Data Loss Prevention Software

CurrentWare’s data loss prevention software protects sensitive data against theft. Configure endpoint security policies to prevent your users from transferring data to unsanctioned cloud storage sites and portable storage devices.

“It’s easy to overlook the threat that can arise from within the company, especially when devices are being taken off site. The damage that data breaches can cause is enormous!”

Larry Salvucci, IT Manager, Boston Centerless

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Why Use Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Software?

Data loss prevention software protects sensitive data such as PII, PHI, EHRs, and intellectual property from being shared outside the corporate network. 

Without DLP software an organization risks losing the sensitive data of their customers to a trusted insider transferring their information to a USB flash drive. With DLP software these risks can be mitigated by enforcing security policies that restrict sensitive data from being exfiltrated from the network.

Technical safeguards are required by data security and privacy frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, ITAR, and PIPEDA. DLP software provides critical security controls to help meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Over 64% of financial services companies have 1,000+ sensitive files open to every employee.

Without data loss prevention software these files can be readily stolen with an easily concealable USB flash drive.1

70% of consumers believe that businesses aren’t doing enough to secure their personal information.

Data loss prevention software protects personal information by preventing data leakage to key egress points.2

Illustration of a man leaving his workplace after quitting. His former coworkers are waving goodbye while he carries out a box of his personal items

63% of employees have brought data from their previous employer to their current employer.

The best data loss prevention software protects intellectual property against insider data theft.3

2021 Data Risk Report – Varonis.
2020 Data Attack Surface Report – Arcserve
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How to Prevent Data Leakage With CurrentWare

The CurrentWare Suite provides critical security controls for protecting
your network, endpoints, and sensitive data against a variety of high-risk activities.

illustration of a man standing while using a laptop. Next to him is a lock and shield icon, signifying data security

Block & Audit Removable Storage Devices

Control who can use portable storage devices and set USB security policies to limit what devices are allowed. Monitor data transfers and other file operations to removable media.

Illustration of a man uploading data to a cloud storage website

Prevent Data Leaks to Cloud Storage

Use web filtering and application blocking policies to stop unauthorized cloud storage use. Protect sensitive corporate data from being uploaded to unsanctioned file sharing sites.

illustration of a computer screen covered in bugs. Icons show sensitive data being transferred to a shady figure

Protect Sensitive Data Against Malware

Stuxnet and other malicious software can be spread by infected USB flash drives. Block high-risk websites and USB devices in your network to protect data against malware.

Audit User Activity for Insider Threat Risks

Monitor the internet and application use of users for high-risk, anomalous, or inappropriate activity. Receive automated alerts straight to your inbox when unwanted events occur.

illustration of a pair of hands placing file types into a folder

Granularly Restrict Data Transfers

Go beyond simply blocking unauthorized USB devices; keep data safe from trusted devices, too. Block file transfers to portable storage devices based on file extension and file name.

Illustration of a man sitting on an internet modem. Icons showing wifi, internet, location, instant messaging, cloud, email, and sharing

Block High-Risk Network Ports

Block unused TCP/UDP ports to reduce the attack surface of your network. Mitigate the threat of data leakage over FTP, SFTP, IRC, and other high-risk network ports.

Assign Granular Device Permissions

CurrentWare’s data loss prevention software policies can be customized to fit the needs of each user, computer, and organizational unit in your environment.

Data Loss Prevention for Remote Workers

CurrentWare is the best data loss prevention software for remote workers. The client agent ensures that security policies are enforced even when endpoints leave the network.

Protect Your Network With User Activity Monitoring Reports

CurrentWare’s data loss prevention solutions include 15+ user activity reports to help you detect high-risk activities.
Each report can be generated on-demand, at a set schedule, or automatically sent to your inbox when specific events occur.

USB Activity Reports

  • Monitor file operations history on USB devices, cell phones, and cameras for high-risk behavior and data mismanagement.
  • Collect evidence of data exfiltration, attempts to use unauthorized USB devices, and peripheral device usage.
  • Trace an end-user’s peripheral device usage across all of your organization’s endpoints

Starting at $2.99 USD per license/month

AccessPatrol's data loss prevention report, with details of file operations such as data transfers to USB portable storage devices
enpowermanager's user logon history report with timestamps of when employees log in and out each day

Computer Usage Reports

  • Detect the presence of shadow IT and end-users engaging in high-risk web browsing
  • Timestamped reports of logins and logoffs alert security teams to off-hours access
  • Monitor bandwidth usage for anomalous spikes in traffic to detect the presence of large file transfers

Starting at $2.99 USD per license/month

Case Study

First Choice Health Prevents Data Leaks
& Meets HIPAA Compliance

The 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that a staggering 58% of data loss events in the healthcare industry involved insider threats.

As a healthcare company, First Choice Health knew that they needed to safeguard protected health information (PHI) against the threat of unsanctioned portable storage devices.

They also needed to balance their use of data loss prevention software with the productivity needs of their business. They knew that they needed a solution that could effortlessly block unauthorized portable storage devices without bottlenecking their employees’ workflows.

AccessPatrol’s USB activity monitoring and device control features provided First Choice Health with the critical technical safeguards they needed to meet security compliance standards for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

We never have to worry about what may happen when someone plugs a device into one of our machines. AccessPatrol has made our lives easy; we just set it, forget it, and it works!”

Nicholas Scheetz

IT Service Desk Supervisor, First Choice Health

Device Control Software That Goes Beyond USB Devices

USB storage drives are not the only devices that can be used to steal sensitive data.

The wide variety of peripherals you can control with AccessPatrol make it the best device control and data loss prevention software for preventing insider data theft.

Device Class Devices Access Permissions
Storage Devices USB Full / Read-only / No access
DVD /CD Full / Read-only / No access
Floppy Full / Read-only / No access
Tape Full / Read-only / No access
External Hard drive Full / Read-only / No access
Firewire Full / Read-only / No access
SD Card Full / Read-only / No access
MM Card Full / Read-only / No access
Wireless Devices Bluetooth Full / No access
Infrared Full / No access
Wifi Full / No access
Communication Ports Serial Full / No access
Parallel Full / No access
Imaging Devices Scanners Full / No access
Cameras, Webcams & Others Full / No access
Others Printers Full / No access
USB Ethernet Adapter Full / No access
Sound Cards Full / No access
Portable Devices (iPhones, Mobiles) Full / No access
Network Share Full / No access

Learn More: Device control with AccessPatrol

See What Else Our Customers Have to Say

CurrentWare’s security software is an essential part of our customer’s data protection strategies.

Whether it be monitoring user activity to enforce company policies, blocking USB file transfers to protect sensitive data against theft, or restricting internet use to protect their networks against web-based security risks, CurrentWare has played an integral part in keeping our customers secure.

“We needed to control internet access to enforce our web usage policies across the organization. In CurrentWare, I found a solution that fulfilled the criteria of my entire project within a single suite of software.”

Larry Salvucci

IT Manager, Boston Centerless

“There wasn’t any 360-page instruction manual – it just worked! When we first saw the employee tracking reports we were totally surprised by some of the behaviors and habits that had gone under the radar.”

Kevin Porsche

IT Admin, Shady Maple

“We tried a few different solutions, but none of them felt as reliable as AccessPatrol. It was completely intuitive and had all of the functionalities we were looking for. Investing was a simple decision.

Han Lee

Senior Business Development Manager, Tamice Group

Check out our great reviews on Capterra!

“Great product to control your physical endpoint security. The greatest pros are the ability to add individual device IDs to an allowed list, as well as the common control console.”

– Evan S.
Vessel IT Team Lead

“This software helps us to achieve compliance with industry and government requirements with respect to controlling the use of removable storage media. It fits the bill perfectly.”

– Matthew W.
Aviation & Aerospace Industry

Secure your network and protect your sensitive data with CurrentWare

CurrentWare’s Data Loss Prevention Software

User activity monitoring, data loss prevention, and web filtering software solutions for protecting sensitive data

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Device Control Software

  • Block unsanctioned portable storage devices
  • Add trusted devices to an Allowed List
  • Audit USB file operations to track data in motion
Logo for AccessPatrol, CurrentWare's USB Blocker and Endpoint Security Software

Content Filtering Software

  • Block websites based on URL, IP, and category
  • Close unused or high-risk network ports 
  • Stop users from launching specific applications
Logo for AccessPatrol, CurrentWare's USB Blocker and Endpoint Security Software

User Activity Monitoring

  • Monitor internet and application use
  • Choose from 15+ detailed user activity reports
  • Get automated alerts of computer policy violations
Logo for AccessPatrol, CurrentWare's USB Blocker and Endpoint Security Software

Remote Power Management

  • Audit login times for suspicious activity
  • Remotely control computer power states
  • Schedule shutdowns to prevent off-hours access

Data Loss Prevention Features

Internet Off

Block Endpoint Devices

Protect your network from endpoint attacks by restricting device access.

URL Filter

Block Malicious Websites

Prevent users from accessing malicious websites that are susceptible to malware attacks.

Category Filtering

Report on Endpoint Activity

Report on file transfer and endpoint devices that were connected to your network.

Internet Scheduler

Temporary Access to Endpoint Devices

Use the Access Code Generator to provide temporary access to endpoint devices.

Centralized Console

Endpoint Device Permissions

Control how files can be modified through endpoint devices. Configure read-only, no access, or full access policies.


Block Smartphones and Tablets

Prevent users from connecting iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and more.

Application Blocker

Turn Internet Off

Turn the Internet off completely to prevent online file transfers or uploads.

Email Report

Block Computer Programs

Prevent users from using unauthorized or malicious computer programs.

Flexible Deployment Options

Icon of a hard drive

On Premises

Easy to install. Everything stored on your own network.

Icon of globe with meridians. Four nodes extending from it

Remote Workers

Connect remote users with minimal configuration.

Icon of a server with a cloud behind it

Private Cloud

All the benefits of the cloud on a server of your choice.

Secure your network and protect your sensitive data with CurrentWare

DLP Software Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Your Data Loss Prevention Software With Remote Workers?

Yes. CurrentWare’s data loss prevention software solutions support a variety of deployment options that allow you to control USB devices, block websites, and monitor user activity no matter where they are.

To learn more about using data loss prevention with remote workers, visit this article: How to Set Up Data Loss Prevention Software for Remote Teams

Are There Any Limits to the Free Trial?

The free trial of our data loss prevention software is fully functional. You can deploy it on up to 10 computers for 14 days. If you need more time or more computers to properly evaluate the best data loss prevention software for your organization, reach out to our support team.

Will My Employees Know They Are Being Monitored?

As with any CurrentWare Suite product, your organization is in control of how visible the data loss prevention software is.

The CurrentWare software client operates in stealth mode by default.

In stealth mode, the CurrentWare software client is not visible in the system tray or control panel of the user’s computer. Your users will not be able to uninstall the program or stop it without administrator privileges.

If you would like your users to be aware that they are being monitored, you can choose to show the CurrentWare software client in their system tray by enabling it in the client software settings.

AccessPatrol does not disclose when its USB activity monitoring feature is active. When your employees attempt to use an unauthorized USB device they can be presented with an optional warning message.

When BrowseControl blocks a website you can choose to show a warning message, redirect to another website, or simply have the connection fail.

When monitoring user activity with BrowseReporter you can choose to enable the End-User Reports feature to provide users with access to their activity data. You can also display optional notifications that periodically remind them that they are being monitored.

Does Currentware Have Access to Employee Data?

No. CurrentWare’s user activity monitoring and data loss prevention solutions do not send your user’s computer usage data to CurrentWare. They are installed and managed by your organization.

All of the data collected by CurrentWare’s software is stored on a database that is installed in your organization’s network or on a virtual machine provided by a cloud service provider of your choice.

For more information please refer to our Terms of Service

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a set of tools and processes that prevent confidential data from being leaked, deleted, or misused.

DLP tools work to detect and prevent sensitive data from leaving the network. To protect the confidentiality and security of data, DLP software stops employees and other end-users from copying sensitive data to unauthorized USB drives.

The security policies defined by DLP software helps to prevent end users from accidentally or maliciously sharing data that could put the organization at risk.

Can I Set Unique Device Restrictions for Different Computers or Users?

Yes. You can assign unique security policies for each computer, user, department, or other organizational unit (OU) in your company. 

To do this, CurrentWare’s data loss prevention software allows you to create group folders with separate policies. This feature is perfect for restricting users while providing greater access for trusted administrators.

In terms of device control, you can also use the access code generator to temporarily grant access to all peripherals or use the device scheduler to automatically allow/block devices at specific times.

In terms of internet and application restriction, you can use the internet scheduler and app blocker scheduler to temporarily allow access to blocked websites and applications at specific times.

Can I Block Specific File Types from Being Transferred?

Yes. CurrentWare’s device control and data loss prevention software AccessPatrol has the ability to prevent your end-users from copying specific files to their storage devices. These file transfer restrictions can be configured based on the file name or file extension. 

The file transfer blocking feature can also be used on devices that are on the Allowed List. This lets you provide access to company-authorized USB devices while still protecting the sensitive data in your network against exfiltration to portable storage hardware.

Is This a Cloud Solution?

No, our network security solutions are not cloud-native. At this time they will continue to be offered exclusively for on-premises deployments, however, you can install CurrentWare’s software on a cloud platform of your choice with our private cloud option.

Who Uses This Data Loss Prevention Software?

CurrentWare has a global client base across a variety of industries including government, healthcare, finance, nonprofit, and manufacturing.

CurrentWare’s customers use our computer monitoring, web filtering, and endpoint security solutions to protect their business against time theft, data leakage, and web-based threats by monitoring and controlling computer usage. 

Learn more by reading our data loss prevention software customer case studies.

How Can I Start Protecting Sensitive Data?

  1. Download & install CurrentWare
    Download the files for your free data loss prevention software trial. On the administrator’s computer, run CurrentWare.exe to begin the installation of the endpoint security solutions.
  2. Deploy the security software clients
    Deploy the CurrentWare software client (cwClientSetup.exe) on all the computers you want to control. You can deploy the software client with a local install or by using Active Directory, SCCM, or our built-in remote deployment tool.
  3. Monitor & control your endpoint devices
    After the installation, you will see all of your user’s computers on the CurrentWare Console. From this console, you can generate detailed reports on your user’s activities and assign data loss prevention policies to protect data against insider security threats.

Secure your network and protect your sensitive data with CurrentWare