3 ways to Improve Employee Productivity by Monitoring Internet Activities

The average American spends more than 6 hours a day on the internet. It’s reasonable to assume that a decent chunk of this time is spent on social media and other entertainment websites, even while we’re at work. 

While the internet has changed the way most companies do business and brought many benefits, it’s also brought challenges when it comes to employee productivity.

Ironically, technology has improved employee productivity in many ways by making tasks easier and allowing the instantaneous transfer of information and money. But employees are only human and with access to a world of entertainment just a click away, it can be hard to resist the temptation to stray from work tasks.

Many businesses have turned to monitor internet activities to keep their employees focused and increase employee productivity.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using this technology and how to use it to increase the productivity of your employees. 

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1. Save Time and Money

It can be hard to even remember the days before the internet existed. Employees didn’t have social media, online games, or other distractions at the tip of their fingers.

With internet monitoring software, you can see how your employees are using their resources and spending their time. If you find that they are spending too much time on social media, online gaming sites, or other useless websites, you can restrict their access.

You’ll have the ability to restrict employee access to any website you decide is unnecessary for business purposes.

Remember that time is money and when your employees are wasting time online, they’re wasting your money. You might find you pay less in overtime hours because employees get more done during their scheduled workday.

2. Monitor Bandwidth Usage

Internet monitoring can help you understand your company’s bandwidth usage and control it better.

Even if your employees are using the internet for work purposes, you might find your bandwidth is being used up quickly. With internet monitoring, you can get real-time reports of how your bandwidth is being used.

Gaining an understanding of how your company is using bandwidth can be useful because it allows you to control how it’s used. You can designate and allocate bandwidth for essential business applications and needs and reduce allotted bandwidth for unnecessary websites.

You’ll be able to tell which employees are spending their working hours posting on Facebook or taking selfies in their cubicle for their Instagram.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Risk and Prevent Data Loss

One of the biggest issues with having employees surfing the web at work is that it puts your business at risk.

The internet is full of websites that exist to harm your business. These include sites that harbor malware and phishing links designed to steal data.

When employees visit these websites or click these links, your hardware and software can become infected. This can slow down your entire system and even completely stop your business operations.

Sites designed to hack your systems and steal information may even result in the loss of sensitive personal data. Your company can’t afford a data breach because of a careless or confused employee.

Monitoring internet activities can show you which employees are accessing dangerous websites. If you have just one or two problem employees, you can restrict their internet privileges.

Even better, you can restrict access to dangerous websites for the whole company. 

How to Increase Productivity by Monitoring Internet Activities

Internet monitoring software can give you a lot of power, but as a business owner, it’s important to use that power responsibly.

You have to walk a fine line between giving your employees too much freedom and creating an environment that they might not want to work in.

The best way to handle the internet in the workplace is to create a clear internet use policy. This policy should be distributed and accessible to employees. It needs to clearly define what disciplinary measures may be taken for any employee who violates the policy.

Free Sample Template:
Employee Internet Usage Policy

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and distribute it to your employees to set a precedent for the acceptable use of the internet in the workplace.

It’s also better to deal with problems as they arise on a case-by-case basis rather than punishing the whole team for one employee’s mistakes. If you find that the majority of your employees can handle having access to Facebook at work, don’t disable everyone’s access because one or two employees abused their privileges. 

It’s also important to note that you probably won’t have to take such extreme measures as blocking company access to entertainment websites. Most of the time, simply telling your employees that you’re monitoring their internet activities is enough of an incentive for them to use their time more wisely.

They’ll be more mindful because they know that you’ll know what they were really doing if they don’t get their work done. You may also find that employees who do get their work done and still have time to spend significant amounts of time online for personal reasons may be in a position to take on more work responsibilities.  

Get Started Using Employee Monitoring Software Today

The internet is a big distraction for employees in the workplace and can easily inhibit employee productivity. As a business owner, there are steps you can take to mitigate the problem.

Monitoring internet activities can give you a clear picture of how your employees are using their computers during the workday. You’ll have the power to take whatever action works best for your company with the results you find.

Click here to download our employee monitoring software for a free 14-day trial. If you have any questions or concerns, our technical support team is here to help you.  

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