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Restrict Internet Access & Block Websites

BrowseControl is an easy to use Internet control and application blocking software that restricts Internet access and enforces web and application usage policies across your network.

Take control of your network’s Internet access and application usage by using BrowseControl's Web Filter and application blocker to enforce different Internet restriction and software usage policies on a computer or user basis.

Trusted by & thousands of other companies

Trusted by

& thousands of other companies

Improve Network Security with an Industry-Leading Content Filter

BrowseControl gives you full control over your
employee's Internet access and application usage!

Easy to Manage Console

Internet and application usage policies are managed from a centralized CurrentWare console. Instantly controll and apply Internet restrictions to all of your computers or users, from the convenience of the central console.

Secure your Windows computers on a centralized desktop management console

Ready to Stop Internet Threats?

Take control of your network's Internet and application access

Internet Timer


Allocate specific time for your users to access the Internet

Stealth Mode

The CurrentWare client runs silently in the background and can be configured to alert users of web filtering

Centralized Console

Centralized Console

Manage all your users from the centralized console with Active Directory import or syncing
Remote Client Install

Remote Client Install

Easily deploy the CurrentWare Client remotely
Offsite Management

Offsite Management

Extend onsite Internet usage policies to laptops running outside the corporate network
SQL Supported

SQL Server Supported

Database scaled for enterprise and large business operations

Shady Maple improves productivity, network performance & profitability with BrowseControl

CurrentWare Customer Shady Maple
"We had ways of managing and dealing with HR that simply weren't scalable."

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"As a "novice" I was able to set up with help from support in about an hour."

- Dr. Gerard B, Owner
Medical Office

Capterra 5 stars review

"Finally, a truly enterprise solution for Windows that filters internet and blocks apps."

- Robert L, Teacher

Capterra 5 stars review

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