Looking for the best alternative to Kaspersky Endpoint Security? This article will overview what has happened to Kaspersky’s products and provide a free trial of the best alternative software.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security banned Kaspersky products from all government departments on 13 September 2017. These bans followed security and privacy concerns surrounding alleged connections between Kaspersky and Russian intelligence agencies, which Kaspersky Lab has since denied.

Is your organization searching for the best alternatives to Kaspersky products due to privacy and security concerns or the upcoming End of Support phase for Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10? This article will showcase a suite of solutions for protecting sensitive data, controlling web access, and monitoring computer activity in your network.

What is Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10?

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 (KES10) is an endpoint security software developed by Kaspersky Lab to protect endpoint devices such as workstations used in businesses. The software includes features for application control, device control, web control, web activity monitoring, device use monitoring, and application monitoring. 

What is Happening to Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10?

After 01 June 2022, the latest version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 (KES10) for Windows workstations will have reached its End of Support phase. 

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 will be phasing out support at these dates:

  • Version Limited support till 30 Apr 2021, end of support starting 01 May 2021
  • Version Full support till 31 Oct 2020, limited support starting 01 Nov 2020 till 31 Oct 2021, end of support starting 01 Nov 2021
  • Version Full support till 31 May 2021, limited support starting 01 Jun 2021 till 31 May 2022, end of support starting 01 Jun 2022

What Does End of Support Mean for Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Users?

Once Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 reaches its final End of Support (EOS) phase on June 1st, 2022 users of the software will either need to upgrade to Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 or replace Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 with an alternative product.

During the Limited Support phase, Kaspersky may or may not release critical security patches for the software, though it will still receive standard support and database updates.  According to their Product Support Lifecycle B2B page, once KES10 reaches this phase any patches are “Not guaranteed in full; provided at the discretion of Kaspersky.” and the limited support is “only for products designed for small- and large-sized businesses.”

Once this Kaspersky product reaches the End of Support phase on June 1st, 2022 it will no longer receive any support including standard support, database updates, security patches, bug fixes, and feature updates.

Alternatives to Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 – CurrentWare Suite

The solutions in the CurrentWare suite are an excellent alternative to Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for businesses that want to monitor computer activity, log device use, and control internet and device access permissions on their endpoints.

CurrentWare’s endpoint security, web filtering, and employee monitoring solutions can be purchased à la carte to meet specific needs or as a bundle for the best value.

The CurrentWare advantage:

  • Government entities and non-profits save 10% off any of the products in the CurrentWare Suite.
  • Each solution in the CurrentWare suite can be purchased separately for the greatest flexibility or as a bundle for the best value.
  • On-premise options give you the most control over your data. You decide where computer monitoring data is stored to ensure that no sensitive information ever leaves your network.

AccessPatrol – Device control, logging, and endpoint security

AccessPatrol’s device control features allow you to protect sensitive data against theft by whitelisting and blacklisting peripheral devices, data storage devices, and connection buses. AccessPatrol can display a warning message when a device is blocked to inform users of your endpoint security policy.

Devices controlled by AccessPatrol

Device ClassDevicesAccess Permissions
Storage DevicesUSBFull / Read only / No access
DVD /CDFull / Read only / No access
FloppyFull / Read only / No access
TapeFull / Read only / No access
External Hard driveFull / Read only / No access
FirewireFull / Read only / No access
SD CardFull / Read only / No access
MM CardFull / Read only / No access
Wireless DevicesBluetoothFull / No access
InfraredFull / No access
WifiFull / No access
Communication PortsSerialFull / No access
ParallelFull / No access
Imaging DevicesScannersFull / No access
Cameras, Webcams & OthersFull / No access
OthersPrintersFull / No access
USB Ethernet AdapterFull / No access
Sound CardsFull / No access
Portable Devices (iPhones, Mobiles)Full / No access
Network ShareFull / No access

AccessPatrol’s endpoint logging reports

AccessPatrol’s endpoint logging reports allow you to easily monitor company workstations for suspicious behavior. Alerts can be triggered to notify designated administrators of undesirable activities on company endpoints. Auditable data loss prevention reports provide digital evidence for investigating anomalous file transfers and peripheral device usage.

File Operations Reports

AccessPatrol’s file operations reports are critical for alerting administrators to suspicious file transfers and investigating the cause of a data breach. Monitor employees and company endpoints to generate auditable data loss prevention reports.

Kaspersky replacement AccessPatrol
USB Device Usage Reports

AccessPatrol’s device usage reports help administrators track how employees are using USB drives and other peripheral devices. Review these data loss prevention reports to ensure that storage devices are being used appropriately and collect evidence of attempts to use unauthorized hardware.

Kaspersky alternative AccessPatrol

BrowseControl – Application startup control and web control

BrowseControl’s application blocker and web filter provide the content control capabilities you need to ensure the safe and acceptable use of devices in your organization. Block websites that are unsafe, abuse the available bandwidth or go against your acceptable use policy.

BrowseReporter – Application, and web activity monitoring

As an added bonus the CurrentWare suite includes BrowseReporter, a powerful computer monitoring software for tracking web activity and application usage. BrowseReporter monitors endpoint device activity to identify employee internet abuse and provide organizations with user behavior insights.

How Easy is it to Switch from Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 to CurrentWare?

The products in the CurrentWare suite are the easiest software to switch to from Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10. CurrentWare can easily be installed in a variety of ways ranging from simple local installations for small teams to full-scale remote client deployments for large enterprises.

How to Get Started with CurrentWare

CurrentWare is very easy to install. You can get started in just 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the free 14-day trial of the CurrentWare products you want to try
  2. Install the cwServer and cwConsole onto an administrator computer.
  3. Install the cwClient onto each of the computers that you will manage.
  4. Configure restrictions as you see fit and test the reports to see user activity insights first-hand

Our support team is happy to help you during your trial. Feel free to contact us and we can help you configure CurrentWare for your business.

How Much Does CurrentWare Cost?

CurrentWare’s solutions can be purchased individually for the greatest flexibility or as a bundle for the best value.

When purchasing individually, BrowseReporter, BrowseControl, and AccessPatrol start as low as $2.99 USD per license per month (paid annually).

Volume license discounts are available starting for as low as 100 users, with discounts increasing depending on the number of licenses.

There are additional discounts available for educational organizations, non-profits, managed services providers, and for businesses that pre-purchase multiple year plans.  

Looking for a quote? Contact our sales team here.