured that all of the devices on their network are being consistently monitored and managed without the overhead associated with manually managing devices.

  • Effortlessly manage group and device policies from the convenient central console.
  • Prevent external threat actors from accessing your network by completely blocking employees from using the internet on vulnerable devices.
  • Enforce the exclusive use of secured intranets to prevent file mismanagement through unsecured channels.

Employee Computer Monitoring Software

Monitor computer activity on the network to detect employees engaging in suspicious behavior. Alert security personnel and managers when employees attempt to use unauthorized USB devices on endpoints, transfer sensitive files to external storage devices, or use personal cloud storage accounts on company endpoints.

Content Filtering

Content filtering features to allow administrators to manage the content permissions of every user, device, and department on the network. Configure application and internet access permissions with convenient centrally-managed whitelists and blacklists.

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The healthcare industry is a top target for cybercriminals and insider threats. The endpoints used to access and store sensitive patient data need to be secured in order to ensure the safety of patients and their EHRs. The CurrentWare Suite provides robust endpoint security and data loss prevention features that protect EHRs from insider threats while maintaining data security compliance for HIPAA.

Affordable Options

Healthcare organizations with limited resources are just as liable for protecting patient data as larger companies. CurrentWare’s advantageous pricing and easy-to-use solutions provide security for healthcare entities of all sizes.

On-Site Data Storage

When CurrentWare is installed on-premises you still maintain the capabilities needed to manage remote employees. You get full control over where employee monitoring data is stored, ensuring easy compliance with data residency requirements.

Federal Data Loss Prevention Compliance

The user-friendly interface meant we were able to get the software up-and-running extremely quickly. It worked perfectly and provided all of the functionality we were looking while also helping us comply with HIPAA.


Advantageous Pricing for Healthcare Organizations of All Sizes

Healthcare organizations with limited resources are just as liable for protecting patient data as larger companies. CurrentWare’s support network provides security for healthcare entities of all sizes and capabilities with our user-friendly solutions and wide breadth of options for customer support.

Bundled Solutions

While the solutions in the CurrentWare suite can be purchased individually, the best value comes from purchasing the full suite.

Volume Licensing

Volume-based licensing provides advantageous pricing for organizations that need to manage large quantities of devices.

Prepurchase Discounts

Businesses that pre-purchase multiple year plans enjoy favorable discounts on their annual plans.

How to Protect Electronic Health Records With AccessPatrol

Data breaches and other damaging cybersecurity incidents compromise the quality of patient care. As a healthcare provider, you need all the help you can get to protect electronic health records. AccessPatrol provides healthcare organizations with the critical data loss prevention features they need to ensure reliable access to patient records without compromising security.

Protect Against Risky USB Devices

Any USB device – including seemingly innocent USB-powered lights and fans – can be secretly modified to give them data transmission and storage capabilities.

AccessPatrol protects sensitive data against rogue USB devices by giving you full control over which devices are allowed or blocked on your devices. By only allowing whitelisted devices to be used on company devices, AccessPatrol proactively blocks unauthorized USB devices against exfiltrating data from endpoint devices.

  • Personal Devices: With AccessPatrol you can ensure that your staff and contractors are not taking sensitive financial data home with them on their personal USB storage devices.
  • Read-Only Access: Employees that charge their phones on company devices may inadvertently be transmitting malware. Configure read-only access to allow devices to be charged without transmitting data to systems that store sensitive data.
  • Block File Extensions: Even whitelisted devices can be a potential data security risk if insider threats are mishandling data. Prevent your employees from transferring restricted file types to their devices with AccessPatrol’s file blocker.
  • Encrypted USBs: Enforce the exclusive use of encrypted USB devices with AccessPatrol’s device whitelist. If you would like to implement BitLocker to encrypt data on a hard disk, AccessPatrol will continue to authenticate your encrypted devices and block unauthorized peripherals.

Enhanced File Transfer and Device Usage History

AccessPatrol’s endpoint detection and response features provide you with the detailed records and alerts you need to ensure that sensitive patient data is handled correctly. Protect sensitive EHRs by configuring AccessPatrol to alert HIPAA security officers and any member of their IT support team to suspicious activities on their network.

  • Data Loss Prevention Reports for Digital Forensics: Investigations In addition to real-time alerts, AccessPatrol can be configured to automatically generate and archive auditable DLP reports that serve as valuable pieces of electronic evidence for use by digital forensics detectives investigating the cause of a data breach.
  • File Operations History: Maintain evidence of any files that were copied, created, deleted, or renamed on USB devices. AccessPatrol’s file operations history reports document the actions taken, the date and time they occurred, the file types interacted with, as well as the source and destination paths of all file operations.
  • Allowed Devices History: Review exactly how whitelisted devices are being used in your organization. These reports allow investigators to see the times and dates that the devices on the allowed list have been used on company computers.
  • Allowed vs Denied: History Inspect employee peripheral device usage history to identify attempts to use blocked or unapproved devices. AccessPatrol displays employee device usage history to show the sequence of device usage events leading up to the attempted connection of blocked devices.
  • All Devices Accessed: These detailed device usage history reports provide investigators with detailed device usage history reports that display a high-level overview of each and every peripheral device plugged into your endpoints.
  • Real-Time Alerts: In addition to collecting digital evidence, AccessPatrol can be used as an endpoint detection and response tool. AccessPatrol’s real-time email alerts immediately notify HIPAA security teams of suspicious file transfers and peripheral device usage in their network. Identify any employees that copy sensitive files to external storage devices, delete files on external hard drives, or connect unknown devices to their computers.

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