Employee Screenshot Monitoring Software

Capture screenshots of employee desktops with BrowseReporter’s screenshot monitoring features

Automatic Screenshot Monitoring

The desktop screen capture feature of BrowseReporter automatically captures a screenshot of your employee's computer when they access a specific application or website.

Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots of your employee’s desktops

Get an over-the-shoulder view of your employee’s PC no matter where they are working

Each screenshot is tagged with the website or application that was being used and the name of the computer

Computer Screen Monitoring

Monitor employee desktops in real time with the remote screen capture feature. Get a live feed of what an employee is doing on their computer and remotely capture screenshots of their desktop.

Remotely take screenshots of other computers in your network, even on dual-screen setups.

Monitor desktops in real-time to watch for unsafe data handling and inappropriate behavior

View the screens of employees to check-in on their activity without walking to their desks.

Note: The remote screen capture feature is exclusive to LANs with the CurrentWare Client connected to the CurrentWare Server over a Private IP. Ensure that port 1024 is open on the client system to allow for screen capturing.

Why monitor the screens of employees?

Data Security: Remote computer screen monitoring provides you with an over-the-shoulder view of employee computers without being noticed. By unobtrusively monitoring their PC screen you can watch to ensure that they are handling sensitive data securely.

Employee Training: With real-time computer screen monitoring, managers can check-in on new employees without disrupting their workflow. They can also save time travelling between departments in the office by viewing their employee's screens remotely.

Troubleshooting: In-house IT support can readily guide users on basic troubleshooting measures without travelling to the employee’s cubicle. This improve ticket fulfillment efficiency by remotely diagnosing the severity of an issue before escalating to a direct visit.

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