How to Upgrade the CurrentWare Server and Client

How to Upgrade the CurrentWare Server and Client

1. Upgrading the CurrentWare Server, Console, and Solutions

  1. Back up your CurrentWare Database file from:
 C:\Program Files(x86)\CurrentWare\cwServer\CWNPFB.cwd
  1. Download the latest version of CurrentWare
  2. Run the CurrentWare.exe to follow the instructions on the installer wizard to upgrade the Currentware Server, Console, and Solutions.
  3. If you are upgrading from version 4.X or 5.X to the latest version (v5.5), you will need to activate your CurrentWare Server with new licenses. Contact support to request for your new licenses. Only Customers with valid maintenance plans are entitled to new license keys.
    If you do not have an active maintenance plan, please contact us to receive an Upgrade Quote.

2. Upgrading the CurrentWare Client

The upgrade of the CurrentWare Client is performed automatically in the following order:

  1. When a CurrentWare Client with an older version connects to the CurrentWare Server with a new version, the upgrade process will begin.
  2. The cwClientSetup.exe is copied over to the client computer (C:\Windows\Temp\cwClientSetup.exe) and the upgrade command is executed.
  3. Once the client is upgraded, the latest version will be listed under the detail pane on the CurrentWare Console

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my CurrentWare Clients not upgrade?

  1. Please wait for a short period of time. For a network with around 50 computers, this process may take around an hour to complete
  2. Reboot the client computers.
  3. Make sure the following option is enabled on the CurrentWare Console: Install > Client > Remote Install > Upgrade > “Automatically upgrade clients from version and above”.
  4. If your CurrentWare Clients are located outside the LAN with no VPN connection to the CurrentWare Server, the client upgrade will not occur automatically. You will need to take the cwClientSetup.exe file and run it manually on the remote computers
  5. If the CurrentWare Clients are still not upgraded after a long period of time, take the cwclientSetup.exe and run it manually on the computers to complete the upgrade.

Do I need a new license key to register my software? (Licensing)

Depending on which version you upgraded from, you may need to contact us to request for your new license key.

Upgrading fromExampleDo I need a new license key?
Major versionFrom v4.X to v5.XYes, register your software with a new license key
Minor versionFrom v5.4 to v5.5Yes, register your software with a new license key
Build versionFrom v5.5.1 to v5.5.3No, your existing key will work

Why did some of my client computers lose Internet after the upgrade?

Some computers experience temporary Internet lost when they upgrade to the latest version of CurrentWare. In that case, perform the following steps will fix the issue:

  1. Go to Start Menu > type in CMD
  2. In the search bar > right-click on CMD and select Run as Administrator
  3. Type in Netsh Winsock Reset
  4. Restart the computer

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