How to Monitor
Bandwidth Usage

Learn how to monitor bandwidth usage with BrowseReporter, a powerful internet monitoring software for tracking the bandwidth consumption and web browsing habits of employees.

“When we saw the reports we were totally surprised by some of the behaviors that had gone under the radar.”
Kevin Porsche, IT Admin, Shady Maple

BrowseReporter Bandwidth Usage by Sites report with 13 different URLs listed.
BrowseReporter Bandwidth Usage by Sites report with 13 different URLs listed.
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Why Monitor Bandwidth Usage?

Bandwidth availability is crucial for modern business processes. Monitoring bandwidth usage with BrowseReporter identifies bandwidth hogs on your network and provides a baseline for understanding bandwidth consumption trends.

Symptoms of Bandwidth Abuse

Dropped VoIP & video call connections

Reduced internet reliability & speed

Network crashes and performance issues

Common Bandwidth Hogs

Video streaming sites (Netflix, YouTube, etc)

Cloud storage sites (MEGA, Google Drive, etc)

Viruses, spyware, and other malware

4 Ways to Reduce Bandwidth Usage in Your Network

Internet Policies

An acceptable use of the internet policy outlines how employees are expected to use technology in the workplace, improves user behavior, and creates a baseline of expectations.

Monitor Usage

Monitor bandwidth consumption to identify users or devices that are hogging bandwidth and determine whether network upgrades or corrective action is needed.

Block Websites

Block websites that are causing network congestion. Staff that need access to these sites can be exempted from the web filter and monitored for excessive bandwidth usage.

Remove Malware

High bandwidth usage may be a sign that an endpoint is infected with malware.  Use antimalware programs to detect and delete viruses, spyware, and other malware from endpoint devices.

The Benefits of Monitoring Bandwidth Usage

Greater Capital Efficiency

Save Money on Unnecessary Network Upgrades

Before investing in expensive networking upgrades you should first monitor your existing bandwidth usage to ensure your organization is making optimal use of its currently available resources. If the throughput of your network is less than optimal you can use bandwidth monitoring software to identify unnecessary websites that are consuming excessive amounts of bandwidth.

Improve Network Performance

Identify & Block Bandwidth Hogs

Monitoring bandwidth usage allows you to identify bandwidth hogs in your network. Once high-bandwidth websites are found you can investigate further to decide which ones need to be blocked. Blocking unproductive and high bandwidth websites will greatly reduce unnecessary strain on the available bandwidth.

Discover Network Anomalies

Collect Network Activity Data

Endpoint devices with unexpected spikes in bandwidth usage need to be investigated. These devices could be infected with malware or being misused for undesirable activities. Monitoring bandwidth usage provides a baseline performance metric that you can use to detect outliers in network traffic.

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How does BrowseReporter work?

Graphic that illustrates how employers can report on employee Internet and application usage in the workplace.

1. CurrentWare Client

Easily deploy our Client on your employees’ computers to start tracking their website and application usage activities using our installer or Active Directory.

2. CurrentWare Server

Data tracked by the Client is uploaded to the Server database for storage. This is an on-premise Server for increased security and storage flexibility. 

3. CurrentWare Console

Choose from 20+ reports to run from. Get answers to questions such as “What bandwidth hogs are causing latency in the network?”

How to Install BrowseReporter Internet Monitoring Software

Setup File Contents:

  1. CurrentWare.exe: cwServer & cwConsole setup
  2. cwClientSetup.exe: CurrentWare Client Setup File
Icon of a man in a suit with a magnifying glass next to him
On the Manager’s computer, install the CurrentWare Console
  1. Run the CurrentWare.exe setup file.
  2. Select BrowseReporter
  3. The Installer will proceed to install the CurrentWare Server, Console and BrowseReporter
  4. Launch the CurrentWare Console. On the BrowseReporter menu select Tracking Options
  5. Check “Enable Bandwidth Tracking”
Icon with two men and a padlock
On the employees' computers, install the CurrentWare Client
    1. Run the client setup file on your employee’s computers
    2. Connect your computers to the CurrentWare Server
    3. You can now monitor your employee’s Internet activities
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 on all computers you would like to monitor 
    Icon of a man in a suit with a magnifying glass next to him
    Return to the Manager’s PC, launch the CurrentWare Console
    1. Under the BrowseReporter menu, click on Run Report
    2. Select one of the three Bandwidth report types – Bandwidth Usage (URL Listing), Daily Bandwidth Usage and Bandwidth Summary
    3. Select the computers/users whose bandwidth usage you want to review
    4. Set the sort by, order and reporting period and click Run Report

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