From Hunch to Hard Evidence—How CurrentWare Informs HR Investigations

CurrentWare has been a silent yet powerful tool for our organization. It allows us to monitor employee activity without constantly checking throughout the day.

When HR needs specific data, we can easily provide it, ensuring resources are used properly.

Sa’rah Plesner
IT Manager, EHOB

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EHOB is a medical device manufacturing company that was founded in 1985. They specialize in pressure injury prevention through simple, clinically proven, cost-effective solutions.

Their focus is on delivering solutions and educational services that meet the needs of patients, clinicians, and healthcare teams.

With their products, healthcare professionals can provide their best patient care and focus on pressure injury prevention to achieve better outcomes.

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CurrentWare Provides Critical Insights for the HR Investigations Process

One of the many responsibilities of human resources professionals is to conduct investigations on a wide range of concerns, including harassment, discrimination, theft, misuse of company resources, and potential policy violations.

Ensuring fairness, accuracy, and consistency in the HR investigations process fosters a culture of trust and respect, where everyone feels comfortable reporting issues, knowing they will be taken seriously. 

CurrentWare is the digital witness HR pros need to gather proof of employee misconduct. By leveraging CurrentWare’s employee investigations capabilities, they uncover what truly happened in an impartial and objective manner, ensuring a safe working environment for all employees and preventing future incidents.

CurrentWare strikes the perfect balance between monitoring and trust. It’s easy to set up, and employees go about their work without noticing it.

When needed, we have the data to ensure resources are used properly. Plus, the product keeps evolving, which aligns with our commitment to cybersecurity.

Sa’rah Plesner
IT Manager, EHOB

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The Importance of Monitoring Employee Conduct on Company Computers

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Data Theft Investigations

80% of cybersecurity leaders disclosed that departing employees took valuable IP with them when they left. Worse yet, 70% say they’re not always aware of incidents.


Enforce Company Policies

64% of employees in a survey admitted to visiting non-work related websites every day at work—with some wasting up to 5-10 hours per week.

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End-User Training

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. With insights into computer activity, you can detect high-risk actions that warrant further training to protect your data.

CurrentWare Supports EHOB’s Mission to Consistently Meet Performance Standards

The EHOB team knew they needed consistent and high-quality output to meet their mission of educating the public and delivering innovative products that ensure the safety of healthcare patients and staff.

Since adopting CurrentWare’s internet filtering and monitoring software, the EHOB team has become better equipped to meet its operational efficiency goals and ensure that company resources are being used properly.

These insights become particularly important during low supervision periods, such as night shifts. Should performance concerns arise, HR and management can be easily provided with the exact data they need to investigate and remediate.

When HR needs more information, it’s much easier now to quickly pull a dashboard and say, ‘Here’s what we’ve got for you.’ 

CurrentWare gives our HR department insights faster so they can make informed decisions. When necessary, we can really dig in and see what’s going on with a greater level of detail.

When HR requested a solution to monitor productivity, we turned to CurrentWare.

It quietly sits in the background, helping us ensure resources are used properly without constant monitoring.

The productivity dashboards are super easy to read and give us a high-level snapshot of what’s going on.

Sa’rah Plesner
IT Manager, EHOB

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CurrentWare is Citrix Ready

Book a Demo of CurrentWare’s Employee Investigations Software

CurrentWare is a Citrix Ready ® partner with solutions for user activity monitoring, web filtering, data loss prevention, and remote PC power management.

Reach out to our team today for a custom demo of our cybersecurity and productivity solutions.

Balancing Privacy Needs When Monitoring Employees

In today’s privacy-conscious world, employers need to monitor employees in a transparent, minimally invasive way that is respectful of employee privacy. In addition, they need to carefully balance the demands of organizational productivity, employee privacy, and regulatory compliance requirements.

CurrentWare’s staff monitoring tools include various optional privacy-enhancing features that improve transparency and minimize data collection, allowing organizations to customize their deployment to suit their unique needs.

We strike a balance between oversight and trust. CurrentWare helps us ensure that employees are productive without micromanaging. It’s not about watching every move; it’s about having the necessary data when needed.

When we were researching employee monitoring software, Currentware was the one we liked best based on our needs.

We wanted something easy to use, good price, and robust enough to get the info required without invasive features like keystroke tracking—We want to monitor our people without being Mr. Smith from the Matrix!

Sa’rah Plesner
IT Manager, EHOB

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Employee Monitoring - Privacy Tips for Employers - CurrentWare

Best Practices for Monitoring Employees

Follow these best practices to increase buy-in for employee monitoring. Learn how to create a monitoring strategy that is transparent, fair, and respectful of employee privacy.

Protecting Sensitive Data & Systems Against USB Devices

Blocking removable media devices such as USB drives and memory cards is a valuable security measure to protect against data theft, malware, and other USB security threats.

However, many companies will have employees, such as those in the marketing department, who need a streamlined way to offload data from a trusted external device onto their computers.

CurrentWare’s data loss prevention features allow you to block unauthorized devices completely while configuring granular removable media access permissions for different policy groups. This ensures your employees have the tools they need while simultaneously safeguarding your most valuable assets.

After a cybersecurity analysis, it came to our attention that we needed a solution to monitor and restrict removable devices like USB flash drives.

We weren’t ready to block them outright, so we weren’t sure how to address it.

Thankfully, CurrentWare can help us with that by allowing us to selectively control USB access to avoid interrupting those who legitimately need it.

Sa’rah Plesner

IT Manager, EHOB

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Headshot of Sa'rah Plesner, IT Manager, EHOB

Why Sa’rah Chose CurrentWare

Ease of Use

Before CurrentWare, accessing employee activity data for HR inquiries was difficult. Now, it’s a breeze.

CurrentWare is this quiet helper in the background that gives us the info we need, just in time, without getting in the way.

Stellar Support

Our CurrentWare rep is great! He regularly reaches out to let us know about updates and help us plan out our CurrentWare upgrades. It can be hard to keep up with all the software I have to manage, so I appreciate the help.

We’re always looking to enhance our cybersecurity in the current threat landscape. We leverage every tool we have to make that better; seeing CurrentWare expand its offerings makes this a worthwhile tool for us.

Diverse Capabilities

Aside from HR’s needs, CurrentWare also helps us control access to removable media like USB drives and block inappropriate websites and content

We have remote, office, distribution, and manufacturing staff to manage. No matter where they work, CurrentWare is there to make sure everything is going as expected in the company.


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