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BrowseReporter - Employee Internet Monitor


BrowseReporter provides an in-depth analysis for monitoring Internet activities and usage of your employees. It features extensive reports and charts on your employee’s web browsing activity.

The Report Manager offers the flexibility of analysing the data based on your employee’s Internet activity. Reports such as sites visited, duration of visit, time of visit and bandwidth consumption are presented at both the detail and summary levels.

BrowseReporter can track the Internet activity of a specific user. If an employee or a student uses multiple computers, BrowseReporter will track the browsing activity of this user on all the corresponding computers.

All monitoring and tracking on internet activity BrowseReporter does is always in stealth so that users in your network won't know their internet usage is being monitored unless they are told so.

A screenshot of a BrowseReporter report - Monitor Internet Usage

Software such as BrowseReporter can monitor internet activity by tracking all websites visited and the duration of the visits. With BrowseReporter, you can generate comprehensive, detailed reports to analyize internet activity. It can also send email alerts when specific websites are being visisted.

BrowseReporter can monitor employees' internet activity by simply installing the software to your employees' computers. With BrowseReporter's tracking and reporting features you can investigate the websites your employees browsed, how long the websites been browsed for and more.

How to Install BrowseReporter to Monitor Internet Activity

We will show you how to use BrowseReporter the Employee Internet Monitoring software to effectively track the Internet usage of your employees.

You will be able to instantly identify users who are browsing distracting unproductive websites, such as, or violating company policies by visiting inappropriate websites.

Before your begin:

Download CurrentWare BrowseReporter Setup file

Download BrowseReporter Employee Monitoring Software

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Install CurrentWare Web Filter Console on IT manager's computer

1. Install the CurrentWare Console on the Manager's computer

Run the setup file. Select BrowseReporter. The Installer will proceed to install the CurrentWare Server, Console and BrowseReporter onto your computer.

Install CurrentWare Web Filter Client on Employee's computers

2. Install the CurrentWare Clients on the Employees' computers

Take the CurrentWare Client setup file and run it on the client computer. The installer will ask you for the computer name of the CurrentWare Console to establish a connection. After the CurrentWare Client is installed, it will connect to your CurrentWare Console automatically.

Your employee's Internet activities are now being tracked by BrowseReporter. Repeat steps 1-3 on all the computers you would like to monitor for Internet usage.

Install CurrentWare Web Filter Console on IT manager's computer

3. Launch the CurrentWare Console on your computer and start managing your employees' computers

Under the BrowseReporter menu, click on "Run Report". Select one of the Report types to run the report on. Select the computer/user you want to run this report on. Select the sort by, order and reporting period and click Run Report

Monitoring Internet Activities Sample Reports

Here are some samples of the 18 reports BrowseReporter can generate for Monitoring Internet Activity in your network

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