How to Upgrade CurrentWare to the Latest Version

First time installing CurrentWare? Follow this deployment guide instead.

Already have CurrentWare deployed and need to upgrade to the latest version? Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Back up your CurrentWare database
  2. Download the latest version of CurrentWare
  3. Ensure you have antivirus exclusions in place to avoid conflicts
  4. On the CurrentWare Server computer, run the CurrentWare.exe file and follow the instructions in the installation wizard

Once your CurrentWare Server is upgraded, the CurrentWare Clients on your users’ computers will update to the latest version automatically once they connect to the server.

CurrentWare Client Upgrade Process

After upgrading your CurrentWare Server, the upgrade of the CurrentWare Client is performed automatically in the following order:

  1. When a CurrentWare Client with an older version connects to the CurrentWare Server with a new version, the upgrade process will begin.
  2. The cwClientSetup.exe is copied over to the client computer (C:\Windows\Temp\cwClientSetup.exe) and the upgrade command is executed.
  3. After the client upgrade, the latest version installed on your client computers will be displayed on the Manage page of your CurrentWare Web Console.

Notes for Legacy Perpetual Customers

Customers with perpetual licenses can upgrade to the latest version, however, the Web Console is exclusively available for customers with a CurrentWare subscription plan. Click here to upgrade to a CurrentWare subscription plan.

Do I need a new license key?

If you’re upgrading from an older version, you don’t need new keys if you have subscription keys. Your existing subscription keys will be transferred.

Only Customers with a valid subscription or support & maintenance plan are entitled to new license keys and the latest versions. If you do not have an active subscription or maintenance plan, please contact us to receive an upgrade quote.

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