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Affordable, easy-to-use, and scalable employee computer monitoring, internet filtering, and data loss prevention software. Improve employee productivity and protect your business against data theft, malicious websites, and insider threats.

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CurrentWare’s Solutions for Small Business


Whether you’re in the early stages and bootstrapping every last resource you can find or you’re scaling rapidly, the fact is that capital efficiency and time management will make or break your business. CurrentWare’s software solutions are quick to deploy and cost effective, providing you with the capabilities you need to maximize the profitability and efficiency of your workforce.


Data Loss Prevention & Endpoint Security

CurrentWare’s endpoint DLP software for small businesses. AccessPatrol’s peripheral device controls protect sensitive data against loss, theft, and unauthorized copying to USB devices.

  • Custom Device Permissions: Assign read-only, no access, and full access for USB devices based on user, device, or organizational unit.
  • USB Blocker: Prevent employees from using unauthorized devices that can be used to transmit ransomware and illicitly exfiltrate data.
  • File Transfer Visibility:Alert administrators to suspicious file activity and maintain an auditable log of files that have been copied, created, and deleted on USB devices.
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Employee Monitoring - Application & Internet Usage

CurrentWare’s employee productivity software for tracking how employees engage with technology in the workplace. Track time spent on unproductive websites to identify employees that are disengaged from their duties.

  • Internet Usage Monitoring Application and internet usage monitoring to maintain logs of computer activity and alert administrators to undesirable web activities.
  • Screen Monitoring: View the screens of employees in real-time and remotely capture their contents.
  • Auditable Monitoring Records: Maintain perpetual records of applications used, websites visited, bandwidth consumed, and keywords input into search engines.

Content Filtering - Application & Internet Control

CurrentWare’s web filtering software for small business prevents access to content that is unsafe, inappropriate, and unproductive for your workplace. Block Facebook, Reddit, and other social media networks that distract employees.

  • Data Loss Prevention:Block access to websites and applications that put sensitive data at risk: unauthorized cloud storage, P2P file sharing platforms, and websites that are known to contain malware.
  • Easily Blacklist Websites: Combine custom whitelists and blacklists with BrowseControl’s Category Filtering feature to seamlessly block thousands of websites spanning across over 100 URL categories.
  • Internet Use Policy: The granular controls of CurrentWare products provide software-based policy enforcement to easily control internet access permissions based on the needs of the company.
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Advanced Power Policy Management

CurrentWare’s energy management solution allows your small company to conserve energy, reduce costs, and help protect the environment – all from a centralized console.

  • Patch Management: Advanced power policy controls provide the means for remotely restarting devices after deploying security updates.
  • Cost Savings: Save on energy costs by scheduling devices to start up and shut down during specified time slots or by using enPowerManager’s integrated Wake-on-LAN features.
  • Go Green: Reduce unnecessary computer power usage as a critical part of energy efficiency initiatives.

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Employee Productivity Software Improves Cost Efficiency

The employee productivity software solutions included in the CurrentWare suite save you precious time and money by making your internet use policy easy to manage. From a single machine you can manage all of your employees and monitor for the abuse of unproductive websites and applications, prevent employees from spending their working hours playing games and browsing social media, and take back control over how employees use their workstations during work hours.

Granular Policy Configurations: Onsite & Offsite

Granular configurations based on devices, users, workgroups, and Organizational Units (OU) from Active Directory can be used for both in-house and remote workers. With CurrentWare, small businesses can establish bespoke security and internet access policies that protect the data in their custody while mitigating the temptation to access distracting websites wherever their employees work.

Internet Usage Monitoring

64% of workers in a survey by Salary.com admitted to using their workplace internet connections for non-work reasons on a daily basis. CurrentWare’s computer monitoring software BrowseReporter identifies employees that are maliciously wasting valuable time at work by surfing the web. BrowseReporter’s user activity reports provide you with the evidence you need to make data-informed productivity management decisions.

Bandwidth Monitoring

BrowseReporter’s integrated internet data usage monitor gives you the means to identify excessive bandwidth usage in your network. Improve your internet speeds by checking bandwidth usage reports for users that are bottlenecking your available bandwidth and slowing your internet speeds.

Internet Filtering

CurrentWare’s content filtering application BrowseControl is the best web filter for small business internet security. Enforcing your business’ internet use policy by blacklisting websites that are killing your employee productivity.

Save Time With URL Category Filtering

With the ever increasing number of objectionable and unsafe sites, manual web filtering can be a laborious task.
Whether or not you’ve provided a formal internet use policy, you have clear expectations about what is and is not okay in your workplace. BrowseControl's category filter makes it easy to block thousands of distracting and inappropriate sites in just a few clicks.


Employee Productivity Software Transforms Shady Maple's Management Strategy

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“Employees find the reports to be an extremely helpful self-analysis tool. They use the reports to analyze and reconfigure priorities!"

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Employee Computer Activity Monitoring

Maintain auditable records of how employees interact with devices that are used to handle sensitive data. Real-time monitoring alerts notify designated personnel when employees attempt to perform actions that are against company policy, including browsing NSFW websites and using unauthorized USB devices on endpoints. Use CurrentWare as an employee productivity software to track the websites employees visit, how much time they spend browsing, and how long they are away from their computers.

Data Loss Prevention For Small Business

CurrentWare’s data loss prevention (DLP) software for small businesses provides your business with an affordable and scalable way for protecting sensitive corporate, financial, and personal data from external threats and misuse.
Small businesses that want to work with larger firms need to demonstrate proactive cybersecurity to remain competitive. The CurrentWare Suite provides robust endpoint security and data loss prevention features that protect sensitive data from insider threats to make your business more trustworthy and reliable.

  • USB device control software for restricting data transfers to unauthorized USB devices.
  • Enforce the exclusive use of authorized USB devices to ensure that data is not taken off-site on personal devices.
  • Application controls prevent unauthorized users and devices from launching computer programs that are used to manage sensitive data.

Web Filtering Software for Small Business

If your company has a connection to the internet and you want to let your employees use your Windows workstation to browse the websites on the internet, you simply cannot afford to forgo internet filtering software as part of your small business data loss prevention strategy.

  • Remove the threat of data exfiltration caused by P2P file-sharing websites and personal cloud storage use.
  • Block websites that are known to contain malware and other unsuitable materials with BrowseControl’s continuously updated Category Filtering database.
  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing web portals and applications that are used to manage financial data.
  • BrowseControl provides you with greater control than a small business firewall by allowing you to tailor internet and application permissions based on users, devices, and departments - all with the help of convenient, centrally-managed whitelists and blacklists.

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