35+ Apps to Help Your Employees Work from Home Successfully

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If you’re new to managing employees that are working from home, you may not be aware of all of the tools and platforms that successfully distributed and remote teams use to keep their projects flowing smoothly.

This curated list of applications and software services covers these key considerations:

  1. Cybersecurity solutions to keep sensitive data and files safe from data breaches caused by malware or negligent/malicious users.
  2. Employee productivity programs for monitoring and managing your remote workforce and employees that are at home working.
  3. Collaboration tools to keep remote teams communicating, connecting, and working well together.
  4. Networking tools to provide employees that are working from home access to your organization’s internal network without compromising security.
  5. File sharing platforms to quickly and securely share project assets and related files


Working from home has unique cybersecurity risks that must be mitigated to keep your organization’s data secure from theft or loss. Solutions for securing remote workers include password managers and identity managers to keep credentials safe, threat detection to alert administrators to suspicious activity, and USB restriction software to prevent data loss caused by unauthorized file transfers and potentially dangerous USB devices.

1AccessPatrolUSB Restriction & Data Loss Prevention
2DashlanePassword Manager
3VisibilityEndpoint Device & Software Tracking
4Azure Active DirectoryEnterprise Identity Management Service
5Falcon OverwatchAdvanced Threat Detection (ATD)
6KeePassFree password manager
7MalwarebytesEnterprise Antivirus

Employee Productivity

Remote workers have been found to be typically more productive than their in-house counterparts, with a 2019 survey from FlexJobs reporting that 65% of respondents were more productive working from home rather than the office. Factors such as lack of distractions from coworkers, increased work-life balance, and lack of commuting stress all contribute to added productivity for employees that work from home.

That said, employees that are not used to remote working may find themselves distracted by their families, personal tasks, and unproductive websites. Productivity in remote workers can also be affected by feeling socially disconnected from their coworkers – fortunately, there are solutions to address these productivity hurdles! 

1BrowseReporterEmployee Monitor – Reports for Application, Bandwidth, & Internet Usage
2StatusHeroEmployee & Project Insights Platform
3Chimp or ChampAnonymous Mood Monitor – Employee Feedback Sharing
4YAPAFree minimalistic desktop Pomodoro timer
5MondayProject planning on the cloud
6HubstaffTime tracking and online timesheets
7TogglOnline timer with a timesheet calculator


Employees that are used to collaborating in-person may feel uncertain about how they will continue to collaborate effectively while working from home. Fortunately, collaboration options such as video conferencing, team chat, and project management platforms can help to keep project teams connected by facilitating communication and the tracking of project deliverables.

1Zoom MeetingsVideo Conferencing & Virtual Meetings
2SlackTeam Chat
3DiscordAll-in-one voice, video and text chat
4GmeliusEmail Collaboration Tool
5TelegramSpeedy and secure messaging app available on desktops and phones
6AWW AppInstant Virtual Whiteboard
7 Draw.io Google’s free online diagram mockup software
8TrelloProject Management Tool
9CalendlyMeeting Scheduler
10LoomEasy and free screen recorder
11OBS StudiosFree screen recording and live streaming software
12WundamailEmail-based team check-in tool to help managers stay in touch with their staff


If you need your remote employees to have access to the organization’s internal network or you need your IT administrators to remotely access your employee’s machines for troubleshooting, you will need tools to support those functions.

Remote Access Environments and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide employees with secured access to the organization’s internal network and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) providers offer remote access and monitoring options to keep IT support available for employees that are working from home.

1Hamachi VPNVirtual Private Network (VPN)
2Nord VPNVirtual Private Network (VPN)
3AnyConnectVirtual Private Network (VPN) & Remote Access Environment
4AteraRemote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
5Zoho AssistRemote Access for Tech Support
6Team ViewerSecure remote access and support
7UltraVNCFree remote control software
8phoenixNAPDedicated Server Hosting

File Sharing

Collaborative file sharing platforms allow remote employees to easily share project files with each other, providing a critical resource for working collaboratively. File sharing platforms typically offer options for coworkers and managers to make comments directly on project assets, readily providing options for gathering necessary feedback.

File sharing platforms also often provide granular control over file access permissions, allowing you to host files on the cloud for convenient access without providing enfettered access to every user that is integrated into the platform.

1Google DriveFile Sharing – General
2DropboxFile Sharing – General
3BoxFile Sharing – Emphasis on Security & Compliance
4Peer LinkFile Service for Multi-site
5ShareFileA fast way to share files with coworkers securely
6ShareXCapture and upload screenshots with one click
7FilePizzaFree peer-to-peer file transfers in your browser

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