Best Alternatives to Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Looking for the best Kaspersky alternatives for web control, USB device control, and user activity monitoring?

CurrentWare has the user activity tracking, web filtering, and data loss prevention security solutions you need to keep your business running securely and productively—at a fraction of the cost!

We offer fair prices and honest value to keep our products accessible to companies of all sizes.

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CurrentWare’s Kaspersky Alternatives


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Compare CurrentWare vs Kaspersky Key Features

Reports & Alerts
Remote Screen Capture
Scheduled Monitoring
Productive vs. Unproductive Time
Track Local Software Usage
Search Query Reports
Idle Time Tracking
Monitor Remote Workers
Bandwidth Usage Tracking
URL Category Tracking
Audit Logons

Employee Monitoring

This section will compare the employee monitoring software features of CurrentWare to Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

CurrentWare’s employee monitoring software gives you the internet and application usage data you need to track employee performance, monitor remote workers, and ensure that employees are following your acceptable use policy.

Allow URLs & Domains
Block URLs & Domains
Scheduled Blocking
⚠️* SSL Inspection
Time-Based Controls
Port Filtering
Block Applications
Category Filtering
User Group Policies
Computer Group Policies
Custom Block Pages
Remote Workforce Management
Antimalware Scanning
Enforce Google SafeSearch


Web Filtering

This section will compare the web content filtering features of CurrentWare to Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

CurrentWare’s internet and application blocking software BrowseControl is a fantastic Kaspersky alternative for controlling employee internet use. It allows you to proactively block undesirable websites and applications to help keep your workforce secure and productive. 

NOTE: Kaspersky Web Control is only available in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus plan. On Windows workstations this component is unavailable if it is installed on a computer that runs on Microsoft Windows for file servers.

*In Development

Block USB & Storage Devices
Malware Sandboxing & Antivirus Scanning
USB Activity Reports
Allow Trusted Peripherals
Block High-Risk Websites
Malicious Activity Rollback
Adaptive Anomaly Control
Block External Devices
Block USB File Transfers
In-Line Content Inspection

Data Loss Prevention & Cybersecurity

This section will compare the data loss prevention and cybersecurity features of CurrentWare to Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

Monitoring and restricting USB file transfers is critical for protecting sensitive data against insider theft. CurrentWare’s AccessPatrol lets you restrict the use of a wide variety of peripheral devices including external storage hardware, Bluetooth, WiFi, and printers.

Note: Kaspersky’s USB device control features are only available in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus

Central Admin Console

Self Hosted Cloud
Cloud Platform
Local & Remote Client Install
Command-line Deployment
Active Directory Installation
Active Directory Sync
Compatible with Windows
Compatible with MacOS
Compatible with Linux
Compatible with iOS/Android
Remote Workforce Management

Setup & Deployment

Getting started with CurrentWare is easy. CurrentWare offers a variety deployment options that suit the installation needs of organizations of all sizes. 

8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday Support Availability ⚠️
Live Chat Feature ⚠️
AI Chat Bot
Phone Support
Training Videos
Email Support
Knowledge Base

Customer Support

Even the best vendors need to have a reliable support team to ensure that their customers get the services they need to make the most of their security solutions. This section will compare the customer support options of Kaspersky to CurrentWare’s Kaspersky alternatives.

 *Kaspersky’s technical support availability varies based on whether or not you purchase a Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA). There are 4 MSA support tiers, with higher tiers offering faster response times.

Kaspersky’s Support Tiers:

  • Standard Support:10 am to 5 pm (ET) Monday – Friday
  • MSA Start: 9 am to 7 pm (ET) Monday – Friday
  • MSA Plus/Business/Enterprise: 24 x 7 x 365
viking yachts

Case Study

Viking Yachts Protects Sensitive Information From a Departing Employee

“CurrentWare saved us a lot of time and money. If we didn’t have AccessPatrol we would have never known what was going on. I cannot thank all of you enough for this software.”

A departing employee was caught stealing classified files! If we didn’t have AccessPatrol we would never have known.

Check Out Our Great Reviews on Capterra!

This software helps us to achieve compliance with industry and government requirements with respect to controlling the use of removable storage media. It fits the bill perfectly.

Matthew W., Project Manager
Aviation & Aerospace Industry, 11-50 employees

[AccessPatrol] has been a great benefit to secure USB devices and access to company computers. We now have the ability to secure machines that otherwise would have been exposed to threats.

Jordan F., Senior IT Specialist
Machinery Industry, 1001-5000 employees

Data leaks have been thwarted by AccessPatrol. When an unauthorized device is detected, an email alert is sent immediately. It enables real-time audit reports on accessed and blocked devices.

Karen M., Senior Director of Marketing
Construction Industry, 10,001+ employees

We have experienced data leaks by dishonest employees in the past and AccessPatrol has helped us avoid them and work with greater security and peace of mind for us and our customers.

Julio V., Head of Information Technology
Financial Services Industry, 10,001+ employees


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Compare CurrentWare vs Kaspersky Endpoint Security Pricing

CurrentWare Pricing

CurrentWare’s Teramind alternatives are a cost effective solution for tracking the computer usage of your team members. CurrentWare offers fair prices and honest value to keep their products accessible to companies of all sizes.

CurrentWare’s solutions can be purchased individually for the greatest flexibility or as a full suite for the best value.

When purchased individually, the cost of BrowseReporter, BrowseControl, and AccessPatrol starts as low as $3.99 USD per user per month (paid annually). The full CurrentWare Suite includes all 4 modules starting at $8.99 USD.

Discounts Available:

  • Pricing breaks are available for businesses that sign up for multi-year plans or have future growth planned and can commit to bulk orders.
  • Volume license discounts are available starting for as low as 100 users, with discounts increasing depending on the number of licenses, and the length of the contract term.
  • Educational organizations and nonprofits may qualify for a 10% license discount.

See CurrentWare Pricing

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Pricing (10 Users)

  • Endpoint Security Cloud: $535 USD/year
  • Endpoint Security Cloud Plus: $820 USD/year
  • Endpoint Security for Business Select: $595 USD/year
  • Endpoint Security for Business Advanced: $1020 USD/year

*Pricing based on 10 users for 1 year; current as of November 2022.

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Case Study

Boston Centerless gains more control of daily business operations

"In CurrentWare, I found a solution that fulfilled the criteria of my entire project within a single suite of software."

Why Choose CurrentWare’s Alternatives to Kaspersky?


Affordable Pricing

Get USB control, web filtering, and user activity monitoring at a fraction of the cost


Deals for MSPs

CurrentWare’s MSPs and resellers get advantageous pricing on their licenses


Monitor User Activity

Go beyond basic browsing data with insights into idle time, URLs, and categories

Purchase the Exact Solutions You Need

Why pay for more features than you need? Each CurrentWare solution can be purchased individually, giving you access to the key features you need without paying for the features you don’t.


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Use BrowseControl for Web Protection From Online Threats

BrowseControl’s internet security features include a web category filtering database to effortlessly block millions of websites across 100+ content categories. Easily block users from accessing social media, online storage, porn, games, known virus-infected websites, and more!

Block malicious websites on all your devices and as as many users as you need from the convenience of a central web console.

Paper document that says "Internet Usage Policy"

Enforce Acceptable Computer Use Policies

  • Policy Reminders: Redirect users from restricted websites to your internet use policy or a custom block page
  • Block Websites: Prevent access to websites that go against your acceptable computer use policies
  • Non-Compliance Alerts: Combine BrowseControl with BrowseReporter to get alerts of policy violations
An Ethernet router with five RJ45 cables connected to it

Block Bandwidth Hogs to Improve Network Availability

  • Block Bandwidth Hogs: Block Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other unproductive bandwidth hogs
  • Restrict Unproductive Sites: Reduce unproductive web browsing to ensure bandwidth availability for work tasks
  • Discretionary Access: Selectively allow access to high-bandwidth sites on an as-needed basis
A woman in professional attire stares off-screen, distracted

Reduce Distractions to Improve Employee Productivity

  • Improve Focus: Block distracting websites and apps to keep your users focused on their tasks
  • Custom Internet Policies: Apply different policies for group of users or computers to avoid bottlenecks
  • Control Tech Use: Combine with BrowseReporter computer monitoring software for advanced awareness and control over technology usage
A group of three lawyers in formal attire

Protect Your Business From Compliance & Liability Risks

  • Prevent Software Piracy: Use the app blocker to prevent employees from launching specific applications
  • Block Inappropriate Content: Prevent users from accessing pornographic, hateful, or crude websites at work or school
  • Meet Compliance Requirements: Control internet use to secure your network against web-based threats and data loss to cloud storage sites/apps

Protect Against Web Security Threats

  • Download Blocker: Block file downloads such as executables, zipped files, and videos from HTTP sites
  • Internet Off: Block the entire internet from being browsed for specific computers or employees
  • Web Category Filtering: Block malicious and high-risk websites with our frequently updated category filtering database
Cloud storage server

Prevent Data Theft & Leakage

  • Cloud DLP: Block unsanctioned cloud storage apps and sites to prevent employee data theft
  • Port Filtering: Block ports used for FTP, SCP, SFTP, etc. to prevent data from leaving the network
  • Block High-Risk Sites: Block other potential data egress points such as personal email platforms, torrenting sites, etc

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Employee Computer Activity Dashboards & Reports

BrowseReporter’s user activity dashboards and computer usage reports give you the insights you need to identify productivity leaks, detect excessive bandwidth usage, reduce software costs, and improve business intelligence.

BrowseReporter productivity dashboard - individual user

User Activity Dashboards

  • Use the collected data to review aggregated results of your entire workforce or drill down to individual users
  • Select the date range and activities you want to populate the dashboard with
  • Use the activity log to review raw data; add/remove columns, sort data, and export to .XLSX or .PDF
Employee Productivity Dashboard

Track Productive vs Unproductive Time

  • View time spent on productive vs unproductive web browsing & app use
  • Customize to what is considered productive in your organization
  • Compare trends in aggregated & individual productivity over time
  • Use IP-based location tracking to compare productivity levels between time spent in-office vs time spent working remotely
Screenshot of BrowseReporter's employee idle time tracking dashboard

Idle Time Tracking

  • Find out when remote employees are idling for too long or spending too much of their working hours on non-work related activities
  • Customize idle time based on the last keyboard/mouse inputs
  • Discover which departments or employees are the most active
BrowseReporter bandwidth tracking dashboard

Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Detect bandwidth-hogging websites on your network
  • Review bandwidth usage trends to inform network capacity planning
  • See which individual users or groups have the greatest bandwidth usage
BrowseReporter application activity log

Track Website & Application Usage

  • Detect the use of unauthorized software applications
  • Track which apps & sites employees use solo, as a team, or as a company
  • Determine software adoption rates with usage data for apps and SaaS sites
BrowseReporter's employee desktop screen capture feature with a grid of screenshots displayed

Take Screenshots Of Your Employees’ Desktops

  • Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots of your employee’s desktops to see exactly what they're doing on their computers.
  • The employee screenshot monitoring software feature can be configured to automatically delete older screenshots to reduce storage requirements
  • Screenshots are tagged with the website or application that was being used, the time, and the name of the computer that was captured
BrowseReporter today's insights productivity score

Keep a Pulse on Team Activity

  • Get high-level views of the recent activity of individual users and teams
  • Easily see who is online now and who hasn’t logged in today
  • Track your users’ most recent productivity, activity, availability status

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CurrentWare Features

Internet Off

Internet ON/OFF

One click to completely block
the Internet

Internet Off

URL Filter

Allow or block specific URLs; customize policies for each group

Internet Off

Category Filtering

Block websites based on
content categories

Internet Off

Internet Scheduler

Set unique restrictions at specific
times of the day

Internet Off

Internet Monitoring

Monitor web browsing, keyword searches, and more

Internet Off

Computer Activity Reports

15+ different detailed web
activity reports

Internet Off

Track Application Use

See what applications are being
used by employees

Internet Off

Email Reports

Automatically email user activity reports to designated inboxes

Internet Off

Block USB

Block unauthorized USBs to protect
against data theft

Internet Off

Block External Devices

Easily block DVDs, external drives
& other peripherals

Internet Off

Device Permissions

Set full access, read only or no
access on storage devices

Internet Off

Allowed List

Allow specific storage devices on
your network

Internet Off

Centralized Console

Manage all your users from the
centralized console with Active
Directory import or syncing

Internet Off

Platform Security

Protect your CurrentWare console
with 2FA, passwords, privilege
management, and more

Internet Off

Offsite Management

Extend onsite security policies to any remote computer running outside the corporate network

Internet Off

SQL Server Supported

Database scaled for enterprise and
large business operations using
Microsoft SQL Server

CurrentWare Suite

Get all 4 modules for the best value or choose the exact solution you need

Get Advanced Activity Insights

BrowseReporter is a versatile employee monitoring software to track productivity and efficiency.

  • Make informed decisions
  • Enforce company policies
  • Improve productivity

BrowseReporter productivity dashboard - individual user

Block Harmful Websites

BrowseControl is an easy-to-use website blocking software for restricting internet access.

  • Block URLs & categories
  • Block unwanted apps
  • Website allow & block lists

Screenshot of category filtering window from BrowseControl web filter. Porn and social media categories blocked.

Stop Data Theft to USB Devices

AccessPatrol is USB control software to protect sensitive data against theft to portable storage devices.

  • Block USB devices
  • USB file activity alerts
  • Block file transfers

AccessPatrol peripheral device permissions mockup block usb

Control PC Power States

enPowerManager is a remote PC power manager for centrally managing power settings across all endpoints.

  • Track logon and logoff times
  • Log PC power event history
  • Remotely shutdown PCs

Screenshot of enPowerManager's PC power schedule with weekly boot, restart, and shutdown events scheduled

What Happened to Kaspersky?

“The company Kaspersky Lab has faced controversy over allegations that it has engaged with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) to use its software to scan computers worldwide for material of interest—ties which the company has actively denied.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security banned Kaspersky products from all government departments on 13 September 2017, alleging that Kaspersky had worked on secret projects with Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

In October 2017, subsequent reports alleged that hackers working for the Russian government stole confidential data from the home computer of a National Security Agency contractor in 2015 via Kaspersky antivirus software.

Kaspersky denied the allegations, stating that the software had detected Equation Group malware samples which it uploaded to its servers for analysis in its normal course of operation.” – Wikipedia

What is Kaspersky Endpoint Security?

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is an endpoint security software to protect endpoint devices such as workstations used in businesses.

The software includes features for application control, device control, web control, web activity monitoring, device use monitoring, and application monitoring.

The CurrentWare Suite is the best Kaspersky competitor for blocking websites, preventing a data breach to USB devices, and monitoring the internet usage of your users.


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