How to Monitor Employee Internet Usage

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BrowseReporter is a powerful internet usage monitor software that accurately monitors and reports employees’ web activities.

BrowseReporter captures the URLs of every visited web site. It includes a powerful reporting utility for generating tabular and graphical reports. It runs in stealth mode to investigate employee activity discreetly. The perfect internet usage monitor software.

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How does Internet Usage Monitor work?

How Employee Monitor Software Works

Let's get started!

We will show you how to use BrowseReporter the Employee Internet Monitoring software to effectively track the Internet usage of your employees.

You will be able to instantly identify users who are browsing distracting unproductive websites, such as, or violating company policies by visiting inappropriate websites.

Before your begin:

Download CurrentWare BrowseReporter Setup file

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Install CurrentWare Web Filter Console on IT manager's computer

On the Manager’s computer, install the CurrentWare Console

  1. Run the setup file.
  2. Select BrowseReporter
  3. The Installer will proceed to install the CurrentWare Server, Console and BrowseReporter onto your computer.
Install CurrentWare Web Filter Client on Employee's computers

On the employees' computers, install the CurrentWare Clients

  1. Take the CurrentWare Client setup file and run it on the client computer.
  2. The installer will ask you for the computer name of the CurrentWare Console to establish a connection.
  3. After the CurrentWare Client is installed, it will connect to your CurrentWare Console automatically.
  4. Your employee's Internet activities are now being tracked by BrowseReporter.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 on all the computers you would like to monitor for Internet usage.
Install CurrentWare Web Filter Console on IT manager's computer

Return to the Manager’s PC, launch the CurrentWare Console

  1. Under the BrowseReporter menu, click on "Run Report".
  2. Select one of the Report types to run the report on
  3. Select the computer/user you want to run this report on
  4. Select the sort by, order and reporting period and click Run Report

Detailed Internet Activity Reports

Easy to Understand

BrowseReporter provides an easy to use reporting utility that generates comprehensive reports. URL data, time of surfing and duration of each site visited can be presented at both the detail and summary levels.

Reports can be generated at the user or computer level for various time intervals.

Reports on Employee Internet activities

Sample Reports of Monitoring Employees

There are 18 different Internet usage reports to choose from. Here are some sample reports that you can run on your employees Internet and application activities:

report on every url visited by your employees

Sites Visited Report

Review your employee's Internet activities. The Sites Visited Report contains every single URL that they visited and how long they visited them for.
bandwidth usage on employee internet activities

Bandwidth Usage Summary

Display the total bandwidth sent and received on a daily basis to track your internet usage and monitor your network performance.

Total employee Internet browsing time report

Total Browsing Time

Get a list of all your users total browsing time to identify which user has been browsing on the Internet the most.
Top domain by employee Internet browsing time report.

Top Domain by Browsing Time

Find out how long your users have been browsing on a specific domain. Accumulated active time only shows the time they spent when they were actually browsing on the webpage to see how productive they actually are.

Top Applications Used Report.

Top Used Applications by Active Time

Find out which applications are being used the most by your users to identify how productive your users are and which applications are worth keeping and removing.
Temployee productivity report.

Employee Productivity

FAssign categories and websites that are productive or unproductive to your company, to access the overall efficiency of your employees.

Search Engine Keywords Report

Search Engine Keywords

See what keywords your users have been searching on search engines within your network.
Report on employee internet browsing with URL categories

URL Categories

Understand your employee's Internet browsing activity by looking at the category that is tagged next to every website that they visit.

bandwidth usage on employee internet activities

Bandwidth Usage (URL Listing)

See the bandwidth activity for each website that your users have visited and discovered which website they spent most of the bandwidth on.
application usage graph on a hourly basis

Top Application Graph

Identify Windows applications that your users are using throughout the day.

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