Web Category Filtering

BrowseControl’s category filtering database provides you with a convenient way to block millions of websites across over 100 URL categories. Easily block users from accessing social media, porn, games, known virus-infected websites, and more!

Screenshot of the URL filter from BrowseControl, CurrentWare's web filtering software

Category Filtering


  • Meet CIPA compliance by blocking categories of websites that are not age-appropriate such as porn
  • Effortlessly block millions of websites across 100+ URL categories
  • Customize the website category database locally to suit the needs of your environment

URL Block & Allow List

With the Allowed URLs List you can restrict internet access to only specific websites or exempt specific websites that are blocked by the Category Filtering feature.

With the Blocked URLs List you can block specific websites while allowing access to the rest of the internet.

  • Block (Blacklist) URLs to block users from accessing websites

  • Allow (Whitelist) URLs to set exceptions for websites you would like to allow

  • Create unique allow and block lists for each group of users or devices

Screenshot of the URL filter from BrowseControl, CurrentWare's web filtering software
BrowseControl - blacklist websites and block applications

Why Use Web Content
Category Filtering?

  • Increase Productivity: Nearly 82% of employees surveyed in the “On Cyberslacking: Workplace Status and Personal Internet Use at Work” report admitted to using the internet for personal reasons during work hours. A web filter can be used to block access to commonly abused websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Network Security: Malicious and compromised websites can stealthily infect networks with drive-by downloads. All an employee has to do is stumble upon one of these sites on social media or a phishing email for an exploit to compromise the network. A web filter adds an added layer of security by blocking these websites from being accessed in your network.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Unauthorized cloud storage, social networks, and web apps provide channels where sensitive data can be leaked. A web filter can proactively prevent access to these channels and stop employees from mishandling data.
  • Workplace Behavior: A web filter limits opportunities for employees to access NSFW content such as pornography, reducing inappropriate web usage that would otherwise contribute to a hostile work environment.
  • Bandwidth Management: Streaming a 4K Ultra HD Netflix video consumes 7GB of data per hour. Employees that use the company internet to stream videos waste valuable bandwidth and ruin the productivity of their coworkers by dramatically slowing down the speed of the internet.

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Web Content Categories Available for Blocking

IDNameDescriptionKids safeContains nudity
1Abortion and pregnancySites that talk about: pregnancy, abortion, pregnancy terminationNoNo
2AdsSites that serve ads, or are an ads agency.DependsMaybe
3AdultSites that contain adult content, either graphically or in text.NoMaybe
4Adult datingSites that deal with adult dating (contains sexual content).NoMaybe
5AlcoholSites that deal with Alcohol, this includes wine, winemaking and beer.NoNo
6AstrologySites that deal with Astrology and various cold reading methods.YesNo
7BlogsSites that are blogs, if the content of the site is not safe, it will be in another category.YesNo
8Books or comicsSites that are about books or comics.YesNo
9Business and servicesSites belonging to a business or a service provider that doesn't fall under any of the other categories.YesNo
10CDNCDN Sites, they serve content of others.DependsMaybe
11ChatsSites that has online chats, or have chat applications.DependsNo
12ClassifiedsClassifieds sites, second hand sales/services.YesNo
13Clothing and fashionSites that are about clothing and fashion.YesNo
14Cooking and foodSites that are about cooking, food, excluding restaurants.YesNo
15DatingDating sites.NoNo
16DrugsSites that are about illegal drugs.NoMaybe
17EducationSites that belong to: schools, kinder gardens, colleges and universities.YesNo
18Empty siteWhile scanning the site it didn't return any result, which means site can't be verified.NoMaybe
19EntertainmentSites about: Celebrity, gossip, movie reviews, entertainment (gossip, celebs), magazines, may contain streaming media, does not contain downloadable media.YesNo
20Error site can't be accessedWhile scanning the site there was an error, which means site can't be verified.NoMaybe
21DNS error site can't be resolvedSite can't be resolvedNoMaybe
22File hostingSites that allow users to host their files, files content isn't verified (may contain nudity or warez).DependsMaybe
23Finance (Banks_Real estate_Insurance)Sites that are about: Financial information, Banking, Insurance, Banks, Real estate, Investing, Stock exchange, Forex, Credit, business plans and models.YesNo
24GamblingSites that have gambling games or gambling information (gambling addictions will be under health).NoMaybe
25Computer gamesSites that are about computer games or online games (some games can be violent like GTA).DependsNo
26General (safe)No known category, but considered safeYesNo
27GovernmentSites that belong to the government.YesNo
28HackingSites that are about hacking and cracking.NoNo
29HateSites that are about hate toward genders or race.NoMaybe
30HobbiesSites that are about various type of hobbies.YesNo
31Home improvementSites about: home improvements, decorating and DIY sites.YesNo
32HumorSites with jokes or humor related content.YesNo
33Hunting and fishingSites that are about hunting and fishing.DependsNo
34Image and video hostingSites that give the ability go host images, videos and image/video search engine.MixedMaybe
35JobsSites that are about: job offers, job search, freelancing.YesNo
36Kids safeSites that are just for kids and are safe (sites added to this category is only after human review)YesNo
37LegalSites that belong to lawyers and law firms, and sites that give legal advice or tips.YesNo
38Life style and beautySites that talk about life style, beauty, personal care, personal grooming and fashion.DependsLight
39Link farmSites that has no value and contain various links that will generate the owner money, may contain pornography.DangerMaybe
40LocalSites about local information (city information, state information, law enforcement), if the second category is news, then it's local news.YesNo
41MedicalSites that talk about medical and health information.YesNo
42MilitarySites with .mil or military relatedDependsNo
43Mixed adultSites that have mixed content, some safe and some not, this category can be treated for age 16+.NoYes
44MobileSites that are about mobile devices and does not fit in any other category.YesNo
45ModelsSites that contains images and information about: models, models agency.DependsLight
46MusicSites that are about music, lyrics, bands, musical instruments, may contain music download.YesNo
47News and magazinesNews, magazines and newspaper sites.DependsNo
48Internal categoryInternal categoryDependsMaybe
49Not safeNo category found for site, but site was found to be not safe, usually because it uses "shady" advertisement that has unsafe content.NoMaybe
50Online drugsSites that offer to sell drugs like Viagra, pain killers, narcotics, steroids.NoMaybe
51Online marketingSites that offer online marketing, email marketing services or web analytics.YesNo
52Online video or audioSites that has streaming audio and video, will not contain porn sites, but some content may still be inappropriate, for example youtube.comDependsMaybe
53Pets and animalsSites that talk about pets and animalsYesNo
54PhishingSites that contain phishing and other content that is scam based.DangerMaybe
55PoliticsSites that are political opinion, politics, politics news, and protests.DependsNo
56PornSites that contain pornographic content.NoYes
57PortalsSites that are portals or magazines that may contain number of categories (some may be related to fashion or intimate apparel)DependsMaybe
58ProfanitySites that contain profanityDependsMaybe
59ProxySites that contain proxy information to bypass web filters and other sorts of surfing limitations.NoNo
60ReligionSites that about religion, spirituality and religion practices.YesNo
61SafeNo category found for site, but site was found to be safe.YesNo
62ScienceSites that are about science and mathematics.YesNo
63Search enginesSearch engines sites, search result may contain unsafe content, and software vendor needs to handle it.DependsMaybe
64SectsSites that are about sects and cults.NoMaybe
65Semi nude and pin upSite that are about intimate fashion and apparel but in context of the images rather then shopping for them, also celebrity gossip with high percent of underwear and swimwear, this category can be treated for age 16+.NoMaybe
66Sex education and sexualitySites that talk about sex educations and sexuality.DependsMaybe
67ShoppingShopping and online auctions sites.YesNo
68Social networksSites that offer social networks service (social media); may contain unsafe content.DependsMaybe
69Spam or scamSites that has no value, or trying to con the user.DangerMaybe
70SportsSports site, contains also Martial arts sites.YesNo
71SuicideSites that talk about suicide, suicide prevention or suicide prevention.NoNo
72Technology and computersSites that about: technology, computers and not under the other categories.YesNo
73Site under construction or not availableSites that are under construction or returned an error response when checked.NoMaybe
74General - not pornExact match could not be found, but it's not porn.DependsMaybe
75URL shortenerURL redirection or shortneres service sites.DependsYou need to verify target URL
76Vacation and travelSites that talk about: travel, vacations and holidays.YesNo
77VehiclesSites that talk about: cars, boats, planes, bikes.YesNo
78ViolenceSites that contain violent content or extreme profanity.NoYes
79Virus infectedSites that are infected with viruses.DangerMaybe
80WarezSites that contain: torrents, warez, software cracks, watch series and movie online without payment, warez sites may offer porn for download.DependsMaybe
81WeaponsSites that talk and/or sell: weapons, guns, knives, body armor, tactical gear, survival gear, etc, and army memorabilia.NoNo
82Web hostingSite belongs to web hosting companiesYesNo
83Web mailSites that offer web mail services.DependsContent isn't checked
84ReferenceDictionary, maps, translation, general information sites.YesNo
85Community and societySites about: parenting, charity, community, motivational speakers, relationships, and personal coaches.YesNo
86SoftwareLegal software download sites.YesNo
87Philosophy and psychologySites about Philosophy and psychology.YesNo
88HistorySites about historical events and figures.YesNo
89Nonsense and time wasteSites that are directories to humor, memes, movies and pictures that are mostly time waste and viral jokes, some sites will have a secondary category of Semi nude or Mixed nude because of their content.MaybeMaybe
90Local IPLocal IPs can't be classified.MaybeMaybe
91Swimsuits and underwearSites that sell or talk about swimsuits and underwear, these sites contain images of people wearing them.MaybeMaybe
92ArtsSites about: arts, paintings.YesNo
93Actors and modelsThis category appears only when filtering search results in case it is classifieds as an actor/model.MaybeMaybe
94Login pageThis page or site is part of a login or user management.MaybeMaybe
95Surveys and pollsWebsite that offer surveys and polls services.YesNo
96TobaccoSites that are about tobacco, smoking and cigarettes.NoMaybe
97ISPISP sites, also maybe combined hosting/ISP site.YesNo
98TrackerSites that are tracking user behavior (web analytics).YesNo
99Bypass protectionSites that are used to bypass parental controls software and components.NoMaybe
100Search blockUsed for search phrases only, this indicates the search should be blocked.MaybeMaybe
101Image blockUsed for search results only, the sites may host bad images, usually an image hosting site.MaybeMaybe
102Desktop themesSites that offer: Screensavers, desktop themes, e cards, greeting cards.YesNo
103Depress domainSites that are about obituaries.MaybeNo
104Depress pageWill only appear at page level classification, it indicates bad news (crime, disaster, violence).MaybeNo
105Parenting and familySites that talk about parenting, may have parts which relates to sex education.MaybeNo
106School cheatsSites that offer ready made works for students, or custom work.MaybeNo
107Celebrity gossipSites that are about celebrity gossip, if contains nudity, it will come with an additional category that indicates it.MaybeMaybe
108How toSites that are user generated content with "How to" guides, if contains adult content, it will come with an additional category that indicates it.MaybeMaybe
109IllegalSites that offer illegal products like fake IDs, diplomas, etc (sites for drugs, warez, weapons are under their own category).NoMaybe
110RecreationSites that are about recreation topics which are not exactly sports and also spa and massage.YesNo
111BookmarksSites that are a repository of bookmarks, can be a social bookmarking service as well.YesNo
112Money spamSites that deal with making money online, this niche is highly abused and sites in this category should be treated as possible spam/scam.NoNo
113DirectoriesSites that directories, mostly of site index or articles and probably related to SEO, with little value to the visitor.MaybeMaybe
114Site_Graphic designSites that about sites/graphic creation and design, this may include services.YesNo
115WeatherSites that talk about the weatherYesNo
116KnowledgeSites that provide general knowledge, or online coursesYesNo
117KidsEntertainmentSites that are entertainment for kidsYesNo
118NatureSites that are about nature or the environment.YesNo
119DietSites that are about: diet, weight loss and weight gain.YesNo
120AnorexySites that are about: anorexy, bulemia, and eating disorders.NoNo
121SelfHelpSites that are about: self help, motivational speakers, meditation, relaxation.YesNo
122RelationshipsSites that talk about relationships and pickup but are not dating sites.NoNo
123ParanormalSites that talk about paranormal topics like: UFO, ghosts, conspiracy theory.NoNo
124Images CDNCDN that contains safe images, but are not user generated (this is a manually controlled directory)YesNo
125Images CDN UnknownCDN that contains images, but there's no way to tell which kind, only in the context of the web pageMaybeMaybe
126LGBTSites that have a theme regarding LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual), this can come as a primary category or as a descriptive category.MaybeMaybe
127Marketing or adsSites that ad agencies, and it's possible that the domain name also serves ads.YesNo
128MagazinesMagazines sites (could be online magazines or a site for offline magazines)YesNo
129ForumsForums site.YesNo
130User generated contentSites that contain user generated content which are not blogs or forums.YesNo
131Tele CommunicationsHome site of Tele Communications companies, which provide number of services such as: ISP, Cellular, Cable, Satellite, TV.YesNo
132Gender specificSites that have content aimed for a specific gender, for example, men's magazine, or women's portal.YesNo
133AnnoyancesSites that are annoying, mostly popups, this category is provided for PerPageSDK only.MaybeMaybe
134CrimeSites that are about crime (either covering it, or giving crime instructions)NoMaybe
135PersonSites that are about a specific person (not applies to music, sports, entertainment related people)YesNo
136GriefSites that are about grief and loss.NoNo
137RetirementSites that are about retirement, and retirements homes.YesNo
138Other drugsSites that are about drugs that are not part of the Drugs Online drugs category, these are drugs that are legal. (because legality is different between countries, the decision is based on the views of the classifier, if you need an exact list of the drugs, contact us)NoNo
139PharmacyOnline pharmacy sites.NoNo
140Songs downloadSites that offer songs/mp3 download (can be pirate site, if contains other pirated content it will marked as Warez instead)YesNo
141LookupSites that offer various lookup and reverse lookup of: emails, domains, phone numbersYesNo
142Movies downloadSites that offer movies/series download or online streaming (can be pirate site, if contains other pirated content it will marked as Warez instead)YesNo
143Consumer reviewsConsumer and products review sitesYesNo
144APIHosts that are use as an API for software/browser, which don't have visible data.YesNo
145Legal moviesSites that legally host/stream full length movies and series, this list is a manual list.YesNo
146Legal songsSites that legally host/stream music, this list is a manual list.YesNo
147BitcoinBitcoin and other crypto currenct related sitesYesNo
148Victim helpSites that offer help to victims (rape, crime, etc)MaybeNo
149RewardsSites that offer reward programsYesNo
150PhotographySites belong to photographers or about photographyYesNo
151ToysSites that are about children toysYesNo
152RestaurantSites that belong to restaurant or similar food establishmentsYesNo
165Marketing SEOSites that are about SEO/SEM or offer such servicesYesNo
166Marketing PPCSites that are about PPC or offer such servicesYesNo
168URL ClassificationSites that are about URL Classification or offer such servicesYesNo
170TatooSites that are about tattoos or offer tattooing servicesNoYes
173Alternative medicineSites that are about alternative medicineYesNo
174AISites that are about AI (artificial intelligence) or offer such servicesYesNo
247Upper level - contentHost classification could not be decided because either there's not enough data, host is under constructions or other reasons and received the classification of one of the next levels of the host.Per hostPer host
248Not HTMLContent inspected is not HTMLMaybeMaybe
253HostExt white listThis category exists only inside the SDK, it means the URL request extension will not be checked, or the site is white listed.YesNo

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BrowseControl Web Filtering Features

Internet Off
Internet ON/OFF

One click to completely block
users from browsing the web

URL Filter
URL Filter

Allowed list or Blocked list for
specific URLs

Category Filtering
Category Filtering

Block websites based on specific web content categories

Internet Scheduler
Internet Scheduler

Schedule internet use policies for specific times of the day

Bandwidth Tracker
Safe Search

Search engine filters prevent explicit results in search engines

Internet Quota
Internet Quota

Set a time-based quota for
internet browsing

Download Filter
Download Filter

Block files from being downloaded from the internet

Port Filter
Port Filter

Close unused and high-risk
TCP/UDP ports

Customized Message
Customize Message

Display a customized warning
message on blocked websites

Application Blocker
Application Blocker

Block specific Windows
applications from launching

Internet Timer

Allocate specific time for your
users to access the Internet

Stealth Mode

Restrict internet use without
altering users

Centralized Console

Central Web Console

Access the administrative console from a web browser on any computer in your network

Remote Client Install

Remote Client Install

Easily deploy the CurrentWare Client remotely to all of your networked computers

Offsite Management

Offsite Management

Extend onsite Internet usage policies to laptops running outside the corporate network

Email Report

SQL Server Supported

Our database is scaled for
enterprise and large business

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