Schedule Automatic Shutdown, Boot, and Restart in Windows

  • Automatic Shutdown & Startup
    Automatically turn on computers at a set schedule and perform regular shutdowns
  • Schedule PC Power Tasks
    Schedule a shutdown, hibernate, sleep or restart event on a daily or weekly schedule
  • Idle Shutdown Timer
    Delay shutdowns to only occur after the PC has been idle for a set period of time

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Remotely Monitor & Control PC Power States

enPowerManager’s computer power task scheduler automatically triggers PC power states on a set schedule.

Use the power scheduler to save on technology energy costs by automatically turning off idle computers after work hours and turn off computers after they’ve been inactive for a set time.

Central Admin Console

enPowerManager’s central console makes it easy to manage the power states of all the computers in your network.

  • Remote Administrative Tools: Shutdown multiple remote computers from a single interface, all without configuring the Windows task scheduler
  • One Time Shutdown: Manually perform a remote restart, shutdown, or boot on a target PC in just a few clicks
  • Device Info: The console displays the user/PC name, CurrentWare client version, IP address, active users, and connection status
enpowermanager startup and shutdown history report

System Startup Event Logs

  • Windows Logs: Maintain auditable records of a computer’s startup events with reports that include the system shutdown date and time, PC name, and user

  • Verify System Startup Event: Shutdown logs help a system administrator remotely verify that computers have shutdown or startup as expected

  • Last Shutdown Time: Use the startup and shutdown times to track the last known user for each endpoint

User Logon History Report

  • Meet Compliance Regulations: Meet compliance requirements with a convenient and auditable record of user activity

  • Detect Security Threats: Monitor logins for Active Directory domain accounts to see if user accounts or computers are being logged into after hours

  •  Boost Productivity: Monitor login and logoff times to spot users that are starting work late or taking excessively long breaks

enpowermanager's user logon history report with timestamps of when employees log in and out each day

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Override Advanced Power Policies

Configure the app list to ignore advanced power policies when specific apps are open. Keep computers fully operational when using designated programs.

Custom Auto Shutdown Warning Message

Send a customized message to the user before shutdown. Warn the user about the upcoming shutdown and encourage them to save their work before the process begins.

Delayed Automatic Shutdown

Automatic shutdown events can be configured to only trigger after the PC is idle for a set time. This option prevents enPowerManager from disrupting your users while they are still working on their computers. 

    Screenshot of enPowerManager's PC power schedule with weekly boot, restart, and shutdown events scheduled

    Schedule computer power states

    Use the power scheduler to set daily and weekly computer power schedules. Automate startup, shutdown, standby, hibernate, and restart.

    The Benefits of Remote Power Management

    Save on energy costs

    The average workstation uses 200 Wh of electricity. If employees forget to shut down their computers at the end of the workday it will consume 4800 watts (4.8 kW) per computer for every day they are left on at full power.

    Easily restart all of the computers in your network

    Do you have remote employees that need to connect to in-office workstations? Use enPowerManager’s remote power control features to restart workstations after an unexpected shutdown and get your off-site employees reconnected.

    Reduce server downtime from outages

    Use enPowerManager to recycle power to non-responsive servers. Avoid costly in-person visits by providing your IT department with the tools they need to restart Windows servers remotely.


    Try enPowerManager for Free

    Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes.

    enPowerManager's Key Features

    Internet Off

    Start, Restart & Shutdown

    Remotely control the power state
    of your computers

    URL Filter

    Wake on LAN

    Automatically boot up computers at the beginning of a work day

    Category Filtering

    Track Startup/Shutdown

    Track when your users startup and
    shutdown their computers

    Email Report

    Audit Logon Events

    Track when your users logon or
    logoff their computers

    Centralized Console

    Power Scheduler

    Automatically trigger computer
    power states on a set schedule and
    turn off idle computers


    Delayed Shutdown

    Shutdown the computer only if it is
    idle to prevent work interruption
    and lost progress

    Application Blocker

    Advanced Policies

    Control power status of laptops
    when when they are plugged in vs.
    running on batteries

    Internet Scheduler

    Hibernate and Standby

    Turn off the monitor, power down
    the hard drive, hibernate and go
    into standby mode

    Internet Off

    Centralized Console

    Manage all your users from the
    centralized console with Active
    Directory import or syncing

    Internet Off

    Platform Security

    Protect your CurrentWare console
    with 2FA, passwords, privilege
    management, and more

    Internet Off

    Offsite Management

    Extend onsite security policies to computers running outside the corporate network

    Internet Off

    SQL Server Supported

    Database scaled for enterprise and
    large business operations using
    Microsoft SQL Server

    enPowerManager Logo, remote computer power management software

    Try enPowerManager for Free

    Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes.