Using Timer and Internet Quota to set time limits

Using Timer and Internet Quota to set time limits

BrowseControl can set Internet limits to your client computers based on time and usage with its Timer and Internet Quota features.


The Timer feature allows you to assign Internet ON or OFF permissions on an ad hoc basis. For example, if a Client PC/User is set to Internet ON at a specific time and you would like to temporarily block their Internet access, the Timer feature will allow you to set the Internet to OFF for a specific amount of time. Once the timer has expired, the Internet settings will return to the previous Internet mode (ON/OFF or Schedule). The timer can be set for a whole group or an individual client.

  1. To enable the Timer, highlight the group that you want to set the timer to and select Timer under the BrowseControl menu on the right-hand side of the CurrentWare Console.
  2. The Timer screen will be displayed.
  3. If the Internet status is ON then BrowseControl will automatically choose OFF Timer or vice versa.
  4. Set the timer period.
  5. The format of the timer is HH:MM.
Internet Timer

You can only use the Internet Scheduler or the Timer one at a time. When in use, the Timer will temporarily override the Scheduler settings. Once the timer has expired, the Scheduler will regain the Internet settings for that group/client.

Internet Quota Limit

With the Internet Quota Limit, the administrator can control how often users have access to the Internet on a daily basis. The Internet Quota limit is defined by the administrator and will start counting down as soon as the quota is enabled. The users will get notification messages on their computers about how much remaining time they have for their Internet quota.

Internet Quota Limit
Limit the Internet browsing time of your users by setting an Internet Quota Limit.

Internet Quota Limit – Advanced Quota Options

Advanced quota options allow you to configure the Internet Quota Limit with default session period, quota limit message and the notification period.

Default Session Period: Each time a user’s computer accesses the Internet, BrowseControl records the activity as a default session. The default session is a measurement that is used to accumulate the Internet Quota Limit. Any other 53 activities during the default session period will not be added to the Internet quota. By default, the default session period is set to 1 minute.

Quota Limit Message: A custom message to notify the user that the Internet Quota Limit has been reached.

Notification Period: An alert message that appears in the system tray to notify the user of their remaining Internet quota. The administrator can define how often the alert message will be shown on the user’s computer.

Internet Quota Counter: Restrict the quota to only count for Internet activities from web browsers and not applications that require an Internet connection.