The Perfect Web Filter for Business

BrowseControl is a powerful agent-based web filtering software for managing employee internet use. Enforce acceptable use policies and improve the security of your network by blocking high-risk and inappropriate websites.

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Why use web filtering software?

BrowseControl Helps Businesses Improve Security & Productivity

Block distracting, inappropriate, and high-risk websites based on URLs, domains, IP addresses, and content categories

Stop bandwidth hogs from congesting your network

Block network ports and undesirable applications

The cost of an employee’s lost of productivity from online distraction is roughly $1,835* per year per person

*$7.25 x 1 hour per day x 253 working days

Control Internet Access

Control employee internet access based on content categories, URLs, IP addresses, and domains

Monitor Computer Activity

Combine BrowseControl with the BrowseReporter employee monitoring software for complete control over employee web use.

Easy to Manage

Controlling employee internet access with BrowseControl is as simple as a few clicks.

Quick Start

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Install the CurrentWare Console and Server on a manager or IT admin’s computer
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Install the CurrentWare Client on the computers you’d like to monitor and manage
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Manage your computers and users from the centralized CurrentWare Console
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Block employees from accessing distracting, inappropriate, or high-risk websites


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