Block USB File Transfers by File Type

With AccessPatrol’s USB file transfer blocker you can prevent files from being transferred to USB devices based on their name or extension. Prevent data exfiltration by stopping users from transferring unauthorized files to protect sensitive data such as Microsoft Access database files, spreadsheets and executable files.

Screenshot of AccessPatrol's USB file transfer blocking feature
  • Protect sensitive business data by blocking high-risk file extensions and file names
  • Restrict file transfers to external storage devices
  • Manage custom file blocking policies for each department and endpoint device

Even authorized USB devices used by trusted employees can potentially be misused. AccessPatrol’s Block File Extensions feature provides an added layer of security to proactively prevent employees from transferring high-risk files based on their file types and file names.

Why Use a USB blocker?

  • USB Security: Enforce the exclusive use of authorized USB devices. Combine AccessPatrol’s software-based policies with existing administrative safeguards to prevent employees from using personal USB devices.
  • Prevent Data Breaches: Flash drives are portable and easy to hide. AccessPatrol’s technical safeguards stop insider threats from transferring sensitive data to all forms of removable media.
  • Endpoint Security: USB devices can unknowingly infect company computers with ransomware and other malicious software. AccessPatrol protects these endpoints against rogue USB devices by proactively preventing the transmission of data.

Combine this feature with AccessPatrol’s full suite of USB control features for full control over how removable media and other peripherals are used in your organization.

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AccessPatrol’s USB Control Features

Block USB

Block USB

One click to block USB portable storage devices 

Block External Devices

Peripheral Control

Easily block DVDs, iPods, external hard drives and more

Device Permissions

Device Permissions

Set full access, read only or no access on storage devices

Allowed List

Allowed List

Allow specific trusted peripheral devices to be used


USB Activity Reports

Report on devices accessed or blocked on your network

Track File Transfers

Log USB File Transfer

Monitor files that are copied to USB storage devices

Deivce Access Code

Access Code Generator

Provide temporary access to peripheral devices

Email Alert

Email Alerts

Get alerts of unauthorized file transfers and device use

Email Report

Email Reports

Schedule device reports directly to your administrator's inbox

Block Phones

Block Phones

Prevent users from connecting phones to company computers

Block Files

Block File Transfers

Prevent files from being transferred to portable storage


Stealth Mode

AccessPatrol can run silently in the background or alert users

Centralized Console

Central Web Console

Access the administrative console from a web browser on any computer in your network

Remote Client Install

Remote Client Install

Easily deploy the CurrentWare
Client remotely to all of your
company computers

Offsite Management

Offsite Management

Extend onsite policies to endpoint devices running outside the corporate network

Centralized Console

SQL Server Supported

The included SQL database is scalable for enterprise and large business operations


Try AccessPatrol for Free

Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes.

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