4 Powerful Solutions in 1 Suite

Web Filter and Internet Monitor. Block and Monitor Internet access.

Web filtering software

Control Internet Access

Manage your organization’s Internet Access

From a centralized Console, you can enable and disable Internet access of your employees or students instantly.

BrowseControl Web Filter is effective at filtering both HTTP and HTTPS sites. Use the Internet scheduler to choose when you would like to block Internet access.

Covering more than 100 URL categories, administrators can easily block objectionable web sites through a diverse range of categories.

Monitor Web Browsing

Real-time Internet monitoring

BrowseReporter can record the surfing behaviour on a per user or a per computer basis.

If an employee/student uses multiple computers, BrowseReporter will track the browsing activity of this user on all the corresponding computers.

BrowseReporter can also track application usage. Find out if your users are spending time on the right type of applications.

Employee Internet Monitor

Active Time Tracking on web browsing

Active vs Total Browsing Time

Accurate time tracking

To track employee productivity more effectively, BrowseReporter offers a more refined measurement of recording URL visits by: “Active Time” vs. “Total Time”. Managers can clearly differentiate between how long a URL is opened and left idle and one that is opened and actively used.

Active Time: tracks the time that the browser window is active. If a browser loses focus or is minimized, tracking will be discontinued.

Total Time: measures the total time a URL page was kept open.

Control Access of External Devices

Block USB and external devices

AccessPatrol manages endpoint device access both on and off the network.

Unauthorized access or transfer of data through USB flash drives, CDs, iPods, MP3s, FireWire, WiFi, Bluetooth on all company systems, can be managed centrally through AccessPatrol’s web console.

USB Blocking Software

Shutdown computers remotely to save power

Power Management Policies

Control computer powers remotely

  • Shutdown computers after hours
  • Power up computers at the beginning of the work day
  • Restart computers after deploying software patches
  • Power down hard drives or monitors, when not in use
  • Assign hibernate, standby policies after a predefined period of inactivity.

CurrentWare Suite Features

Internet On/Off Internet Monitoring Block USB Remote Shutdown
URL Filter Track Application Usage Block External Devices Wake on LAN
Application Blocker Tracking Scheduler Device Permissions Restart Computers
Category Filtering Email Report Devices Allowed List Hibernate and Standby
Download Filter Auto Data Upload Devices Reports Power Scheduler
Port Filter Unlimited Data Storage Block Wireless adapters Delayed Shutdown
Internet Scheduler Exclusion List Block Sound Advanced Policies
Customize Message Custom Logo Block Phones
Timer Export to BrowseControl Devices Scheduler
Internet Quota Remote Screen Capture
Bypass Application

Other CurrentWare Features

Stealth Mode

The CurrentWare client is running in the background steathly

Centralized Console

Manage all your users and computers from a centralized Console

Remote Client Install

Easily deploy the CurrentWare Client remotely

Offsite Management

Keep Internet usage policy enforced even when laptop is outside the network

SQL Server Supported

Database scaled for enterprise and large business operations

CurrentWare Customers

CurrentWare helps businesses improve productivity and security

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