Get Employee Computer Activity Reports by Email

BrowseReporter’s computer activity reports can be sent to email inboxes for convenient employee monitoring.

Email reports can be sent at set intervals and email alerts can be triggered to immediately notify administrators when specific computer activities happen.

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BrowseReporter's internet activity report scheduler

Real-time alerts and reports are a convenient way of automating BrowseReporter’s computer usage monitoring. Once computer activity emails are set up you receive reports without ever having to launch the CurrentWare console.

  • See all of the websites your employees visit, even when they use private browsing
  • Segment reports based on users, departments, or devices and have them sent to designated people
  • Enforce the acceptable use of devices with real-time alerts of policy violations
  • Segment reports based on users, departments, or computers and have them sent to designated

How to Use Real-Time User Activity Alerts & Reports

Report data can be presented based on user, device, workgroup, days of the week, and specific ranges of time, allowing you to send the exact data needed to manage your people.

  • Monitoring Automation: Automatically send employee monitoring reports to the email addresses of managers, administrators, and human resources.
  • Phishing Simulator: Set the URL alert threshold to ‘1’ and add a fake domain name to the alert. Send a phishing email to your employees with a link to the fake domain name and receive alerts on which employees click the link.
  • Self-Monitoring: Send computer usage and productivity reports directly to the employees you are monitoring to show them what activity is being monitored in the workplace. Employees can use productivity data to self-manage their time if the reports show they’ve become distracted.
Alert for workplace conduct policy violation
Screenshot of BrowseReporter's employee idle time alerts setup window

What Alerts Are Available?

BrowseReporter includes a variety of computer usage alerts. Here is a sample of the most popular alerts.

  • Website Hits: Get alerts when a specific website or web content category is visited X times. Allow access to non-work website while getting alerts when they are used too frequently.
  • Idle Time: Get alerts when previously active computers are inactive for X minutes during the alerting period

Weekly Performance Report

This email report sends a summary of your team’s productivity over the course of the week to as many designated inboxes as needed.

When setting up the report you can choose which groups of users or computers are included in the performance report and which inbox(es) the report will go to. 

For example, you can set up a weekly performance report email that sends a manager a weekly summary of the performance of their direct reports.

BrowseReporter's weekly performance report with a summary of the team's productivity, website, and application usage
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Real-Time Employee and Computer Monitoring Features


Monitor Computer Activity

Get real-time insights into your users' technology use

Remote Screen Capture

Screenshot Monitoring

Take automatic screenshots or remotely view desktops

Application Blocker

Track App Use

Get insights into software usage trends in your organization

Internet Off

Idle Time Tracking

Track mouse and keyboard movement to monitor inactivity

Email Report

Email Reports & Alerts

Automatically send reports to designated inboxes based on events or schedules

Tracking Schedule

Tracking Scheduler

Limit activity tracking to specific days and schedules such as employee work hours

Internet Off

Employee Privacy

Optional privacy-enhancing features improve transparency and minimize data collection


Stealth Mode Option

The software can run silently in the background or be configured to alert users

Internet Off

Central Web Console

Manage from the convenience of a web browser with optional Active Directory integration

Internet Off

Platform Security

Protect your CurrentWare console
with 2FA, passwords, privilege
management, and more

Internet Off

Offsite Management

Monitor remote employees and students no matter what network they connect to

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SQL Server Supported

Use the included Microsoft SQL Express database or connect your own SQL server

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