How to Track Software License Usage

Track software license usage with BrowseReporter, a powerful computer monitoring software that collects data about employee application and internet usage.

“This software is very easy to setup. The value for the cost is excellent and is the best we have ever used”

Ken W, IT Manager, Shoreline Sightseeing

BrowseReporter software usage report with timestamps of web browsers and Adobe Creative Cloud application usage
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Why Track Software Usage?

Optimize Software Spending

  • Mitigate app sprawl with genuine software usage data
  • Reallocate unused software licenses to other users
  • Use real data to inform the procurement of new licenses

Reduce Corporate Risk

  • Ensure that application usage is in compliance with EULAs
  • Detect the use of unlicensed or illegal software programs
  • Protect your business against unauthorized shadow IT

Manage Employee Productivity

  • Identify users that are abusing unproductive software
  • Differentiate between active and inactive software usage
  • Ensure that enough licenses are available for employees

Software License Management (SLM) with BrowseReporter

  • Reduce SaaS Spend: Avoid being billed for more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licenses than your business actually needs.
  • Improve Productivity: See how often your employees actually use critical software solutions to reduce downtime caused by under licensing.
  • Avoid Over Licensing: Don’t buy more licenses than your organization truly needs. Application usage data shows you what your employees really need.

The Benefits of Monitoring Application Usage

Cast Light on Shadow IT

Shadow IT – also known as Stealth IT, Client IT, or Fake IT – is any system, solution, or software that’s used by the employees of an organization without the knowledge and approval of the corporate IT department. 

BrowseReporter’s software usage reports lets you track software license usage based on computers, users, and workgroups such as organizational units (OUs) in Active Directory. It bolsters your software asset management program by showing you all of the programs that are currently being used by your organization, including those that have not been officially adopted. 

With a clear picture of the software being used in your organization you will know which high-risk applications to block and what capabilities your workforce needs to be provided with.

Avoid Wasting Money on Unused Software

Make data-informed software procurement decisions with the help of genuine insights into the application usage of your employees. Track software license usage to determine whether you need to purchase new licenses for your current solutions or decommission underutilized software.

BrowseReporter’s employee computer activity reports demonstrate how often software solutions are being used, how long they are being used for, and which employees are genuinely using them. 

Internet usage reports allow you to identify how often online subscription-based accounts are being accessed so you can more effectively determine SaaS utilization levels in your organization.

Protect Your Business Against Piracy in the Workplace

A failed software compliance audit can cost your organization as much as $150,000 in fines per violationYour corporate risk management strategy needs to include preventative measures against piracy in the workplace. 

Protect your business against failed compliance audits by tracking software license usage with BrowseReporter. Detect the usage of pirated or improperly licensed software to ensure that your organization is compliant with software license allowances.

How does BrowseReporter work?

Graphic that illustrates how employers can report on employee Internet and application usage in the workplace.

1. CurrentWare Client

Easily deploy our Client on your employees’ computers to start tracking their website and application usage activities using our installer or Active Directory.

2. CurrentWare Server

Data tracked by the Client is uploaded to the Server database for storage. This is an on-premise Server for increased security and storage flexibility. 

3. CurrentWare Console

Choose from 20+ reports to run from. Get answers to questions such as “Which websites are my users distracted by?” and “Who are my top performers?”

Install BrowseReporter Employee Monitoring Software

Setup File Contents:

  1. CurrentWare.exe: cwServer & cwConsole setup
  2. cwClientSetup.exe: CurrentWare Client Setup File 
Icon of a man in a suit with a magnifying glass next to him

On the Manager’s computer, install the CurrentWare Console

  1. Run the CurrentWare.exe setup file. 
  2. Select BrowseReporter.
  3. The Installer will proceed to install the CurrentWare Server, Console and BrowseReporter onto the Manager's computer.
Icon with two men and a padlock

On the employees' computers, install the CurrentWare Client

  1. Run the client setup file on your employee's computers.
  2. Connect PCs to the CurrentWare Server.
  3. Your employee's Internet activities are now being tracked by BrowseReporter.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 on all computers.
Icon of a man in a suit with a magnifying glass next to him

Return to the Manager’s PC, launch the CurrentWare Console

  1. Under the BrowseReporter menu, click on "Run Report".
  2. Select your desired report type.
  3. Select the computers or users.
  4. Click the “Run Report” button to see your report.

Detailed Application Usage Reports

Intuitive and Comprehensive Software Usage Data

BrowseReporter makes tracking software license usage possible with its easy-to-use reporting utility. At a glance you can review the software usage of your employees including timestamps of the applications they use each day, how frequently they use specific applications, and their most used applications.

View your employee monitoring reports as a general summary for quick overviews, or switch to the detailed view for further insight. You can customize the data presented in your reports based on date, users, computers, and specific applications.

BrowseReporter software usage report with timestamps of Photoshop usage


Employee Computer Activity
Dashboards & Reports

BrowseReporter’s user activity dashboards and computer usage reports give you the insights you need to identify productivity leaks, detect excessive bandwidth usage, and improve business intelligence

Granular User Activity Data Dashboards

  • Review aggregated results of your entire workforce or drill down to individual users
  • Select the date range and activities you want to populate the dashboard with
  • Use the activity log to review raw data; add/remove columns, sort data, and export to .XLSX or .PDF
BrowseReporter data dashboard user selection
BrowseReporter data dashboard calendar range selection
BrowseReporter data dashboard activity log
BrowseReporter Employee Productivity Report Graph
BrowseReporter Employee Productivity Report Graph

Productive vs Unproductive Web Browsing

  • Track how long users are away from their computers
  • View time spent on productive vs unproductive web browsing
  • Customize idle time based on last keyboard/mouse inputs

Idle Time Tracking

  • Track how long users are away from their computers
  • View time spent on productive vs unproductive web browsing
  • Customize idle time based on last keyboard/mouse inputs
Idle time enabled graph showing data
BrowseReporter data dashboard idle vs active time tracking
BrowseReporter Top 10 Domains by Active Browsing Time report with bar graphs.
BrowseReporter data dashboard top 5 websites and groups

See What Websites are Browsed the Most

  • Find out what the top browsed productive, unproductive, and neutral websites are
  • See which groups are the most active internet users
  • Review what categories of websites are being visited

Monitor Bandwidth Consumption

  • Detect bandwidth hogging websites on your network
  • Review bandwidth usage trends to inform network capacity planning
  • See which individual users or groups have the greatest bandwidth usage
BrowseReporter Bandwidth Usage by Sites report with 13 different URLs listed.
BrowseReporter data dashboard bandwidth usage
BrowseReporter employee productivity report with hourly application usage
BrowseReporter Employee Productivity Report Graph

Track Application Usage

  • Detect the use of unauthorized software applications
  • Find out what the most popular apps are and how long they're used for each day
  • Determine software adoption rates through user activity data

How To Get Started With Software Asset Management

Audit Existing Software Usage

To start, you need to have a thorough understanding of all of the software currently being used by your business. 

You will need to catalogue the existing licenses your company has, make note of ongoing software expenses, and track software license usage to determine whether or not the existing solutions are being sufficiently used.

Audit software procurement history for existing licenses

Monitor employee application use to determine current utilization and detect the use of undocumented software

Monitor employee web activity for the use of SaaS platforms

Categorize existing software and consolidate any redundant solutions

Make note of any upcoming renewal dates such as monthly/annual subscriptions or vendor-specific maintenance plans

Track & Control Software Use (Software Metering)

The goal of software metering is to ensure that license limits are enforced and that licenses are available for each user that needs one.

This practice can be further split into two major categories: passive software metering and active software metering. 

Passive software metering: Application use is monitored to track software license usage but users are not actively denied access to the software. This provides natural user activity insights that can help determine the amount of licenses needed. 

Active software metering: Application use is monitored and access can be denied based on a given set of parameters. For example, an organization with a limited amount of licenses could schedule application permissions to limit the amount of users that can access the software at a given time.

Active software metering can also be accomplished through an application blocker to prevent unauthorized software usage and web filtering software to prevent the unauthorized use of SaaS platforms.  

Facts About Software License Usage

Underutilized software cost businesses in the US and UK an estimated $34 billion per year (1E Software Usage and Waste Report 2016)

As much as 38% of enterprise software is underutilized or simply not being used at all (1E Software Usage and Waste Report 2016)

Approximately 40% of software used in businesses is illegally copied. Penalties for software piracy can be as much as $150,000 per infringement. (Business Software Alliance)

68% of organizations can expect to receive an external software audit, such as a vendor license compliance audit. (Gartner Research)

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BrowseReporter's Employee and Computer Monitoring Features

URL Filter

Internet Monitoring

Track detailed user web browsing activities on their computers


Web Activity Reports

20+ different detailed graphical and tabular reports

Application Blocker

Track Application usage

Track employee computer usage on Windows applications

Internet Scheduler

Idle Time Tracking

Track mouse and keyboard movement to monitor inactivity

Bandwidth Tracker

Bandwidth Tracking

Find users that are hogging the network's bandwidth

Tracking Schedule

Tracking Scheduler

Only track URLs during specific time and days

Remote Screen Capture

Screenshot Monitoring

Take automatic screenshots or remotely view desktops

Email Report

Email Reports

Automatically email reports of employee web usage to managers

Category Filtering

URL Category Tracking

Understand where your users are surfing by tagging a URL category to every web page

Email Alert

Email Alerts

Send email alerts to authorities when user browsing has exceeded company web policies


End-User Reports

Provide your employees with on-demand access to their own user activity data


Stealth Mode

The software can run silently in the background or be configured to alert users

Centralized Console

Central Web Console

Access the administrative console from a web browser on any computer in your network

Remote Client Install

Remote Client Install

Easily deploy the CurrentWare Client remotely to all of your computers

Offsite Management

Offsite Management

Extend onsite Internet usage policies to laptops running outside the corporate network

Centralized Console

SQL Server Supported

Our database is scaled for enterprise and large business operations

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