Solutions for Managing your Organization's Productivity and Security

CurrentWare Suite provides the right tool for you to filter Internet access and monitor computer activities. Enhancing your security and making Internet browsing on your network a safe haven. Analyzing contextual data will help your team be more productive. Enforcing endpoint security policies will keep your network secured and compliant.

By Use Case

Employee Computer Monitoring Software

The computers in your network are valuable tools for improving efficiency and enabling a wide array of capabilities for your organization, but only if they are used appropriately. Employee computer monitoring software provides you with the data-driven insights you need to ensure that users are interacting with the technology in your company in a productive and safe manner.

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Data Loss Prevention

All it takes is one malicious insider threat or a brief act of negligence to compromise the security of the sensitive data your organization is responsible for protecting. Data loss prevention (DLP) and endpoint security measures are critical for ensuring that sensitive information remains safe against ransomware, cybercriminals, and careless users.

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Data Security, Privacy, & Compliance

Insider threats pose unique challenges to data security due to the organization’s trust in their employees and the employee’s close proximity to the organization’s sensitive data. Unfortunately, a detrimental data breach can be as simple as having sensitive data transferred to a USB device that is later lost, stolen, or later disclosed when taken off-premise.

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Employee Productivity

CurrentWare’s employee monitoring solution BrowseReporter provides detailed reports to identify trends of lost productivity due to employee disengagement, working on personal projects during work hours, and abusing your available bandwidth for irrelevant video and audio streaming. With BrowseReporter you can make data-driven productivity management decisions, identify time theft in your organization, and mitigate the temptation for employees to get distracted from their role in the organization.

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Endpoint Security: Monitoring & Management

Unmanaged endpoints pose a serious security vulnerability to your network. Hackers will use your vulnerable endpoints as a front door to compromise the security of your network by infecting endpoints with malware while moving laterally across the network to target high-value assets. Perimeter-based security simply isn’t enough to fight against these attacks.

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Managed Service Providers

CurrentWare partners with reputable MSPs to provide our solutions to their customers with our generous reseller program. As an MSP for CurrentWare, you will have the ease of mind provided by our dedicated 24-hour support team, our continuous product developments, and special rates offered only to our partners.

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Remote Workforce Management

Managing remote workers comes with unique challenges. When your organization’s data protection and endpoint security measures are not properly enforced for remote employees that are handling sensitive data, you will face serious damages if that data is lost or stolen. Productivity management decisions are also difficult to make for remote workers if you do not have enough data to understand their working habits.

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By Industry

Software Solutions for State and Local Government

Government agencies have a responsibility to protect their IT assets and the data of their citizens. CurrentWare’s suite of on-premise computer monitoring and endpoint security tools provide affordable data security enhancements that protect governments and their citizens against the threat of data breaches caused by illicit data exfiltration, malicious websites, and insider threats.

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Data Loss Prevention Solutions for Financial Services (Banking & Insurance)

CurrentWare’s suite of computer monitoring and endpoint security tools provide the critical security controls you need for your data loss prevention strategy. Protect monetary, consumer, and business data against breaches caused by illicit data exfiltration, malicious websites, and insider threats.

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Content Filtering & Computer Monitoring Software for Education

K-12 schools and colleges need to ensure a safe and productive academic environment when their students access the internet using school-supplied devices. Whether on-campus or taken home, CurrentWare’s content filtering & computer monitoring software protects students and devices with highly customizable content restriction policies and detailed computer monitoring reports.

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Healthcare Data Loss Prevention Solution

Insider threats are the greatest cause of data breaches in healthcare. CurrentWare’s technical safeguards are trusted by hundreds of healthcare organizations to secure sensitive ePHI and EHRs from data breaches caused by illicit data exfiltration and negligent insider threats.

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Productivity & Security Software for Small Business

Business owners have needs that shouldn’t be limited by over-priced solutions forcing you to take on another monthly bill. CurrentWare’s suite of perpetually-licensed employee computer monitoring, internet filtering, and endpoint security tools are an affordable, easy-to-use, and scalable way for growing businesses to improve employee productivity and protect against the threat of data breaches caused by data exfiltration, malicious websites, and insider threats.

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