Grant Temporary Access to Blocked USB Devices

AccessPatrol can grant temporary access to blocked USB devices with the access code generator.

Use the generator to produce a time-limited, device-specific, and single-use code that provides users with full access permissions to their peripheral devices.

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Screenshot of AccessPatrol's access code Code Generator to temporarily enable USB devices
Screenshot of AccessPatrol's access code Code Generator to temporarily enable USB devices

Manage Access Requests in the Web Console

  • End-users submit access code generation requests and activates access codes from the CurrentWare client in their system tray
  • End-users are prompted to provide their email address, the reason for their policy exemption request, and the desired date/duration for the exemption
  • Admins respond to requests in the web console where they can adjust the duration of the access code, accept/deny requests, provide a reason for their response, automatically retain a log of all access requests, and track which access codes have been activated
  • Admins and users receive alerts and updates related to access codes in their email inbox

About Access Codes

  • Access codes work on remote computers, even without an internet connection
  • Balance security and productivity by providing exemptions to your USB security policies for edge-cases such as trusted vendors, special guests, and other third-parties
  • Access codes are single-use, unique to a specific computer, and automatically expire to prevent misuse
Screenshot of AccessPatrol's access code Code Generator to temporarily enable USB devices
Allowed USB devices list

Allow Trusted Devices for Extended Use

Need a more permanent solution? Grant continuous access to authorized USB devices by adding them to the Allowed List.

Combine this feature with the USB Device Blocking and File Transfer Restriction features for full USB control.

  • Allow authorized devices to be used on specific computers or by specific users
  • Remove support bottlenecks by providing super users with access to trusted removable media 
  • Control the flow of sensitive data by limiting device use and monitoring USB file transfers
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AccessPatrol’s USB Control & Data Loss Prevention Features

Block USB

Block USB & Other Devices

Set full access, read only or no access on storage devices

Allowed List

Whitelist USB Devices

Allow only authorized storage devices to be used

Block Files

Block File Transfers

Prevent files from being transferred to portable storage

Deivce Access Code

Access Code Generator

Provide temporary access to peripheral devices


DLP Activity Reports

Track file transfers, storage device use, file operations, and more

Track File Transfers

File Transfer Monitoring

Monitor files that are copied to USBs, cloud storage, and more

Email Alert

Alerts & Reports

Automatically send USB activity reports to designated inboxes


Transparent & Stealth Modes

Run silently in the background or provide notice of monitoring

Internet Off

Centralized Console

Manage all your users from the
centralized console with Active
Directory import or syncing

Internet Off

Platform Security

Protect your CurrentWare console
with 2FA, passwords, privilege
management, and more

Internet Off

Offsite Management

Extend onsite security policies to computers running outside the corporate network

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SQL Server Supported

Database scaled for enterprise and
large business operations using
Microsoft SQL Server


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