Install CurrentWare on private cloud platforms


Expand your CurrentWare setup beyond your office and start running CurrentWare on your own private cloud servers. The CurrentWare Server and Clients are fully compatible with the following cloud platforms:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Google Cloud – Windows
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Windows

Bring your own license private cloud setup

This configuration is a Bring your Own License (BYOL) Instance. You will need to purchase your instance directly from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services and install CurrentWare on these cloud platforms. 

Why set up CurrentWare on the cloud?

Businesses are trending toward a remote workforce. Having CurrentWare installed on a cloud platform will allow you to manage your remote users with the same on-premises setup that you are used to. That means you will still benefit from the same performance and security of an on-premises setup. Not to mention you are able to secure all of your data in a Cloud Storage device to always have access from anywhere. Uptime and maintenance will be controlled entirely by your IT team.

Once deployed, the CurrentWare Client will connect using the static IP address or public DNS of your virtual machine on the cloud. Your users won’t notice any interruption on their workstations.

How to install CurrentWare on each cloud platform?

Follow the step-by-step guides below to help you install CurrentWare on the cloud platform of your choice:

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