Coming soon: New modern Web Console to make CurrentWare even easier to use

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CurrentWare Web Console?

The new CurrentWare web console lets you effortlessly apply policies and run reports from the convenience of a web browser. No need to install multiple CurrentWare Consoles, simply access the web console remotely and log in!

Where can I learn more about the web console?

Stay tuned for future webinars, emails, and videos related to the web console. As we release new information about the web console we will add updates to our website, the Knowledge Base, and our YouTube channel.

Is this a cloud solution? If I install the Web Console where will my data be stored?

No. At this time CurrentWare and the new web console will continue to be offered as an on-premise solution, however, you can install CurrentWare on a cloud platform of your choice with our Bring Your Own Cloud option.

Just as before, CurrentWare will not have access to your employee’s data. All of the data collected by CurrentWare’s software is stored on a database that is fully controlled and managed by your organization. For more information please refer to our Terms of Service

Will the Windows App (Winform) Still Work?

Yes. At this time we have no plans to deprecate the Winform version of CurrentWare and we will give advance notice if that is going to occur.

Transitioning to the web console provides the potential for new developments such as seamless reporting and data dashboards. As we move to newer web-based technologies with the web console there is a possibility that some new features will not be compatible with the Winform.

If I do not upgrade to the subscription will my perpetual licenses still work?

Yes. Customers that would like to remain on perpetual licenses can continue to use their CurrentWare products. You will not have access to the web console without migrating to a subscription plan.