Solutions for Managing your Network's Security

Most companies allow their users to browse on the Internet freely. This poses a serious risk to your network. Not to mention concerns over web distractions and lost of productivity.
CurrentWare Suite provides the right tool for you to filter Internet access and monitor your user's Internet activities. Enhancing your security and making Internet browsing on your network a safe haven.

Web Filtering Software for Businesses

CurrentWare's BrowseControl Web Filter lets you manage your user's Internet access on and off your network. Enforcing Internet acceptable usage policy to secure your employee's Internet traffic.


Employee Monitoring Software

BrowseReporter is a powerful Internet tracking software that enable companies to monitor your employee's web activities. It captures the URLs of every visited web site.


Data Loss Prevention

AccessPatrol provides a proactive and efficient solution for securing company endpoints (USBs, CD/DVDs, BlueTooth devices, WiFi, iPods, etc) to prevent the illicit transfer of data to unauthorized devices.


Remote Workforce Management

The CurrentWare suite can be configured to monitor and manage remote workers, providing your organization with solutions for effectively managing users working from outside of the office.