Control Internet Access with BrowseControl

BrowseControl’s internet control features let you quickly and easily block internet access on an employee's computer

BrowseControl conveniently operates from the centralized CurrentWare console, allowing you to easily block the internet access of your employees no matter where they are. Internet access permissions can be specified for each user, device, or workgroup in your organization.

Immediately restrict internet access based on user, device, and workgroup

Add specific company authorized websites to your allowed list to limit internet access

Display a custom message or redirect to a webpage when users attempt to access blocked websites

How to block internet access on an employee's computer

BrowseControl’s web filter can block users from accessing specific websites - simply add the URLs or domains of the websites you would like to block to the Block List! This internet control software makes managing employee internet access simple and effective.

3 Ways you can block websites with BrowseControl

Category Filter: BrowseControl’s category filtering feature lets you quickly block millions of websites across over 100 URL categories. Block access to porn, social media, virus-infected sites, warez, and more!

URL Filter: Enter URLs and domains to your blocked sites list to stop employees from accessing them. This feature can be used in reverse to add specific authorized websites to your Allowed List while blocking all other websites.

Granular Controls: Internet access permissions can be granularly controlled based on a single user, a specific device, or entire workgroups. CurrentWare’s Active Directory (AD) sync and centralized console makes managing your entire workforce simple and scalable.

BrowseControl's Category Filtering Window allows you to block websites based on specific categories

Why should I restrict employee internet access?

Increase Productivity: Nearly 82% of employees surveyed in the “On Cyberslacking: Workplace Status and Personal Internet Use at Work” report admitted to using the internet for personal reasons during work hours. A web filter can be used to block access to commonly abused websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Network Security: Malicious and compromised websites can stealthily infect networks with drive-by downloads. All an employee has to do is stumble upon one of these sites on social media or a phishing email for an exploit to compromise the network. A web filter adds an added layer of security by blocking these websites from being accessed in your network.

Data Loss Prevention: Unauthorized cloud storage, social networks, and web apps provide channels where sensitive data can be leaked. A web filter can proactively prevent access to these channels and stop employees from mishandling data.

Workplace Behavior: A web filter limits opportunities for employees to access NSFW content such as pornography, reducing inappropriate web usage that would otherwise contribute to a hostile work environment.

Bandwidth Management: Streaming a 4K Ultra HD Netflix video consumes 7GB of data per hour. Employees that use the company internet to stream videos waste valuable bandwidth and ruin the productivity of their coworkers by dramatically slowing down the speed of the internet.

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