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BrowseControl is an easy to use Internet Control Software that restricts Internet access and enforces Internet usage policies across your network.

Take control of your network’s Internet access by using BrowseControl Web Filter to enforce different Internet restriction policies on a computer or user basis.

Control Internet Access

URL White and Black Lists

Category Filtering

Application Blocking


Web filtering software

Control Internet Access

Manage your organization’s Internet Access

From a centralized Console, you can block the web content of your users and restrict Internet activities.

BrowseControl allows you to add websites to the Allowed list and Blocked list.

Allowed List: When this is enforced, your employees will only be able to access websites that are on the Allowed list. Use this method to restrict your users to authorized only.

Blocked List: Your employees will be able to browse the Internet freely except for the websites that you have added to the Blocked list. Use this method to block time wasting websites like Facebook.

Block Websites by Categories

Choose from over 100 categories to restrict Internet access

Easily control the Internet access of your employees or students with the comprehensive pre-defined URL category database.

Covering more than 100 URL categories, administrators can easily block objectionable web sites through a diverse range of categories.

Category Blocked List: This will prevent your users from accessing websites that belong to a category in the Category Blocked list. Block pornography, social network, gambling, shopping and etc. Choose from over 100 different categories to block.

Category Filtering Block Websites

How does BrowseControl work?

BrowseControl Features

Internet ON/OFF

One click to block Internet completely

Category Filtering

Block websites based on specific categories

Internet Scheduler

Schedule Internet restrictions at specific times of the day

Offsite Management

Extend onsite Internet usage policies to laptops running outside the corporate network.

Internet Quota

Set a quota for daily browsing limit

Download Filter

Block downloads based on File types

Stealth Mode

The CurrentWare client runs as stealth mode in the background.

Application Blocker

Block applications from launching

CurrentWare Customers

BrowseControl Web Filter helps businesses improve productivity and network security

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