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CurrentWare is the digital witness you need to gather proof of employee misconduct—whether they’re working from home or in the office.

Ensure a safe workplace with the computer activity insights you need to support the HR investigation process.

  • Enforce Company Policies
  • Get Proof of Misconduct
  • Protect Your Organization’s Reputation

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CurrentWare’s Role in the HR Investigations Process

Workplace misconduct investigations are a critical role of the human resources department. When misconduct is reported the HR team needs reliable insights so they can take immediate action.

CurrentWare’s user activity monitoring, web filtering, and USB control software solutions provide the capabilities needed to prevent misconduct and investigate a complaint.

Get Alerts Of Company
Policy Violations

Proactively start workplace investigations before the complaint.

Send HR professionals alerts of inappropriate conduct on company devices to address policy violations before they escalate.

  • Internet Abuse: Take appropriate action when employees visit high-risk, inappropriate, or unproductive websites. Maintain evidence of misuse to investigate any individuals involved.
  • Support Disciplinary Action: Evidence of employee computer activity supports disciplinary action if an employee is found to have engaged in misconduct.
  • Corrective Action: Discover opportunities to ensure that employees are properly trained in the acceptable use of workplace technology.

Investigate Employee Complaints

CurrentWare’s PC activity logs give HR professionals the insights they need to investigate any employee accused of poor conduct.

  • Investigate Harassment: Verify or refute allegations of misconduct on company computers with insights into web browsing, application use, and USB device usage.
  • Support Internal Investigations: Empower Human Resources staff with the relevant data they need to conduct an investigation.
  • Establish Patterns: Employee computer activity logs help establish a pattern of behavior that may indicate misconduct, such as excessive personal use of company resources and accessing inappropriate websites.

    Detect & Prevent Employee Theft

    Trusted insiders with access to sensitive information are a significant security threat.

    CurrentWare helps prevent and detect insider threats with advance awareness and control over employee computer usage.

    • Protect Data: Block access to cloud storage sites and limit removable media to authorized devices only.
    • Detect Insider Threats: Receive real-time alerts when employees violate your acceptable use policies.
    • USB Activity Monitoring: Track what data has been copied, created, deleted, or renamed on removable media to identify the source of a data breach.
      Screenshot of category filtering window from BrowseControl web filter. Porn and social media categories blocked.

      Protect Your Business From Liability Risks

      Employers are often responsible for the conduct of their employees.

      CurrentWare provides companies with the capabilities they need to protect themselves against liability risks such as piracy and staff accessing inappropriate content.

      • Detect Software Piracy: Discover what software is being used on work computers to detect unauthorized software.
      • Prevent a Hostile Work Environment: Prevent employees from accessing pornographic, hateful, or crude websites
      • Thorough Investigation: Ensure you have the evidence you need to investigate when an employee makes a complaint

      Monitor as Discretely or Transparently as You Want

      Whether you need discrete monitoring to capture evidence of misconduct or you want transparency to disincentivize inappropriate behavior, CurrentWare provides the capabilities you need.

      • Stealth Mode: By default, the CurrentWare agent cannot be seen by employees
      • Notifications: Optionally notify employees that they are being monitored with periodic popups
      • Client Integrity: CurrentWare cannot be uninstalled or stopped without administrator privileges
      warning message alerting employees that their computer activity is being tracked by BrowseReporter
      CurrentWare web console for BrowseReporter, Employee monitoring software

      Central Console For Scalable Workplace Investigations

      Conduct workplace investigations from a central location. Easily monitor and control your entire workforce from the convenience of a web browser.

      • Remote Management: Monitor & control each managed endpoint device from a central management console
      • Granular Policies: Place users/PCs in their own policy groups to apply a unique security policy to them
      • Active Directory: Integrate with Active Directory to import & sync your existing Organizational Units to the CurrentWare Console

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      Case Study

      Shady Maple Transforms Their Productivity With  Internet Filtering & Employee Computer Monitoring Software

      “Being able to identify negative browsing trends and put a stop to them within a couple of hours has meant that our employees are focused on the job almost all of the time. We have become an extremely efficient workforce."

      Flexible Deployment Options

      With CurrentWare’s user activity monitoring solutions you’re in complete control of how your data is stored, secured, and retained. Your employees' data cannot be accessed by CurrentWare.


      On Premises

      Have Complete Control of Your Data


      Install the management software on a standard computer, then deploy the client software to your users' computers


      Remote Workers

      Manage Users on Any Network


      Connect your remote employees’ computers to the management software with simple port forwarding rules


      Self-Managed Cloud

      Citrix, Azure, AWS, GCP, and More!


      Enjoy the scalability and availability of the cloud alongside the security, control, and flexibility of our on-premises solution.

      CurrentWare Suite

      Get all 4 modules for the best value or choose the exact solutions you need

      Get Advanced Activity Insights

      BrowseReporter is a versatile employee monitoring software to track productivity and efficiency.

      • Make informed decisions
      • Enforce company policies
      • Improve productivity
      today's insights user score cards

      Block Harmful Websites

      BrowseControl is an easy-to-use website blocking software for restricting internet access.

      • Block URLs & categories
      • Block unwanted apps
      • Website allow & block lists
      Screenshot of category filtering window from BrowseControl web filter. Porn and social media categories blocked.

      Stop Data Theft to USB Devices

      AccessPatrol is USB control software to protect sensitive data against theft to portable storage devices.

      • Block USB devices
      • USB file activity alerts
      • Block file transfers
      AccessPatrol peripheral device permissions mockup block usb

      Control PC Power States

      enPowerManager is a remote PC power manager for centrally managing power settings across all endpoints.

      • Track logon and logoff times
      • Log PC power event history
      • Remotely shutdown PCs
      Screenshot of enPowerManager's PC power schedule with weekly boot, restart, and shutdown events scheduled

      Check Out Our Great Reviews on Capterra!

      The reporting feature offers accurate insights on internet activities in order to ensure compliance & organization policies are met. The offsite management feature makes it easy to monitor those working from home.

      Carroline Achieng O., Sales Consultant
      Absa Life Assurance, 10,001+ Employees

      BrowseReporter is simple to use and provides our company with the information we were looking for. Having BrowseReporter installed has prevented any internet abuse. This was exactly what we wanted!

      Denise P., IT Manager
      Paper & Forest Products, 51-200 Employees

      BrowseReporter allows us to better control the activities of our remote employees, which are growing in number due to our transformation policy. It prevents irregular practices that go against our company's basic labor standards.

      Kilmer M., Senior Director of Advertising
      Financial Services Company, 51-200 Employees

      BrowseReporter is an extremely useful piece of software for monitoring our employees' devices while they are at work. It enables us to view data in real time, conduct detailed analyses of each employee's activities, and improve productivity where necessary.

      Sebastian P., Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer
      Retail, 10,001+ Employees

      Expand your capabilities with CurrentWare's award-winning productivity and security software


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      CurrentWare Features

      Internet Off

      Internet ON/OFF

      One click to completely block
      the Internet

      Internet Off

      URL Filter

      Allow or block specific URLs;
      customize policies for each group

      Internet Off

      Category Filtering

      Block websites based on
      content categories

      Internet Off

      Internet Scheduler

      Set unique restrictions at specific
      times of the day

      Internet Off

      Internet Monitoring

      Monitor web browsing,
      keyword searches, and more

      Internet Off

      Computer Activity Reports

      15+ different detailed web
      activity reports

      Internet Off

      Track Application Use

      See what applications are being
      used by employees

      Internet Off

      Email Reports

      Automatically email user activity
      reports to designated inboxes

      Internet Off

      Block USB

      Block unauthorized USBs to protect
      against data theft

      Internet Off

      Block External Devices

      Easily block DVDs, external drives
      & other peripherals

      Internet Off

      Device Permissions

      Set full access, read only or no
      access on storage devices

      Internet Off

      Allowed List

      Allow specific storage devices on
      your network

      Internet Off

      Centralized Console

      Manage all your users from the
      centralized console with Active
      Directory import or syncing

      Internet Off

      Platform Security

      Protect your CurrentWare console
      with 2FA, passwords, privilege
      management, and more

      Internet Off

      Offsite Management

      Extend onsite security policies to any remote computer running outside the corporate network

      Internet Off

      SQL Server Supported

      Database scaled for enterprise and
      large business operations using
      Microsoft SQL Server


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      Best Practices for Monitoring Employees
      With Workplace Investigation Software

      Be Transparent About Employee Activity Monitoring

      Employees that are not aware that they are being monitored, why they are being monitored, and how they are being monitored are less likely to find the use of employee computer monitoring software acceptable.

      CurrentWare’s employee and computer monitoring software solutions can be deployed with an optional stealth mode or configured to periodically notify employees that they are being monitored.

      • Turn on BrowseReporter’s End Users Reports feature to give employees access to their data. This gives them the autonomy to monitor their own productivity.
      • Disclose the scope of employee monitoring during onboarding and within company policies.
      • Make sure employees understand how data is being collected, what data is being collected, and how it will be used.

      Ensure Confidentiality & Privacy for the Employees Involved

      While complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed for all employees involved, the workplace investigation process must be conducted with as much confidentiality as possible for the parties involved.

       Any monitoring or data collection should be conducted in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as in accordance with the employer’s policies and procedures.

      Additionally, it is essential to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information and respect the privacy rights of employees during the investigation.

      Consult With Legal Counsel

      When it comes to workplace privacy, both the employee and the employer have rights that vary based on the jurisdiction of the company, as well as any relevant collective bargaining agreements.

      Before monitoring employee computer activity for workplace investigations, be certain to consult with legal counsel to understand what employment laws apply to your organization and what steps you must take to monitor employees lawfully. 

      At a minimum your legal team will recommend a Workplace Monitoring Policy that outlines what data is collected and how it will be used. 

      Combine the Insights With Other Workplace Investigation Techniques

      Workplace investigations require thorough documentation and evidence before a final decision is made and corrective action is implemented. 

      While workplace investigation software is critical to the investigation process it is most effective when combined with traditional investigative techniques.

      • Gather Other Evidence: Combine computer activity data with any information you already have, such as an employee complaint, a supervisor’s report, written statements from witnesses, or written warnings.
      • Conduct Interviews: Interview witnesses, the involved parties, and other employees that may have insights into the alleged conduct. Gather all relevant information in thorough notes.
      Paper document that says "Internet Usage Policy"

      Internet Use Policy Template

      Download this FREE internet use policy to set standards for acceptable internet usage in your organization.

      • Disclose the organization’s intent to monitor internet use
      • Communicate acceptable standards for technology use
      • Describe your users' rights and responsibilities

      Employee Investigations FAQ

      Why Are Workplace Investigations Conducted?

      Investigations into alleged misconduct in the workplace are frequently started by employee complaints or anonymous accusations. An employee may report discrimination, harassment, or another potential employment law violation to a human resources (HR) professional or other company representative.

      There may be a workplace investigation when an employee is accused of stealing from the company, engaging in insider trading, visiting inappropriate websites in the workplace, or some other type of misconduct.

      Investigations, however, don’t always involve claims that someone broke a rule or law that’s in force. A complaint that an employee is not abiding by company policy may also lead to the opening of an investigation.

      What Are Examples of HR Investigations Questions?

      HR investigation questions are open-ended questions that are asked when conducting interviews with the accused employee, the employee that reported the conduct, and any relevant witnesses.

      Examples of questions asked in HR investigation interviews include

      1. What happened?
      2. When did the incident(s) occur?
      3. Who was involved in the incident(s)?
      4. Were there any witnesses?
      5. What was said or done during the incident(s)?
      6. Did anyone report the incident(s)? If so, when and to whom?
      7. Are there any documents or other evidence that can be used to support the investigation?
      8. Are there any relevant company policies or procedures that may have been violated?
      9. Has this type of behavior occurred before?
      10. What steps should be taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future?
      11. What corrective action, if any, is appropriate?
      12. Are there any potential legal implications or liabilities for the company?

      Why Do You Need an HR Investigation Process?

      An HR investigation process is needed to ensure that workplace issues, such as harassment, discrimination, misconduct, or policy violations, are handled in a fair and consistent manner. 

      HR investigations can help identify the facts of a situation, determine the appropriate course of action, and protect the interests of both the company and the employees involved. 

      Some of the key reasons why an HR investigation process is important are

      1. Protecting the company’s reputation: Conducting an investigation in a prompt and professional manner can demonstrate to employees, customers, and the public that the company takes workplace issues seriously and is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful work environment.
      2. Minimizing legal risks: Failing to investigate and resolve workplace issues can expose the company to legal risks, such as lawsuits or regulatory fines.
      3. Preventing future incidents: Conducting a thorough investigation can help identify underlying causes of workplace issues and implement measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.
      4. Supporting employee well-being: HR investigations can help employees feel supported and heard, and can help create a workplace culture that values respect, safety, and fairness.

      Are Workplace Investigations Confidential?

      Workplace investigations should generally be conducted with a high level of confidentiality. It is important to protect the privacy of all parties involved in the investigation, as well as to maintain the integrity of the workplace investigation process.

      Confidentiality during a workplace investigation means that only individuals who need to know the details of the investigation are informed, such as the HR team, relevant managers or supervisors, witnesses, and the individuals involved in the incident.

      Employees who are not involved in the investigation should not be informed of the details of the investigation as it could lead to rumors, bias, or misinformation.

      However, it is important to note that confidentiality in a workplace investigation is not an absolute guarantee. In some cases, the law may require the company to disclose certain information related to the investigation.

      For example, the company may be required to disclose information related to a complaint of harassment or discrimination to government agencies or law enforcement.

      It is important to have clear policies and procedures in place to ensure that confidentiality is maintained as much as possible while still complying with legal requirements.

      Will My Employees Know They Are Being Monitored?

      With CurrentWare’s HR investigations tools your organization is in control of how visible the software is.

      The CurrentWare software client operates in stealth mode by default.

      In stealth mode, the CurrentWare software client is not visible in the system tray or control panel of the user’s computer. Your users will not be able to uninstall the program or stop it without administrator privileges.

      If you would like your users to be aware that they are being monitored, you can choose to show the CurrentWare software client in their system tray by enabling it in the client software settings.

      AccessPatrol does not disclose when its USB activity monitoring feature is active. When your employees attempt to use an unauthorized USB device they can be presented with an optional warning message.

      When BrowseControl blocks a website you can choose to show a warning message, redirect to another website, or simply have the connection fail.

      When monitoring user activity with BrowseReporter you can choose to enable the End-User Reports feature to provide users with access to their activity data. You can also display optional notifications that periodically remind them that they are being monitored.

      Does CurrentWare Have Access to Employee Data?

      No, CurrentWare cannot access your employee’s computer monitoring data. CurrentWare’s software does not send your user’s computer usage data to CurrentWare. They are installed and managed by your organization.

      All of the data collected by CurrentWare’s software is stored on a database that is installed in your organization’s data center or cloud service provider.

      With CurrentWare’s on-premises & self-managed cloud deployment options, you’re in complete control of your data.

      • Sensitive employee data stays secured to your standards rather than being sent to a third party.
      • Maintain data localization and residency compliance requirements by keeping employee data exactly where it needs to be.
      • Retain auditable records of user activity for as long as you need

      For more information please refer to our Terms of Service.