Transparent & Stealth Monitoring Modes

CurrentWare’s employee computer activity monitoring solutions can run in stealth mode to function as stealth PC monitoring software or be configured to be fully transparent about computer monitoring.

Operate in stealth mode to monitor employees discreetly or enable notifications that directly alert employees about the use of the employee monitoring software.


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  • BrowseReporter can optionally notify employees that they are being monitored & give them access to their own reports
  • The CurrentWare agent cannot be found in the Control Panel’s program list on the employee’s computer
  • CurrentWare cannot be uninstalled or stopped without administrator privileges

Optional Features to Improve Transparency
and Respect Employee Privacy

CurrentWare’s transparency-boosting features help meet the privacy needs of your organization.

BrowseReporter employee monitoring scheduler to limit tracking to work hours

Scheduled User Monitoring (BrowseReporter)

BrowseReporter’s employee monitoring features are highly customizable to best fit the unique needs of each organization and the specific users they will be monitoring.

  • Schedule internet monitoring to only occur during designated work hours, allowing employees to privately browse the internet during their breaks and personal time
  • Respect GDPR and employee privacy by collecting representative data samples rather than continuously monitoring
  • Reduce the amount of irrelevant data by not using the internet usage tracker during periods where unproductive browsing is normal

Monitoring Software Alerts (BrowseReporter)

Display a custom message to notify your employees that their internet and application activity is being monitored.

warning message alerting employees that their computer activity is being tracked by BrowseReporter
BrowseReporter client settings for employee monitoring - show in system tray selected
CurrentWare client agent icon shown in system tray of desktop computer

Show in System Tray (Full Suite)

Enable this feature to make the CurrentWare Client visible in the system tray of your employee’s computers.

    End-User Reports (BrowseReporter)

    Once enabled, this optional feature provides your employees with the ability to access their user activity data from the taskbar.

    BrowseReporter end user report data dashboard with website and application usage graphs
    BrowseReporter client settings for employee monitoring - show in system tray selected

    Restrict Access Permissions (Full Suite)

    Restrict access to employee monitoring data with a password-protected console and unique data access permissions for each manager. Easily provide access on an as-needed basis.

      Display Warning Message (BrowseControl)

      With BrowseControl you can provide an optional custom message when users access a blocked website, redirect them to a different page, or display a blank web page.



      Screenshot of BrowseControl Display Warning Message window. A message is set to appear when a user visits a blocked website.
      Screenshot of AccessPatrol's custom warning message box. The message states "Your IT Administrator has prevented you from accessing this device."

      Display Warning Message (AccessPatrol)

      With AccessPatrol's warning message you can display a message box to explain why USBs and other peripherals have been blocked.

        Disable Tracking Types

        CurrentWare's tracking features can be selectively enabled or disabled, giving you full control over what is being monitored.



        Tracking options window for BrowseReporter employee monitoring software - checkboxes to disable tracking types

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        With a Free Trial

        Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes.

        CurrentWare Features

        Internet Off

        Internet ON/OFF

        One click to completely block
        the Internet

        Internet Off

        URL Filter

        Allowed list or Blocked list for
        specific URLs

        Internet Off

        Category Filtering

        Block websites based on
        content categories

        Internet Off

        Internet Scheduler

        Set unique restrictions at specific
        times of the day

        Internet Off

        Internet Monitoring

        Track what websites are being
        visited by employees

        Internet Off

        Web Activity Reports

        15+ different detailed web
        activity reports

        Internet Off

        Track Application Use

        See what applications are being
        used by employees

        Internet Off

        Email Reports

        Automatically email reports of web
        usage to managers

        Internet Off

        Block USB

        Block unauthorized USBs to protect
        against data theft

        Internet Off

        Block External Devices

        Easily block DVDs, external drives
        & other peripherals

        Internet Off

        Device Permissions

        Set full access, read only or no
        access on storage devices

        Internet Off

        Allowed List

        Allow specific storage devices on
        your network

        Internet Off

        Centralized Console

        Manage all your users from the
        centralized console with Active
        Directory import or syncing

        Internet Off

        Platform Security

        Protect your CurrentWare console
        with 2FA, passwords, privilege
        management, and more

        Internet Off

        Offsite Management

        Extend onsite Internet usage
        policies to laptops running outside
        the corporate network

        Internet Off

        SQL Server Supported

        Database scaled for enterprise and
        large business operations using
        Microsoft SQL Server

        Learn The Best Practices for Monitoring Employees

        Follow these best practices to increase buy-in for employee monitoring. Learn how to create a monitoring strategy that is transparent, fair, and respectful of employee privacy.

        CurrentWare Employee Monitoring Software FAQ

        Does CurrentWare Have Access To Employee Data?

        No, CurrentWare cannot access your employee’s computer monitoring data. CurrentWare’s software does not send your user’s computer usage data to CurrentWare. They are installed and managed by your organization.

        All of the data collected by CurrentWare’s software is stored on a database that is installed in your organization’s data center or cloud service provider.

        For more information please refer to our Terms of Service.

        Is This a Cloud Product?

        The CurrentWare Suite can be deployed on-premises or on a cloud platform of your choice. Both deployment option are compatible with remote workers with a few configuration changes.

        Learn More:

        Will CurrentWare Track Web Browsing When Users Uses Private Browsing Modes or Delete Their Browsing History?

        Yes. CurrentWare’s software client collects user activity data indepedent of the browser’s browsing history.

        Internet browsing data will remain intact for use in reports and dashboards even if the user deletes their web browsing history in their browser or uses a private browsing function such as Incognito Mode On Google Chrome, Private Browsing On Mozilla Firefox, and InPrivate Browsing Window On Microsoft Edge.

        What Is Employee Monitoring Software?

        Employee monitoring software is an app that tracks employee computer activity. The goal of employee computer monitoring software is to improve productivity and efficiency by using activity data to better understand how a workforce operates. This data is used to track time spent on projects, identify time spent on unproductive activities, and increase the visibility of a remote workforce.

        Does CurrentWare Work With Remote Workers?

        Yes. CurrentWare’s computer monitoring software allows you to monitor remote workers through a variety of deployment options such as an offsite mode that works without access to the internet, connecting through a VPN, port forwarding, or by installing it on a cloud platform of your choice.

        Learn More

        Who Uses Employee Monitoring Software?

        Employee computer monitoring software is used by a wide variety of industries. It is most commonly found in industries that are required to monitor employee computer activity for data security compliance purposes. Examples of common industries include financial services, government, and health care.

        What Are the Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software?

        • Improve Productivity: Employee computer activity data provides managers with the insights they need to make informed productivity management decisions. This includes identifying disengaged employees, balancing workloads, and optimizing work processes.
        • Manage Risks: Monitoring employee computer activity helps limit legal liability and reduces cybersecurity risks by ensuring that acceptable use policies are being followed.
        • Save Money: Employee computer monitoring software provides valuable workforce analytics data. This data can be used to reduce software wastage, detect time theft, and improve operational efficiency.

        Are There Any Limits To The Free Trial?

        The free trial for all of CurrentWare’s computer monitoring software solutions are fully functional. You can deploy it on up to 10 computers for 14 days. If you need more time or more computers to properly evaluate CurrentWare in your organization, reach out to our sales team.

        How Much Does CurrentWare Cost?

        CurrentWare’s solutions can be purchased individually for the greatest flexibility or as a bundle for the best value.

        When purchased individually, the cost of BrowseReporter, BrowseControl, and AccessPatrol starts as low as $3.99 USD per user per month (paid annually).

        Volume license discounts are available starting for as low as 100 users, with discounts increasing depending on the number of licenses.

        There are additional discounts available for educational organizations, non-profits, managed services providers, and for businesses that pre-purchase multiple year plans.

        Looking for a quote? Contact our sales team here.

        Is Stealth Monitoring Software Legal?

        The legality of employee monitoring depends entirely on regulations and other legislation that are specific to the organization, its industry, and the jurisdiction of its employees.

        The recommended best practice is to have employees read and sign a technology in the workplace policy where they acknowledge that they are aware that their activity is being monitored.

        An example of mandated employee consent can be seen in Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires that employers inform employees that they are being monitored in the workplace, why they are being monitored, how their data will be used, and the methods that will be used to monitor them (security cameras, employee computer monitoring software, etc).

        In the majority of jurisdictions using stealth monitoring software without the informed consent of employees will be against workplace privacy laws.


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