My database is getting big. How do I reduce the file size?

When your CurrentWare database size is larger than 3 GB, the performance of your CurrentWare Console will become slower. To optimize the performance, we recommend deleting old data and compressing your database.

Note: Before you begin, back up your existing database file (CWNPFB.CWD) to a safe location.

Delete Bandwidth Data

Bandwidth data takes up a majority of your database. Deleting Bandwidth data will save you the most space. Here are some of the options:

If you are not running Bandwidth reports:

  • Delete all Bandwidth data: this will reduce your database size by more than 50%.
  • Disable Bandwidth Tracking: go to Tracking Options and uncheck “Enable Bandwidth Tracking”

If you are running Bandwidth reports:

  • Delete data before a specific date: delete data to reduce the database file size
  • Decrease Bandwidth data tracking: go to Tracking Options and change the “Discard data less than” value to 10 KB

Delete other data 

Use the Delete URLs option to delete URLs from your database before a specific date.

Compress your Database

After deleting your data, you must compress your database to reduce the file size.

Launch the CurrentWare Server manager (CWSM.exe) from Start menu > All Programs > CurrentWare > CurrentWare Server Manager. Click on the Compress tab.

Browse to the CWNPFB.CWD file inside \Program Files\CurrentWare\cwServer and click on the Compress button. The database will be compressed to reduce file size.


Enable the Auto-Delete URL Scheduler to clean up your database periodically

Go to Tools > Auto Delete URL Scheduler. Enable this option to clean up your database automatically. When enabled, BrowseReporter will only keep data from a period of time. You can define how long you want to keep data.


Enable the Database Backup Scheduler

Go to Tools > Database Backup Scheduler. Enable this option to begin automatically backing up the CurrentWare database on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


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