Monitor Bandwidth Usage With BrowseReporter

BrowseReporter’s bandwidth monitor is a valuable tool for detecting inappropriate internet usage in the workplace and diagnosing network latency issues. Use BrowseReporter’s bandwidth monitor to check bandwidth usage for trends that indicate the misuse of technology in the workplace and suspicious network activity.

Streaming a 4K Ultra HD Netflix video consumes 7GB of data per hour. Employees that misuse the internet in their workplace aren’t only harming their own productivity, they also strain the available bandwidth and make network speeds slower for their coworkers.

Reduce latency by monitoring your network for users and computers that are abusing the available bandwidth

Collect the data needed to determine whether upgrades are truly necessary or if slow internet speeds are caused by the misuse of technology

Detect unexpected bandwidth spikes caused by dangerous P2P file sharing programs and malicious software

Bandwidth usage graph: Daily download and upload bandwidth usage
Bandwidth usage graph: Top 5 groups by download and upload bandwidth usage

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Why monitor bandwidth usage?

Bandwidth usage monitoring is critical for diagnosing network latency, identifying employees that are hogging the available bandwidth, and determining whether or not costly network upgrades are necessary.

Problems Caused by Bandwidth Abuse:

Lost VoIP/video conferencing connections

Lost productivity from high network latency

Limitations to business processes due to reduced reliability of internet connectivity

Network crashes from excessive overloading

The most common bandwidth hogs are video and music streaming services as well as large file transfers through torrenting, cloud services, and emails. The best way to determine what is causing excessive bandwidth consumption is by monitoring bandwidth consumption of the users, websites, and devices on your network.

How to check bandwidth usage

You can check bandwidth usage with BrowseReporter’s bandwidth monitor. With the CurrentWare client installed on each endpoint network administrators can easily check bandwidth usage for each user, device, and workgroup in the organization.

Bandwidth Monitoring With BrowseReporter:

By User: Track the amount of bandwidth sent and received by each user to identify employees that are consistently abusing the available bandwidth.

By Computer: BrowseReporter allows you to check bandwidth usage per computer, allowing you to identify computers that may be infected with viruses.

By Group: Users can be sorted into groups such as departments, workgroups, and other organizational units. CurrentWare supports Active Directory for easy group management.

The reports from BrowseReporter’s bandwidth monitor provide insights into both the upstream and downstream data usage within the network. Reports generated will indicate data consumption from specific websites, providing the insights needed for discovering which commonly abused websites can be blocked to improve internet speeds.

Sample Bandwidth Usage Reports From BrowseReporter

Bandwidth Usage (URL Listing)

Review data sent and received from specific URLs to see which websites are consuming the available bandwidth.

Bandwidth Usage Summary

Review bandwidth data usage on a daily basis to investigate atypical usage patterns.

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