How Much is the Support and Maintenance Plan?

How Much is the Support and Maintenance Plan?

All of CurrentWare products come with 1 year of technical support and software upgrades.

Renewing your CurrentWare maintenance plan ensures that you are eligible for the latest CurrentWare licenses for the latest upgrade, which includes new features, product enhancements, and bug fixes. You are also entitled to receive technical support from our dedicated support team.

What are the costs?

The yearly cost to renew the support and maintenance plan is 25% of your initial purchase of CurrentWare. For example, if you purchased 100 perpetual licenses of BrowseControl at a cost of $4,700. The yearly cost of renewing the support and maintenance plan will be $4,700 x 25% = $1,175

Discounts are offered for renewing and extending the plan for additional years in advance. The discount for each year increases depending on how many years of support and maintenance you purchase.

  • 1st Year in advance – 10% off the yearly renewal cost ($1,057.50)
  • 2nd Year in advance – 20% off the yearly renewal cost ($940)

How do I renew my plan?

If you are an existing customer and would like to renew your support and maintenance plan, you can contact your account manager or fill out the Request for a Renewal form.

For more information or have any questions on renewals and the support and maintenance plan, contact sales here.

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