Schedule Employee Monitoring For Work Hours

BrowseReporter’s internet usage tracker can be configured to track employee web activities and computer application use during specified times. Scheduling employee monitoring activity helps improve employee privacy by monitoring devices at specific intervals rather than continuously monitoring.

BrowseReporter’s employee monitoring features are highly customizable to best fit the unique needs of each organization and the specific users they will be monitoring.

Schedule internet monitoring to only occur during designated work hours, allowing employees to privately browse the internet during their breaks and personal time

Respect GDPR and employee privacy by collecting representative data samples rather than continuously monitoring

Reduce the amount of irrelevant data by not using the internet usage tracker during periods where unproductive browsing is normal

BrowseReporter’s URL tracking schedule makes adjusting the time periods that BrowseReporter is active easy by allowing administrators to set daily and weekly monitoring periods.

Monitor Employees Without Sacrificing Privacy

Tracking the internet usage of your employees has plenty of security, productivity, and network management benefits, but employees may feel that they are being spied on if employee monitoring is excessive. BrowseReporter’s internet tracking scheduler provides further controls for adjusting employee monitoring practices to better fit the privacy expectations of your workforce.

BrowseReporter’s Employee Privacy Features:

Data Retention: Employee monitoring data can be scheduled for automatic deletion, minimizing the amount of potentially sensitive data in your database.

Password Protected: The CurrentWare console can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access to employee monitoring data.

Privileged Access: Operator permissions can be configured to only allow managers to generate reports on their department, allowing them to gain insights without having access to the entire database.

Monitoring Notification: Improve transparency of internet usage monitoring by configuring BrowseReporter to notify employees when it is monitoring their activities.

By providing options for protecting employee monitoring data BrowseReporter helps you to ensure that potentially sensitive internet usage data is only accessible to the people that understand how to use the data to effectively manage their workforce.

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