Remote PC Power Manager

enPowerManager is a remote computer power manager for controlling the power states of computers in your network.

Remotely control PC power states manually or on a set schedule. Use enPowerManager to remotely monitor and manage power states of multiple devices across your network from a single interface.


Use Wake-on-LAN to remotely boot up computers on your network

Schedule automatic shutdown, boot, standby, hibernate and restart

Prevent automatic shutdown when users are still active or using specified programs


Try enPowerManager for Free

Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes. Starting at $1.99 USD user/month.

Custom Shutdown Warning Message

Send a customized message to the user’s computer before shutdown. This message can be used to warn the user about the upcoming shutdown and encourage them to save their work.

Delayed Shutdown

Shutdown events can be configured to only trigger after the computer is idle for a set period of time. This option prevents enPowerManager from disrupting your users while they are still working on their computers.

    Screenshot of enPowerManager's PC power schedule with weekly boot, restart, and shutdown events scheduled

    Schedule Computer Power States

    Use the power scheduler to set daily and weekly computer power schedules. Automate computer startup, shutdown, standby, hibernate, and restart.

    Advanced Power Policies

    Trigger system and power events after the user has been inactive for a set period of time. Advanced power policies can be configured to be ignored when specific applications are running.

    • Turn off monitors and hard disks
    • Trigger system standby and hibernate
    • Configure password requirements on wakeup
      Screenshot of enPowerManager's Advanced Power Policies feature. Has settings for turning off monitors, hard disks, and more

      The Benefits of Remote Power Management

      Save on energy costs

      The average workstation uses 200 Wh of electricity. If employees forget to shut down their computers at the end of the workday it will consume 4800 watts (4.8 kW) per computer for every day they are left on at full power.

      Easily restart all of the computers in your network

      Do you have remote employees that need to connect to in-office workstations? Use enPowerManager’s remote power control features to restart workstations after an unexpected shutdown and get your off-site employees reconnected.

      Reduce server downtime from outages

      Use enPowerManager to recycle power to non-responsive servers. Avoid costly in-person visits by providing administrators with the tools they need to restart servers remotely.


      Try enPowerManager for Free

      Fully Functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes. Starting at $1.99 USD user/month.

      enPowerManager Features

      Internet Off

      Start, Restart & Shutdown

      Remotely control the power state
      of your computers

      URL Filter

      Wake on LAN

      Automatically boot up computers at
      the beginning of a work day

      Category Filtering

      Track Startup/Shutdown

      Track when your users startup and
      shutdown their computers

      Email Report

      Audit Logon Events

      Track when your users logon or
      logoff their computers

      Centralized Console

      Power Scheduler

      Automatically trigger computer
      power states on a set schedule and
      turn off idle computers


      Delayed Shutdown

      Shutdown the computer only if it is
      idle to prevent work interruption
      and lost progress

      Application Blocker

      Advanced Policies

      Control power status of laptops
      when when they are plugged in vs.
      running on batteries

      Internet Scheduler

      Hibernate and Standby

      Turn off the monitor, power down
      the hard drive, hibernate and go
      into standby mode

      Centralized Console

      Centralized Console

      Access the administrative console
      from a web browser on any
      computer in your network

      Remote Client Install

      Remote Client Install

      Easily deploy the CurrentWare
      Client remotely to all of your

      Offsite Management

      Offsite Management

      Extend onsite Internet usage
      policies to laptops running outside
      the corporate network

      Centralized Console

      SQL Server Supported

      The included SQL database is
      scalable for enterprise and large
      business operations

      enPowerManager Logo, remote computer power management software

      Try enPowerManager for Free

      Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes.

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