Employee Monitoring Software Solutions for Manufacturing

CurrentWare provides manufacturing companies with the user activity insights they need to meet data security compliance requirements for government contracts, address unprofessional behavior, and capture evidence of undesirable employee computer usage.

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Why choose CurrentWare?


Protect Intellectual Property and
Fight Unproductive Internet Use


The solutions in the CurrentWare suite protect sensitive data such as CAD drawings, supplier contracts, and customer IP by increasing visibility of employee computer usage and blocking egress points for data theft. Monitor employee computer usage for high-risk file transfers, harmful web activities, and other suspicious activity.


Data Loss Prevention & Endpoint Security

CurrentWare’s endpoint DLP solution with critical peripheral device controls for protecting sensitive data against loss, theft, and unauthorized copying to USB devices.

  • USB Blocker: Prevent employees from transferring data to USB devices.
  • Device Permissions: Assign read-only, no access, and full access for USB devices based on user, device, or organizational unit.
  • File Transfer Visibility: Alert administrators to suspicious file activity and maintain an auditable log of files that have been copied, created, and deleted on USB devices.
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Employee Monitoring - Application & Internet Usage

CurrentWare’s computer monitoring software for tracking how employees and other users engage with technology in the workplace.

  • Internet Usage MonitorApplication and internet usage monitoring to maintain logs of computer activity and alert administrators to undesirable web activities.
  • Screen Monitoring: View the screens of employees in real-time and remotely capture their contents.
  • Auditable Monitoring Records: Maintain perpetual records of applications used, websites visited, bandwidth consumed, and keywords input into search engines.

Content Filtering - Application & Internet Control

CurrentWare’s application and internet control software to prevent access to content that is unsafe, inappropriate, and unproductive.

  • Data Loss Prevention:Block access to websites and applications that put sensitive data at risk: unauthorized cloud storage, P2P file sharing platforms, and websites that are known to contain malware.
  • Easily Blacklist Websites: Combine custom whitelists and blacklists with BrowseControl’s Category Filtering feature to seamlessly block thousands of websites spanning across over 100 URL categories.
  • Blocks Internet Access Block internet access entirely for the best internet protection on legacy systems.
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Advanced Power Policy Management

CurrentWare’s energy management solution allows your small company to conserve energy, reduce costs, and help protect the environment – all from a centralized console.

  • Patch Management:Advanced power policy controls provide the means for remotely restarting devices after deploying security updates.
  • Cost Savings: Save on energy costs by scheduling startup and shutdown times for computers.
  • Go Green: Reduce unnecessary computer power usage as a critical part of energy efficiency initiatives.

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Key Features for Protecting Manufacturing Data

Granular Policy Configurations: Onsite & Offsite

Granular configurations based on devices, users, workgroups, and Organizational Units (OU) from Active Directory allow manufacturers to establish bespoke security policies that protect the data in their custody. Policy configurations can be extended offsite for mobile workers using laptops to access the network.

On-Site Data Storage

The CurrentWare suite can operate entirely on-premise or from your own self-hosted cloud deployment. Keep sensitive employee monitoring data in your control to ensure compliance with data residency requirements and reduce reliance on third-party support.

Employee Computer Activity Monitoring

Maintain auditable records of how employees interact with devices that are used to handle sensitive data. Email alerts notify designated personnel when employees attempt to use unauthorized USB devices on endpoints or transfer sensitive files to external storage devices.

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Due to the rich volume of sensitive data they possess, manufacturers are a top target for both cybercriminals and insider threats. The CurrentWare Suite provides robust endpoint security and data loss prevention features that protect financial data from insider threats.

Content Filtering

Content filtering features allow administrators to manage the internet and application permissions of every managed user, device, and department with convenient centrally-managed whitelists and blacklists.


All-in One Solution for Manufacturing Companies

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“In CurrentWare, I found a solution that fulfilled the criteria of my entire project within a single suite of software."

CurrentWare’s Advantageous Pricing

CurrentWare’s data loss prevention and computer monitoring solutions are a cost-effective solution for protecting data and increasing employee productivity without straining budgetary needs.

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How to Improve Employee Productivity with CurrentWare

Block distracting websites

Distractions lead to lost productivity and a reduced attention to detail. Keep your employees focused on their work by blocking social media, computer games, and other computer-based distractions.

Monitor employee internet use

64% of workers in a survey by Salary.com admitted to using their workplace internet connections for non-work reasons on a daily basis. Use BrowseReporter to make data-informed productivity management decisions and identify employees that are wasting valuable time at work.

Save bandwidth for those that need it

BrowseReporter’s integrated internet data usage monitor gives you the means to identify excessive bandwidth usage in your network. Improve your internet speeds by checking bandwidth usage reports for users that are bottlenecking your available bandwidth and slowing your internet speeds.

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