How To Prevent Files From Being Copied To USB Devices

With AccessPatrol’s USB drive file transfer blocker you can prevent files from being transferred to a USB flash drive based on filename, extension, or removable device type.

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    AccessPatrol Block File Transfer Whitelist

    Block File Transfers to Portable Storage Devices

    AccessPatrol is a USB locker tool that prevents data theft via USB ports by restricting removable storage access and limiting the file types that can be copied to removable disks.

    • Prevent copying files that are high-risk based on their filename, keywords in the filename, or file extension
    • Restrict file transfers to external storage devices
    • Manage custom file blocking policies for each department and endpoint device
    • Enable the Allowed List to limit data transfers to storage devices to a set list of filetypes and filename keywords

    Why Use a USB blocker?

    • USB Security: Enforce the exclusive use of authorized USB drives. Combine AccessPatrol’s software-based policies with existing administrative safeguards to prevent employees from using personal USB drives.
    • Prevent Data Breaches: A flash drive is portable and easy to hide. AccessPatrol’s technical safeguards stop insider threats from transferring sensitive data to all forms of removable media.
    AccessPatrol peripheral device permissions mockup block usb
    A 32 gigabyte USB flash drive sitting on top of a computer keyboard

    The Types of Devices You Can Control With AccessPatrol

    As part of a multi-layered data loss prevention strategy you need to protect against any storage devices and peripherals that are capable of transmitting data such as a USB drive, Bluetooth, SD/MM cards, and Infrared ports.

    AccessPatrol allows you to apply access rules for multiple classes of removable devices to prevent data loss and other security threats.

    Click here for a full list of the devices you can control with AccessPatrol


    AccessPatrol’s USB Drive Device Permission Settings

    AccessPatrol includes various permission settings that a system administrator can use to improve data security without the need to use administrative templates in the local group policy editor.

    • Full Access: The computer or user with this access permission has read and write access to the specified removable device that is connected to the computer.
    • Read Only: USB copy protection will ensure that the user will not be able to copy any information to the specified storage devices; they will only have read access.
    • No Access: AccessPatrol will prevent the users/PC from copying files to the storage devices and restrict access
    Cloud storage server

    Prevent Data Loss to Cloud Storage Services

    Having sensitive data stored on unmanaged cloud services is a significant risk. Control access to cloud apps and websites with CurrentWare.

    • Prevent malicious insiders from accessing cloud storage websites and apps
    • Block the downloading and uploading of specific file types
    • Track file transfers to/from cloud storage services for evidence of insider threats
    Access Patrol

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    AccessPatrol’s USB Control & Data Loss Prevention Features

    Block USB

    Block USB & Other Devices

    Set full access, read only or no access on storage devices

    Allowed List

    Whitelist USB Devices

    Allow only authorized storage devices to be used

    Block Files

    Block File Transfers

    Prevent files from being transferred to portable storage

    Deivce Access Code

    Access Code Generator

    Provide temporary access to peripheral devices


    DLP Activity Reports

    Track file transfers, storage device use, file operations, and more

    Track File Transfers

    File Transfer Monitoring

    Monitor files that are copied to USBs, cloud storage, and more

    Email Alert

    Alerts & Reports

    Automatically send USB activity reports to designated inboxes


    Transparent & Stealth Modes

    Run silently in the background or provide notice of monitoring

    Internet Off

    Centralized Console

    Manage all your users from the
    centralized console with Active
    Directory import or syncing

    Internet Off

    Platform Security

    Protect your CurrentWare console
    with 2FA, passwords, privilege
    management, and more

    Internet Off

    Offsite Management

    Extend onsite security policies to computers running outside the corporate network

    Internet Off

    SQL Server Supported

    Database scaled for enterprise and
    large business operations using
    Microsoft SQL Server


    Try AccessPatrol for Free

    Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes.