Boston Centerless gains more control of daily business operations

“In CurrentWare, I found a solution that fulfilled the criteria of my entire project within a single suite of software."

CurrentWare Customer Larry Salvucci

Larry Salvucci
Information Technology Manager
Boston Centerless

CurrentWare Customer Boston Centerless Profile

Boston Centerless helps their clients improve their manufacturing services. With over 60 years of experience, the company strives to continue providing outstanding value to a plethora of clients around the world. In order to maintain this smooth delivery of service, it is of course vitally important to optimize the background systems and processes which enable front-office success.

In 2018, Boston Centerless launched a project to obtain security and control over company devices. Aware of the emerging risk of data loss and threats to unprotected devices, their IT Manager, Larry Salvucci initially sought an in-house solution through the utilization of existing IT infrastructure. As the company’s “first line of defense” for security, it was thought that a constructive proliferation of the firewall system would allow for sufficient monitoring and filtering of data moving in-and-out of the organization. It did not take too long, however, to come to the realization that requirements would be most comprehensively met by deploying robust external software. Following extensive research on various different solutions, Boston Centerless proceeded to implement CurrentWare.

During a short product demonstration, Boston Centerless swiftly mapped out how each module of CurrentWare’s offering would be utilized at Boston Centerless. AccessPatrol would secure company endpoints to prevent any illicit transfer of data and the download of malware from unauthorized devices. BrowseControl would block access to any malicious websites or applications whilst concurrently teaming-up with BrowseReporter to provide regulation over employee browsing habits.

Satisfied with the capabilities and features, the next step for Boston Centerless was to find a way to deploy the software without impacting performance or work environment. He was looking for a deployment that would not result in significant overhead or disruption to his operations.

In response to this concern, the CurrentWare customer support team suggested that Boston Centerless should utilize the “Remote Client Install” feature which offers the ability to install software applications from a central location, quickly and easily.

When the technology was all set-up, the first step was to manage which company resources would be accessible to which employees. The overall goal was to ensure that certain documents with sensitive internal information were kept private.

By using the AccessPatrol tool, it was simple to grant “no access”, “read-only”, or “full access” for each document to each employee. In order to create a comprehensive matrix around company information, permissions were first grouped by the department before conducting a person-by-person walkthrough to determine which employees should be allowed to access to which files.

This process was replicated with the web-filtering tool, “only certain employees needed access to social media sites like Facebook, so we needed to control internet access to enforce our web usage policies across the organization.” The use of “Category Filtering” saved Boston Centerless the laborious task of blocking millions of objectionable websites by providing a pre-defined URL category database. As a result, it was simple to select a certain type of website to block by choosing from a range of over 100 category filters such as “Social Networks” or “Gambling”.

“Figuring out where we were losing productivity gave us a huge help when it came to increasing efficiency. There are fifteen different monitoring reports that inform HR decisions and motivate our employees.”


Reports such as “Active vs Total Browsing Time” and “Application Usage Tracking" are shown to employees as evidence of negative browsing habits and have been used to analyze and influence performance.



Since installing CurrentWare, the management team at Boston Centerless has factored the review of employee monitoring reports into their daily routine. Following an automated distribution of these reports each night, it is straightforward to determine which employees have been productive and which have not.


CurrentWare Customer Boston Centerless Headquarters


By protecting devices and shutting down access to company endpoints (USB ports etc), Boston Centerless has taken the necessary steps to safeguard their customers, their employees, and the company data without providing an obstruction to productivity or efficiency.


CurrentWare and Boston Centerless have managed to develop a strong partnership and the two companies are excited to collaborate over product development on future evolutions of the technology.


“It’s easy to overlook the threat that can arise from within the company, especially when devices are being taken offsite. The damage that data breaches can cause is enormous, and I have become increasingly aware of the range of threats that we need to defend against, from cyberattacks to simple workplace carelessness!”

CurrentWare Customer Larry Salvucci

Larry Salvucci
Information Technology Manager
Boston Centerless

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