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What Happened to GFI WebMonitor?

GFI WebMonitor has reached End of Life (EoL) as of January 1, 2020.

Based on the current product trending in the market and customer feedback, we have decided to initiate End of Life (EOL) for the GFI WebMonitor product.

Products reach EOL for several reasons, including changing market demands, technology innovation and development driving changes in the product, the product naturally maturing over time, etc. While this is an established part of a product life cycle, GFI recognizes that EOL product life milestones must be clearly stated to allow you and your customers to plan accordingly with your business operations.

GFI WebMonitor will not be offered within GFI Unlimited effective January 1, 2020.”

– GFI WebMonitor End-of-Life Announcement 

What Does End-of-Life Mean for Existing GFI WebMonitor Users?

No more security & compatibility updates

Now that GFI WebMonitor has reached End-of-Life, it is no longer being provided with critical security and compatibility updates. The most recent update was version 11, which was released on December 5, 2017.

Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox are constantly releasing updates. Any web filtering and internet monitoring products need to be continuously updated to effectively prevent web threats and manage internet activity.

Businesses that follow cybersecurity best practices also need a GFI WebMonitor alternative that is regularly updated to remain compatible with the latest version of Windows.

Reduced customer support

Support for GFI WebMonitor has been greatly scaled back. Without reliable customer support, GFI users have struggled to find a solution to their problems.

“They’ve essentially gotten rid of everyone, moved to a model where there is a support team who supports multiple companies and doesn’t provide working solutions.”

I had a ticket open for 2 months that was never addressed. We just gave up and moved away from GFI.”

“I have had a ticket open with them for 7 weeks now that affects a production system we need for PCI compliance, but they don’t seem to care” – Spiceworks Community

Alternatives to GFI WebMonitor

BrowseControl Web Filter &
BrowseReporter Internet Monitoring Software

Active Directory Integration

Effortlessly sync your Organizational Units to the central console to manage your users and workstations with the AD hierarchy that you’re already used to.

Granular Policies & Reports

Control and monitor internet use with detailed internet usage reports and web filtering policies based on individual users, computers, or groups.

Advantageous Pricing

BrowseControl or BrowseReporter start at $3.99 USD per license/per month. Discounts are available for nonprofits, volume purchases, and pre-purchasing.

User & Computer-Based Policies

Set unique internet usage policies for each user, computer, or department in your organization. Have policies follow users to any computer they use.

Centralized Security

Apply policies and run reports on the devices in your network, all from the convenience of a central console. Access the web console from any networked computer.

Monitor & Restrict Remote Workers

BrowseControl and BrowseReporter use the CurrentWare client to block websites and monitor computer usage no matter where your users are.

Check out our great reviews on Capterra!

“What I like most [about BrowseControl] is the simplicity of its configuration. We used to used a GFI blocker app which never worked properly; the policies were terrible to set.”

– Luis U., IT Manager

“This software was easy to install and customize to our needs. Category Filtering is such a time saver and of course saving time is saving money!”

– Scott S., Senior Systems Engineer

Flexible Deployment Options

Icon of a hard drive

On Premises

Easy to install. Everything stored on your own network.

Icon of globe with meridians. Four nodes extending from it

Remote Workers

Connect remote users with minimal configuration.

Icon of a server with a cloud behind it

Private Cloud

All the benefits of the cloud on a server of your choice.

Case Study:

Shady Maple Skyrockets Employee Productivity With BrowseControl & BrowseReporter

Shady Maple found CurrentWare during a significant period of growth in their company. As their number of employees grew, Shady Maple knew that they needed an employee productivity solution that was scalable.

Their old ways of managing employee internet abuse – manually checking each employee’s computer individually and hoping that they didn’t clear out their web history – would no longer be sustainable.

Since implementing CurrentWare’s internet monitoring and web filtering software, Shady Maple’s productivity has skyrocketed. Thanks to the central console Shady Maple could review the internet browsing data of their entire workforce from a single device. CurrentWare’s ease of use and automated reporting made the solution accessible for use by managers, HR, and IT personnel alike.

The robust CurrentWare client agent maintained the integrity of browsing data even when employees deleted their browser’s web history, providing Shady Maple with accurate and actionable information about employee browsing habits.

Commonly abused websites and applications were effortlessly blocked from being accessed. Employees that needed access to blocked content for legitimate work purposes could be readily exempted from the content filtering policies. 

Thanks to CurrentWare, Shady Maple’s network performance has dramatically improved and their workforce has regained focus on their core tasks. The HR department suddenly gained the ability to present tangible evidence of disinclination to employees who had been underperforming.

“Being able to identify negative browsing trends and put a stop to them within a couple of hours has meant that our employees are focused on the job almost all of the time. We have become an extremely efficient workforce.”

Kevin Porsche

IT Admin, Shady Maple


Network Congestion

Employee internet abuse drains the available bandwidth, harming the productivity & efficiency of the entire organization.

Excessive Cyberloafing

Actively disengaged employees waste excessive amounts of time on unproductive websites, sneakily hiding their browsing habits.

Inefficient Management

Each employee’s computer is manually checked for evidence of misuse, wasting valuable time. Evidence of internet abuse is easily hidden.


Fast & Stable Internet

Employee internet use is monitored for abuse. Bandwidth hogs are blocked and employees are coached on acceptable use policies.

Focused Employees

Each employee’s computer is manually checked for evidence of misuse, wasting valuable time. Evidence of internet abuse is easily hidden.

More Time For Core Tasks

Effortless management from CurrentWare’s central console increases efficiency, allowing saved time to be invested where it matters most.


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Why BrowseControl & BrowseReporter
Are the Best GFI WebMonitor Alternatives

Automatically capture screenshots of employee & student desktops

  • Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots of desktops when specific applications and websites are accessed
  • Get an over-the-shoulder view of your employee’s PC no matter where they are working
  • Each screenshot is tagged with the website or application that was being used and the name of the computer that was captured

Enforcing acceptable use policies has never been easier

  • Empower human resources and managers with evidence of users that are visiting inappropriate websites
  • Receive alerts when your users visit high-risk websites including porn, torrents, and unauthorized file sharing websites
  • Track computer activity to collect evidence of unwanted computer usage, then use BrowseControl to block the offending websites and applications

Block websites with granular web filtering policies

  • Block websites based on category, URL, domain, or IP address
  • Customize internet restrictions for each user, device, or department
  • Schedule unique internet restrictions throughout the day

Get detailed internet activity reports for each user and computer

  • See how much time is spent on unproductive web browsing. What is considered productive can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Compare active time vs idle time to see which websites are being actively browsed and which are in the background.
  • Noisy data such as CDNs and advertisements are filtered out;  the reports show the actual internet usage of your users.

Manage Off-Site Devices

  • Use the offsite mode to continue monitoring and restricting internet access when devices leave the network
  • Remotely manage internet access control policies through the web-based central management console
  • Updates to internet restriction policies will sync with offsite devices once they reconnect to the server

How to Get Started

1) Download & install the free trial

Click the button below to test out a free 14-day trial on up to 10 computers. Install the CurrentWare Console and Server by running CurrentWare.exe on the administrator’s computer. 

2) Deploy software clients

Deploy the CurrentWare Client (cwClientSetup.exe) on all the computers you want to monitor and control. Install locally, with Active Directory, SCCM, or our built-in deployment tool.

3) Apply policies & run reports

Monitor and control internet usage in just a few clicks from the CurrentWare Console. Use the URL import feature to easily import your existing URL filtering lists from GFI WebMonitor.

We’re Here to Help

When you switch from GFI WebMonitor to BrowseControl and BrowseReporter you get more than just the products; you get access to CurrentWare’s dedicated customer support team. We’re just a call or a click away!

Phone Support

Call our office from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday at 1-888-912-9619 x 1 to get access to a support rep.

Email Support

Email us with your comments, questions, or concerns at

Live Chat

Message the CurrentWare support team directly from our website using the live chat

Computer Monitoring & Internet Management Features

Internet Off

Internet ON/OFF

Disable or enable the Internet with the click of a button

Internet Off

URL Filter

Create allowed lists and blocked lists for specific URLs

Internet Off

Category Filtering

Block websites based on specific categories such as social media

Internet Off

Internet Scheduler

Schedule Internet restrictions for specific times of the day

Internet Off

Computer Monitoring

Monitor what software is being used and for how long

Internet Off

Internet Monitoring

Determine URLs visited and the time spent on each website

Internet Off

Application Blocker

Block user access to applications and programs

Internet Off

Email Reports

Get scheduled and triggered reports sent to your inbox


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