How to Track Software License Usage

Track software license usage with BrowseReporter, a powerful computer tracking software that collects data about employee application and internet usage.

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Employee Computer Activity Dashboards & Reports

BrowseReporter’s user activity dashboards and computer usage reports give you the insights you need to identify productivity leaks, detect excessive bandwidth usage, reduce software costs, and improve business intelligence.

BrowseReporter productivity dashboard - individual user

User Activity Dashboards

  • Use the collected data to review aggregated results of your entire workforce or drill down to individual users
  • Select the date range and activities you want to populate the dashboard with
  • Use the activity log to review raw data; add/remove columns, sort data, and export to .XLSX or .PDF
Employee Productivity Dashboard

Track Productive vs Unproductive Time

  • View time spent on productive vs unproductive web browsing & app use
  • Customize to what is considered productive in your organization
  • Compare trends in aggregated & individual productivity over time
  • Use IP-based location tracking to compare productivity levels between time spent in-office vs time spent working remotely
Screenshot of BrowseReporter's employee idle time tracking dashboard

Idle Time Tracking

  • Find out when remote employees are idling for too long or spending too much of their working hours on non-work related activities
  • Customize idle time based on the last keyboard/mouse inputs
  • Discover which departments or employees are the most active
BrowseReporter bandwidth tracking dashboard

Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Detect bandwidth-hogging websites on your network
  • Review bandwidth usage trends to inform network capacity planning
  • See which individual users or groups have the greatest bandwidth usage
BrowseReporter application activity log

Track Website & Application Usage

  • Detect the use of unauthorized software applications
  • Track which apps & sites employees use solo, as a team, or as a company
  • Determine software adoption rates with usage data for apps and SaaS sites
BrowseReporter's employee desktop screen capture feature with a grid of screenshots displayed

Take Screenshots Of Your Employees’ Desktops

  • Capture high-resolution and compressed screenshots of your employee’s desktops to see exactly what they're doing on their computers.
  • The employee screenshot monitoring software feature can be configured to automatically delete older screenshots to reduce storage requirements
  • Screenshots are tagged with the website or application that was being used, the time, and the name of the computer that was captured
today's insights user score cards

Keep a Pulse on Team Activity

  • Get high-level views of the recent activity of individual users and teams
  • Easily see who is online now and who hasn’t logged in today
  • Track your users’ most recent productivity, activity, availability status
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The reporting feature offers accurate insights on internet activities in order to ensure compliance & organization policies are met. The offsite management feature makes it easy to monitor those working from home.

Carroline Achieng O., Sales Consultant
Absa Life Assurance, 10,001+ Employees

BrowseReporter is simple to use and provides our company with the information we were looking for. Having BrowseReporter installed has prevented any internet abuse. This was exactly what we wanted!

Denise P., IT Manager
Paper & Forest Products, 51-200 Employees

BrowseReporter allows us to better control the activities of our remote employees, which are growing in number due to our transformation policy. It prevents irregular practices that go against our company's basic labor standards.

Kilmer M., Senior Director of Advertising
Financial Services Company, 51-200 Employees

BrowseReporter is an extremely useful piece of software for monitoring our employees' devices while they are at work. It enables us to view data in real time, conduct detailed analyses of each employee's activities, and improve productivity where necessary.

Sebastian P., Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer
Retail, 10,001+ Employees

Expand your capabilities with CurrentWare's award-winning productivity and security software

BrowseReporter application activity log

Intuitive and Comprehensive Software Usage Data

BrowseReporter makes tracking software license usage possible with its easy-to-use reporting utility and dashboards.

At a glance you can review the software usage of your employees including timestamps of the applications they use each day, how frequently they use specific applications, and their most used applications.

View your employee tracking reports as a general summary for quick overviews, or switch to the detailed view for further insight.

    Protect Your Business Against Piracy in the Workplace

    A failed software compliance audit can cost your organization as much as $150,000 in fines per violation.

    Your corporate risk management strategy needs to include preventative measures against piracy in the workplace.

    Protect your business against failed compliance audits by tracking software license usage with BrowseReporter. Detect the usage of pirated or improperly licensed software to ensure that your organization is compliant with software license allowances.

      A person sorting through a collection of pirated dvds or cds
      A man sits at his desk working on a computer. The shadowy figure of a colleague looms behind him.

      Cast Light on Shadow IT

      Shadow IT – also known as Stealth IT, Client IT, or Fake IT – is any system, solution, or software that’s used by the employees of an organization without the knowledge and approval of the corporate IT department.

      BrowseReporter’s software usage reports lets you track software license usage based on computers, users, and workgroups such as organizational units (OUs) in Active Directory.

      It bolsters your software asset management program by showing you all of the programs that are currently being used by your organization, including those that have not been officially adopted.

      With a clear picture of the software being used in your organization you will know which high-risk applications to block and what capabilities your workforce needs to be provided with.

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        How To Get Started With Software Asset Management

        Audit Existing Software Usage

        To start, you need to have a thorough understanding of all of the software currently being used by your business. 

        You will need to catalogue the existing licenses your company has, make note of ongoing software expenses, and track software license usage to determine whether or not the existing solutions are being sufficiently used.

        Audit software procurement history for existing licenses

        Track software use to determine current utilization and detect the use of undocumented software

        Monitor employee web activity for the use of SaaS platforms

        Categorize existing software and consolidate any redundant solutions

        Make note of any upcoming renewal dates such as monthly/annual subscriptions or vendor-specific maintenance plans

        Track & Control Software Use (Software Metering)

        The goal of software metering is to ensure that license limits are enforced and that licenses are available for each user that needs one.

        This practice can be further split into two major categories: passive software metering and active software metering. 

        Passive software metering: Application use is monitored to track software license usage but users are not actively denied access to the software. This provides natural user activity insights that can help determine the amount of licenses needed. 

        Active software metering: Application use is monitored and access can be denied based on a given set of parameters. For example, an organization with a limited amount of licenses could schedule application permissions to limit the amount of users that can access the software at a given time.

        Active software metering can also be accomplished through an application blocker to prevent unauthorized software usage and web filtering software to prevent the unauthorized use of SaaS platforms.  

        Facts About Software License Usage

        Underutilized software cost businesses in the US and UK an estimated $34 billion per year (1E Software Usage and Waste Report 2016)

        As much as 38% of enterprise software is underutilized or simply not being used at all (1E Software Usage and Waste Report 2016)

        Approximately 40% of software used in businesses is illegally copied. Penalties for software piracy can be as much as $150,000 per infringement. (Business Software Alliance)

        68% of organizations can expect to receive an external software audit, such as a vendor license compliance audit. (Gartner Research)

        Browse Reporter

        Try BrowseReporter for Free

        Fully functional. Easy to use. Install in minutes.

        Employee and Computer Monitoring Features


        Computer Activity Reports

        Reports and dashboards for monitoring computer activity

        Remote Screen Capture

        Screenshot Monitoring

        Take automatic screenshots or remotely view desktops

        Application Blocker

        Track App Usage

        Track employee computer usage on Windows applications

        Internet Off

        Idle Time Tracking

        Track mouse and keyboard movement to monitor inactivity

        Bandwidth Tracker

        Bandwidth Tracking

        Find users that are hogging the network's bandwidth

        Tracking Schedule

        Tracking Scheduler

        Only track user computer activity during work hours

        Internet Off

        Internet Monitoring

        Monitor web browsing, keyword searches, and more

        Category Filtering

        URL Category Tracking

        Each website is automatically categorized to help identify URLs

        Email Report

        Email Reports

        Automatically send computer activity reports to designated inboxes on a set schedule

        Email Alert

        Email Alerts

        Send email alerts to authorities when user browsing has exceeded company web policies

        Internet Off

        End-User Reports

        Provide your employees with on-demand access to their own user activity data


        Stealth & Transparent Modes

        The software can run silently in the background or be configured to alert users

        Internet Off

        Centralized Console

        Manage all your users from the
        centralized console with Active
        Directory import or syncing

        Internet Off

        Platform Security

        Protect your CurrentWare console
        with 2FA, passwords, privilege
        management, and more

        Internet Off

        Offsite Management

        Monitor remote employees and students no matter what network they connect to

        Internet Off

        SQL Server Supported

        Database scaled for enterprise and
        large business operations using
        Microsoft SQL Server


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