How do I activate my CurrentWare licenses?

After you have purchased BrowseControl, BrowseReporter, enPowerManager or AccessPatrol from CurrentWare, you will receive an email from our licensing department containing your license key information, which includes the following fields:

  1. Organization’s Name
  2. Number of Licenses
  3. License Key

To register your license key, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the CurrentWare Console.
  2. Go to Help > Licensing.
  3. From the Solutions drop-down box, select the Solution.
  4. Copy your Organization’s name, number of licenses and Activation Code
    from the licensing email sent to you.
  5. Click on the Register Button.
  6. Your CurrentWare Console has now been registered.
  7. Click on Next to manage the computers you want to apply the license keys to.

License Management

The License Computers console allows the administrator to select the computers to assign the CurrentWare license to. Depending on the installed status of your CurrentWare clients, the licensing process can be automatic or manual.

Managing Your CurrentWare Licenses

You will need to manage your CurrentWare Licenses if you have applied your license key before installing your CurrentWare Clients.

  1. After you install your CurrentWare Clients, launch your CurrentWare Console.
  2. Go to Help > Licensing.
  3. Click next.
  4. The License Computers window will appear. This is where you assign your licenses to your computers.
  5. Click on the checkbox to assign a license key to your computers.

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