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Thanks for checking out the latest CurrentWare how-to video. Today we will cover how to monitor application activity on your employee’s computers.

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Let’s get started with covering some of the benefits of monitoring application activity in your workplace.

The first is Shadow IT and getting insight into unknown and unmanaged applications.

The second is understanding who is using unproductive or non-work related programs.

The third is Application Sprawl & License Management to see if there’s apps that very few users are using or legacy apps that should be removed & de-licensed

So let’s jump in.

Shadow IT refers to software that employees use without the knowledge of the IT department or management. According to the Everest Group over 50% of technology spend in organizations is considered Shadow IT. This means that over half their budgets are spent on software and programs that the IT department has no knowledge of.

With CurrentWare’s BrowseReporter solution, you can see exactly which applications are being run in your environment.

In this example, we see that the user has the Dropbox app installed. Dropbox is a popular consumer cloud storage and sharing platform and the user has been using Dropbox to transfer and store files. In this company’s environment, Dropbox is not an approved file storage application so it is a major concern that they are using this application on a work device.

With BrowseReporter’s top applications by active time report, we are able to discover that the user Andy has been spending a significant amount of time on Dropbox as it’s his most used application. This is an issue that should immediately be investigated by the IT department to ensure the user is not involved in any nefarious activity.

In previous videos, we’ve covered how distracting and unproductive the internet can be, but applications can be just as bad. By using BrowseReporter, you can investigate which employees are being distracted by unproductive computer programs like chat apps, video games or movie players.

In this example, we can see the user is sending a lot of messages on Skype and by looking at the applications used by hour report, we see Andy spent all his time from 11AM and 1PM on Skype. Skype is not an application that is used by this organization for work purposes. This isn’t a productive use of Andy’s time and could be a good opportunity to speak to him about why he is spending so much time on the app.

The third area to focus on is application sprawl and understanding software utilization. Software licenses, especially SAAS products can be expensive so understanding which products are actually being used by which employees can significantly reduce costs & cyber security risks. In addition, it's a good opportunity to learn if there are products that some users are using that could benefit the rest of the organization.

In this example, we see that Andy has been using numerous different types of conference call, screen sharing and video applications like Go to Meeting, Slack, Zoho Assist, Zoho Meetings and Skype. All of these apps have similar functionality, so understanding why Andy is using so many different applications and whether these platforms should be blocked in our environment should be investigated. In addition, the IT department could understand the benefits of the platforms Andy is using and decide whether the tools can be deployed for the rest of the organization.

Now that we’ve covered how to monitor application activity, one last thing to note is undesirable applications can actually be blocked using CurrentWare’s BrowseControl. So whether it’s for security, productivity or for some other reason, being able to block applications that are not authorized for your environment can be beneficial.

With CurrentWare’s products you can also find out which URLs are being visited and block specific URLs or categories of websites. For example if Andy was also using or another cloud storage website, you can find out how often he was visiting that domain, block the URL, or even block the entire cloud storage category of websites.

Thanks for watching this video on how to monitor application use with BrowseReporter. If you have any thoughts on the reports or suggestions we’ve covered in this video, feel free to comment below.

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Track Software Usage With BrowseReporter

Want to track software usage? BrowseReporter’s software usage analytics tools provide the insights you need to monitor software usage and web browsing in your company.

BrowseReporter makes tracking software license usage possible with its easy-to-use reporting utility and dashboards. At a glance you can review the software usage of your employees, including timestamps of the applications they use each day, how frequently they use specific applications, and their most used applications.

View your software usage reports as a general summary for quick overviews, or switch to the detailed view for further insight. You can customize the data presented in your reports based on date, users, devices, and specific applications.

Trusted By:


& many more

Trusted by:


and more

Top 5 applications bar graph


  • Track Windows software usage and user activity to detect the use of unsafe or unproductive programs.
  • Use the Windows software usage reports to improve software usage tracking in the workplace and better manage software licenses
  • Monitor application usage in your network for suspicious and unfamiliar applications.
  • Find unwanted applications being used on your network? Combine BrowseReporter with BrowseControl’s application blocker to prevent your users from launching specific applications.

Track Software Usage to Increase Employee Productivity

64% of employees have reported using the internet for non-work reasons on a daily basis.

CurrentWare’s software usage tracking solution BrowseReporter comes equipped with the features you need to detect unproductive software usage and distracting websites.

  • Detect & Block Apps: Combine BrowseReporter’s software usage tracking with BrowseControl to block apps from the internet & stop employees from using unproductive software applications.
  • Fight Time Theft: Fight time theft in the workplace by ensuring your employees are engaged and productive in the workplace rather than playing games and browsing social media.
  • Employee Performance Management: Show your employees how to be more productive at work by maintaining auditable records of unproductive software usage and internet browsing.

Monitor Software Usage to Detect Shadow IT Before the Breach

Are your employees putting corporate data at risk by using unauthorized software programs? Without software usage analytics you may never find out about the use of shadow IT software solutions in your network.

With BrowseReporter’s application usage monitoring tools you can ensure that the only authorized programs are used.

  • Data Loss Prevention: Protect customer data against unauthorized cloud software application use and unmanaged vulnerabilities in shadow IT programs.

  • Workplace Piracy: Detect P2P file sharing programs to avoid costly litigation and data security vulnerabilities caused by employees using unlicensed software.

  • Suspicious Software: Improve your IT governance capabilities by monitoring your endpoints for unknown programs & detect suspicious desktop application usage.

Save Money With Successful Software Asset Management

9 out of 10 employees aren’t using all of the software provided to them. Why waste money on software products that your employees aren’t using?

A software usage audit isn’t just about the money, it improves your security too. Each additional piece of software increases the potential for hackers to exploit a zero-day vulnerability and steal your data. 

  • Stop App Sprawl: Identify underused software and only keep paid licenses for the applications that truly matter.
  • Save Money: Decommissioning underutilized software provides your organization with significant savings on software expenses.
  • Track License Use: Optimize floating licenses and ensure compliance  with license agreements with timestamped data of when applications are used each day
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BrowseReporter’s Software Usage Analytics Reports & Dashboards

BrowseReporter’s software usage analytics provides detailed information into the time that your users spend using software, allowing you to understand the most commonly used applications for each user, device, and department.

Top 5 applications bar graph

Top Application Usage

  • Monitor software use to see which applications your employees use the most during the work day and make informed decisions on what solutions to keep and which to remove.
  • Find employees that are using unsafe or unproductive applications
  • Save money by finding out which applications are actually used and which ones can be decommissioned
BrowseReporter employee productivity report with hourly application usage

Hourly Application Usage

  • Gain insights into the software usage habits of your employees
  • Analyze app usage trends throughout the workday
  • Prioritize floating license availability by identifying peak app usage periods
Computer activity log showing how long OneDrive was used by the administrator

Specific Application Usage

  • Run reports based on a single application or a list of applications
  • See how much time is spent using applications for specific users and departments
  • Verify the time spent using applications on a daily basis

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The Benefits of Tracking Software Usage

Cast Light on Shadow IT

Shadow IT – also known as Stealth IT, Client IT, or Fake IT – is any system, solution, or software that’s used by the employees of an organization without the knowledge and approval of the corporate IT department. 

BrowseReporter’s software usage reports lets you monitor software license usage based on devices, users, and workgroups such as organizational units (OUs) in Active Directory. It bolsters your software asset management program by showing you all of the programs that are currently being used by your organization, including those that have not been officially adopted. 

With a clear picture of the software being used in your organization you will know which high-risk applications to block and what capabilities your workforce needs to be provided with.

Avoid Wasting Money on Unused Software

Make data-informed software procurement decisions with the help of genuine insights into the application usage of your employees. Track software license usage to determine whether you need to purchase new licenses for your current solutions or decommission underutilized software.

BrowseReporter’s computer activity reports demonstrate how often software solutions are being used, how long they are being used for, and which employees are genuinely using them. 

Internet usage reports allow you to identify how often online subscription-based accounts are being accessed so you can more effectively determine SaaS utilization levels in your organization.

Protect Your Business Against Piracy in the Workplace

A failed software compliance audit can cost your organization as much as $150,000 in fines per violationYour corporate risk management strategy needs to include preventative measures against piracy in the workplace. 

Protect your business against failed compliance audits by tracking software license usage with BrowseReporter. Detect the usage of pirated or improperly licensed software to ensure that your organization is compliant with software license allowances.

Employee and Computer Monitoring Features

Internet Off

Internet Monitoring

Track detailed user web browsing activities on their computers


Web Activity Reports

20+ different detailed graphical and tabular reports

Application Blocker

Track App Usage

Track employee computer usage on Windows applications

Internet Off

Idle Time Tracking

Track mouse and keyboard movement to monitor inactivity

Bandwidth Tracker

Bandwidth Tracking

Find users that are hogging the network's bandwidth

Tracking Schedule

Tracking Scheduler

Only track URLs during specific time and days

Remote Screen Capture

Screenshot Monitoring

Take automatic screenshots or remotely view desktops

Email Report

Email Reports

Automatically email reports of employee web usage to managers

Category Filtering

URL Category Tracking

Understand where your users are surfing by tagging a URL category to every web page

Email Alert

Email Alerts

Send email alerts to authorities when user browsing has exceeded company web policies

Internet Off

End-User Reports

Provide your employees with on-demand access to their own user activity data


Stealth & Transparent Modes

The software can run silently in the background or be configured to alert users

Internet Off

Centralized Console

Manage all your users from the
centralized console with Active
Directory import or syncing

Internet Off

Platform Security

Protect your CurrentWare console
with 2FA, passwords, privilege
management, and more

Internet Off

Offsite Management

Extend onsite Internet usage
policies to laptops running outside
the corporate network

Internet Off

SQL Server Supported

Database scaled for enterprise and
large business operations using
Microsoft SQL Server

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