November 4, 2013

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

For you to see this web page, your web browser asked a web server for […]
October 24, 2013

Windows 8.1 Now Officially Available and is Loaded with New Features

17th October saw Microsoft release Windows 8.1 as a full-fledged free upgrade to Windows 8. […]
September 30, 2013

Is Your Practice Ready For HIPAA Compliance?

As of Sept 23, 2013, organizations handling healthcare data, will be required to be compliant […]
September 23, 2013

CurrentWare Announces Release of BrowseReporter 4.3.3

BrowseReporter solves the rising complexity of identifying abusive or excessive use of employee Internet usage. […]
August 21, 2013

Back To School Security Tips

It is middle of August and that means back to school is very imminent!  Students […]
August 15, 2013

Coming Soon: CurrentWare version

We are excited to announce our latest version of CurrentWare – Version In this […]
July 18, 2013

Think Before You Click – “Clickjacking”

Whether you’re browsing the web or your newsfeed on Facebook, you’ve most likely come across […]
June 20, 2013

Search Poisoning

Have you done a search on Google or other search engines, only to find that […]
May 1, 2013

Cyberattacks Now Targeting Smaller Companies

“Pick on someone your own size.” may just be the one and only thing cybercriminals […]
March 12, 2013
Busy office with employees working on laptop computers and a woman in a blazer jacket holding a hashtag sign.

Social Media in the Workplace

Social media usage in Canada and throughout the world is on the rise; it is […]
March 4, 2013
Female in distress with hands over her face while she browses social media on her laptop computer.

Are You A Victim of Facebook Fatigue?

Facebook being the largest social networking site in the world has 1 out of 7 […]
February 22, 2013
Yellow email letters flying out of a laptop computer.

6 Tips for Protecting your Email Account

Zendesk, a provider of cloud based customer service software for storing, organizing and answering emails, […]
February 20, 2013
Employee on a desktop computer browsing the Internet in an office.

Should Companies Restrict Web Access? (2019)

There’s no doubt about it, the Internet has become a necessary tool in the workplace. […]
January 30, 2013
Web page display of categories such as music and sports.

BrowseControl – Category Filtering is Here!

CurrentWare, a global leader in Internet and Endpoint security solutions, has released a new version […]
January 22, 2013
A female employer teaching her employers about Internet security tips for small business.

Small Business Internet Security Tips

Small businesses are often easy targets for cybercriminals, since they appear to have lenient security […]