Version 6.0.0

March 31, 2021

  • New modern CurrentWare Web Console. Manage your users, policies and run reports from the convenience of a web browser. No need to install multiple CurrentWare Consoles, simply access the web console remotely and log in.
  • Added a new feature in BrowseReporter – End Users Reports: grant users access to see their website and application activity reports on their computers. – Web Console Exclusive
  • Added group summary to 4 reports in BrowseReporter:
    • Top 10 Categories by Browsing Time
    • Top 30 Domains by Browsing Time
    • Employee Productivity
    • Top 10 Applications by Active Time
  • Prepackaged the setup file with the SQL Express installer.
  • Added an option to sort source & destination groups alphabetically in “Copy Group Settings”.
  • Fixed a bug where application data wasn’t uploading to the server properly.
  • Fixed a bug with the application usage report displaying more than 60 mins per hour.
  • 11 other bug fixes & minor improvements.

Version 5.5.3

Jan 4, 2021

  • CurrentWare is now available in Japanese request the download link from our team
    • cwConsole displaying fully in Japanese.
    • Added Unicode support to our database, which supports Japanese characters in user names and our data tables.
  • Fixed an issue with BrowseControl not updating the Allowed/Blocked List to the clients properly when the data upload port is blocked.
  • Fixed an issue with a small number of clients connecting to “loopback” after the client upgrade process failed to access the registry to retrieve the server name.
  • Added a new report to enPowerManager – Client Connectivity Report
  • Added an option to delete enPowerManager data.
  • Improved the login time tracking of enPowerManager reports.
  • Fixed an issue with AccessPatrol not tracking portable device files if the cwClient is restarted in offline mode.
  • Fixed an issue with BrowseControl’s Custom Allowed/Blocked List not updating on Internet Scheduler if the “Apply to Clients” button wasn’t clicked.
  • Fixed a bug with BrowseControl blocking the text input fields in Firefox if the filtering mode is set to UIA and the user types in a period.
  • Fixed a bug with BrowseReporter losing small amounts of application data during offline mode.
  • 16 other bugs fixes & minor improvements.

Version 5.5.2

Sept 30, 2020

  • Added 2 new reports to enPowerManager – User Logon & Logoff History & Computer Startup & Shut down History.
  • Added Location Tracking by IP address to 4 BrowseReporter reports – Sites Visited, Employee Productivity, Top Domain & Top Categories by Browsing Time.
  • Improved the cwConsole performance for setup with more than 500+ computers by reducing the load time of the list and windows.
  • Added Access Code Generator to AccessPatrol User Mode.
  • Enhanced AccessPatrol’s Block File Extensions to Block File Transfers.
  • Added the Internet ON/OFF option on BrowseControl’s URL Filter window.
  • Added Portable Devices to AccessPatrol’s File Tracking.
  • Improved the readability of BrowseReporter’s Bandwidth Usage by URL report.
  • Added an option to Block all except Wifi in AccessPatrol.
  • Optimized client performance by splitting the client into multiple processes.
  • Reduced the overhead of website tracking on Chrome browsers to improve end-user browsing experiences.
  • Removed the excluded applications that were hardcoded into the client for application tracking.

Version 5.5.101

July 22, 2020

  • Fixed a client connection issue caused by hostname resolution (related to IPv6 connections)

Version 5.5.1

May 27, 2020

Version 5.4.3

Feb 4, 2020

  • Added Email Alerts to AccessPatrol to monitor files operations and devices accessed activities
  • Enhanced AccessPatrol’s Allowed List to include imaging devices, portable devices and encrypted USB devices
  • Added another unique identifier to AccessPatrol’s Allowed List – PNP Device ID
  • Added Block File Extensions to prevent specific file types from being transferred to external devices.
  • Added Active Directory Import for Windows users and organizational units
  • Improved client connectivity when connecting more than 500 computers
  • Added exclusion list to filter data from the AccessPatrol device reports
  • Added port range to BrowseControl’s Port Filter
  • Added Web Services as a fail over for AccessPatrol data upload
  • BrowseControl is compatible with the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium browser
  • Improved access to the CurrentWare Client configuration window

Version 5.4.2

Oct 4, 2019

  • Improved BrowseReporter’s data upload process with web services
  • Moved the cwClient to a different folder to improve security
  • Added monthly frequency with email reports
  • URL filter is now compatible with IP addresses
  • Fixed a performance issue with BrowseControl and Firefox browsers
  • Fixed a few bugs with BrowseReporter’s reports

Version 5.4.1

June 19, 2019

  • Redesigned all of the BrowseReporter’s reports.
  • Redesigned all of the AccessPatrol’s reports.
  • Merged the File Operation History Report and the File Transfer Report.
  • Added a new AccessPatrol feature called Access Code Generator – to provide temporary access to endpoint devices.
  • Added User Mode support to AccessPatrol’s device tracking.
  • Added an option to Redirect Clients (push method) from an old cwServer to a new cwServer.
  • Reduced data upload size for Bandwidth tracking to fix data upload issues.
  • Fixed a bug in BrowseReporter that caused browsing slowness on certain portal websites on Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue where the cwClient caused Internet loss during the client upgrade.
  • Optimized enPowerManager’s Wake on LAN option.

Version 5.3.3

Feb. 1, 2019

  • Introduced UIA filtering technology to BrowseControl.
  • Added User Mode support for AccessPatrol.
  • Optimized bandwidth tracking to reduce database file size.
  • Improved enPowerManager’s Wake on LAN functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where the cwConsole closes every 50 minutes.
  • Enhanced AccessPatrol’s available device list.
  • Enhanced the CWUserActivity.log.
  • Added an option to restart the cwServer periodically.
  • Added an option to delete bandwidth data.
  • Fixed an issue with the hyperlinks not working in the Sites Visited report.
  • Added AccessPatrol device data and Bandwidth data to the Auto Delete Scheduler.
  • Reduce the BrowseReporter logo file size down to 10KB.
  • Added Web service as a backup method for updating BrowseControl’s URL lists.

Version 5.3.2

Nov. 9, 2018

  • Added the option to Show Specific Category to “URL Categories Visited” and “Top N Categories by Browsing Time”
  • Added Categories blocked in the cwBlockedURL.log. Improved UI for this option on the cwConsole
  • Added Database Compression, Backup and Restore, Auto Delete Scheduler for SQL database
  • Fixed an issue with the cwServer not starting when it loses connection to the SQL/Firebird database.
  • Fixed an issue where BrowseControl sometimes block Internal IP addresses
  • Fixed a few issues with AccessPatrol’s Device Allowed list
  • Integrate Block QUIC traffic into the cwMetroClient – Enabled by default
  • Optimize cwClient upgrade
  • Added cwClientSetup Installer log
  • Added a new option in Enable Stricter Handshake – Computer name only: Renaming a computer will result in only one entry on the console

Version 5.3.1

July 30, 2018

  • BrowseReporter URL tracking is now compatible with Chrome v68 (released on July 25)
  • Fixed an issue with Auto Delete Scheduler deleting BrowseReporter data unintentionally

Version 5.3.0

July 5, 2018

  • New Database Support – Microsoft SQL Server
  • Includes a Database Migration tool to migrate your existing FireBird database to SQL
  • New AP report – File Transfer History with source and destination locations
  • AccessPatrol will display a warning message when a user plugs in a blocked device
  • Added encrypted USB to device allowed list
  • Easy Database Upgrade Tool
  • Improved cwMetroClient performance
  • Email alerts will now display the last URL and Domain visited that triggered the alert
  • Remote Client Install – Export results in a log file
  • Added a command line switch to uninstall the cwClient
  • Added Antivirus information in the cwClient.log
  • URL Filter Optimized – validate URL format before adding it to the lists
  • Fixed a bug with productivity report not allowing dashes in the URL
  • Fixed a bug with Category Filtering subscription expiring prematurely
  • Fixed an issue with tracking websites from French Chrome
  • Fixed a data upload issue when the URL CUID = 0
  • Fixed an issue with blocking specific SDHC cards

Version 5.2.7

March 7, 2018

  • Fixed an issue with BrowseReporter not tracking data on Firefox 64-bit browsers
  • Fixed an issue cwTrack.exe and cwClient.exe crashing randomly

Version 5.2.6

Jan 26, 2018

  • Added a new feature to save a copy of the report (during the scheduled email reports)
  • Added a new language – Dutch
  • Reduced the file size of the default BrowseReporter logo in the reports
  • Fixed an issue that was causing upload slowness
  • Fixed a few issues related to the stability of the cwClient
  • Fixed a bug that caused Category Filtering subscription to expire prematurely

Version 5.2.5

Nov 24, 2017

  • Added a new feature to enforce Google Safe Search
  • HTTPS Advanced Settings is now compatible with Windows 7 and 8
  • Added a new report – Social Media Activity by Domain
  • Added a option to move computer to another folder in the right click menu
  • Optimized cwAgent code for better caching
  • Fixed a bug with the USB File Transfer History report
  • Added an option to block Cortana’s Web Search (Tools > Client Settings > Internet Connection)
  • Added scripts to enforce Firefox settings
  • Fixed a bug that causes cwTrack.exe to crash
  • Fixed a bug that causes cwAgent.exe to crash relating to MSVCR90.dll
  • Reordered the BrowseControl menu items

Version 5.2.4

Sept 22, 2017

  • Fixed a bug with BrowseControl’s Category Filtering
  • Fixed a bug with BrowseReporter’s data upload format

Version 5.2.3

Sept 1, 2017

  • Added an option to omit users with no data in AccessPatrol
  • Added a warning message when blocking WiFi network adapter
  • Fixed an issue with AccessPatrol blocking USB ethernet adapter
  • Added additional log file for remote client install

Version 5.2.2

August 9, 2017

  • Fixed an issue with AccessPatrol causing BSOD in some special cases
  • Added an option to enable stricter client connection handshake
  • Optimized Bandwidth tracking for HTTPS websites
  • Added external harddrive to the USB File Transfer History report
  • Added a feature to allow devices by serial number in AccessPatrol
  • Added a feature to export some reports in .CSV format

Version 5.2.1

June 26, 2017

  • BrowseReporter is compatible with Microsoft Edge version 40
  • Added links additional links in the cwConsole for licensing support and live chat
  • Fixed a few minor bugs with the cwClient

Version 5.2.0

June 1, 2017

  • HTTPS Filtering for allowing or blocking full URLs (Windows 10 only). (more details)
  • AccessPatrol – Block New device – USB Ethernet Adapter
  • Enable Group Tree in BrowseReporter reports by default
  • Sign Windivert with MS Hardware signature
  • Fixed an issue with AccessPatrol blocking latest smartphone devices
  • Fixed a cwClient agent issue related to ntdll.dll

Version 5.1.5

May 9, 2017

  • Added an option to switch web filtering mode from cwMetroClient to cwClient for Windows 10 and Windows 2016 computers.
  • Added compatibility with Windows Server 2016.
  • Optimized the CurrentWare Console to improve load speed (applicable to network with 500+ PCs/users)

Version 5.1.4

March 14, 2017

  • Added an option to rename Category names for Category reports.
  • Added an notification to Internet scheduler to remind user when Internet is about to be turned off.
  • Added an option to automatically assign license when a new computer connects.
  • Added an option to disable QUIC traffic (Block UDP).
  • Added advanced settings in installer toggle the installation of required components.
  • Added an option to configure Firebird port in cwClient.
  • Created a Command line to change client, upload and firebird ports.
  • Set Default option for “URL Categories Visited” and “URL Category Summary” to “All Categories”.
  • Fixed an issue with Category lookup not working with Proxy Server settings.
  • Fixed a Quota Settings bug that causes Internet OFF on some client computers.
  • Enhanced the License Expiry Methods for Category Filtering.
  • Fixed a bug with ‘Available device list’ UI is showing blank in Access Patrol due to arithmetic exception in stored procedure.
  • Fixed a bug with Remote Client Install Finished with Server name -I (dash I).
  • Fixed a bug with Hotfix validation changes preventing Remote Client install to start.
  • Updated driver files to prevent Windows 10 from prompting Digital Signature.
  • Fixed an issue with Application Tracking data is not showing in report with different date format.

Version 5.1.3

Dec 28, 2016

  • Added a new report – Category Drill Down.
  • Added an option to include Horizontal graph to the Top 10 Domains by Browsing Time report.
  • Added an option to view the cwBlockedURL.log file from the cwConsole.
  • Added an option to import blocked URLs into the URL Filter.
  • Added a recovery routine for BrowseControl’s Web Filtering process.
  • Improve the speed of Category Filtering.
  • Fixed a few minor issue with AccessPatrol reports.
  • Fixed an issue with digital signature affecting one of BrowseControl’s minor processes.
  • Optimized cwClient to reduce “Server Busy: Switch to” error from Chrome and Firefox.

Version 5.1.2

Oct 26, 2016

  • New Report – Employee Productivity Report. Assign categories and websites that are productive or unproductive to your company, to access the overall efficiency of your employees.
  • New Report – Social Media Activity. Display activities exclusively form the social media category.
  • New Report – Search Engine Keywords. Tracking of search engine keywords by your employees.
  • Added the “Run Backup Now” button on the Database Backup Scheduler to perform one-time backup.
  • Added an easier way to install additional CurrentWare Solutions on the CurrentWare Console.
  • Added an option to select Categories in Email Alerts.
  • Added a new feature to log blocked URLs to help identify URLs to be added to the Allowed list.
  • Implemented a new methodology to detect missing cwProvider layers (BrowseControl) and reinstall the layers automatically.
  • Fixed an issue with the Remote Client Uninstall does not happen on slower computers.
  • Added a delay to the BrowseReporter warning message and show client icon in the system tray.
  • Removed a bug with email format validation in the Email Settings for Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Optimized duplicate computer name validation by using MAC address as the unique identifier.
  • Added a separate log file for automatic client upgrade.
  • Resolved an issue causing high CPU usage on Windows 10 client computers.
  • The quota measurement in Quota Limit has changed. Only Internet browsers will affect the quota.

Version 5.1.1

Sept 12, 2016

  • BrowseReporter is compatible with the latest version of Chrome (version 53)
  • Enhanced Category Filtering with URL based filtering for Search Criteria
  • Fixed an issue with USB tracking not working when multiple drives are connected
  • Modified Installer compression method

Version 5.1.0

July 7, 2016

  • New BrowseReporter Feature – Tracking Application Usage.
  • 4 new reports for Application Usage.
  • Optimized Exclusion List, Tracking Scheduler and Delete Data for Application Usage.
  • Added more details to the upload message from Request latest data/
  • Enhanced Internet Scheduler by listing the status (Enabled or Disabled) on the the window.
  • Removed URL limits from Internet Scheduler’s Custom Allowed or Blocked list.
  • Removed the one minute gap discrepancy between each schedule on the Internet scheduler.
  • Added more categories to Category Filtering
  • Display Warning message is compatible with HTML codes
  • enPowerManager – Added the option to enable or disable Require a password on Wakeup
  • Database Scheduler – Added the option to change backup location
  • Added Search capability in the License Management window
  • Added maintenance reminder to keep your support plan up to date.
  • Added new log – CWUserActivity.log
  • Added a link to provide product feedback
  • Upgraded to .NET Framework v3.5
  • Note:
    Windows XP is not compatible with version 5.1 onwards.

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