The Perfect Web Filter for Business

BrowseControl Web Filter lets you manage your user's Internet access on and off your network. Enforcing Internet acceptable usage policy to secure your employee's Internet traffic.

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Why implement a Web Filter?

BrowseControl Helps Businesses Improve Security & Productivity

CurrentWare lets organization gain the following benefits:

Improve User Productivity

Prevent the downloads of malware and viruses

Measure employee computer activity

Reduce Network congestion

Comply with regulations like HIPAA and CIPA


The cost of an employee’s lost of productivity from online distraction is roughly $1,835* per year per person

*$7.25 x 1 hour per day x 253 working days

Control Internet Access

Total Internet control over your employees computers

Monitor Computer Activity

Increase visibility on your network by seeing exactly what your employees are doing on their computers.

Easy to Manage

Designed for any users - beginners, managers, IT technicians and more!

Quick Start

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Install the CurrentWare Client on your computers to track your employee’s Internet usage.
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Block your employees from accessing unproductive websites and categories
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Every website your user visited and application used will be tracked along with the date and active time.
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Manage your computers and users from the centralized CurrentWare Console


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