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Employee Productivity Monitoring Software Makes Remote Work Possible for Sessions & Kimball LLP

"Since we’ve let employees work from home we’ve had to have them connect remotely to the office. Thanks to BrowseReporter we know exactly what they’re doing during work hours."

CurrentWare Customer Aaron Siegel

Aaron Siegel
Network Administrator
Sessions & Kimball LLP

Sessions and Kimball LLP CurrentWare Customer Profile

As an experienced employment rights law firm, Sessions & Kimball LLP’s clients expect nothing short of excellence. To maintain their firm’s high standards they knew that they needed a dedicated employee monitoring solution to help manage the productivity of their workforce and make sure their clients get the service they deserve.

At first, the solutions used by Sessions & Kimball LLP were frustrating to use and did not provide them easy access to the details they wanted. After trying the free trial of BrowseReporter, they knew they found exactly what they needed to monitor and manage their employees.

“We’ve tried using other software for our employee monitoring but it was a pain to work with. BrowseReporter was simple to use and gave us exactly what we needed. I can easily see exactly what sites people are visiting when they visit them, and how long they stay there.”

Sessions & Kimball LLP uses web filtering to block clearly inappropriate websites, but they needed greater details about how their employees were using websites that were not explicitly on the blacklist. BrowseReporter’s user activity insights provide them with the exact details they need to ensure the internet is used as expected.

“We block clearly objectionable websites, but we wanted a way to see how our people spent their time on the rest of the internet. The Sites Visited report is great, it provides the exact details we’re looking for.”

As Sessions & Kimball LLP’s in-house staff was forced to work remotely during the pandemic, they knew they needed to maintain the standards their clients have come to expect from them no matter where their employees were working.

BrowseReporter’s granular user activity reporting provided Sessions & Kimball LLP with the exact insights they needed to ensure employees spent their time effectively while working from home.

“Since we’ve let employees work from home we’ve had to have them connect remotely to the office. Thanks to BrowseReporter we know exactly what they’re doing during work hours.”


With nobody physically present at the office, maintaining business continuity for their remote workforce was essential. Should the on-site computers be forcibly shut down from a power outage, off-site employees would not be able to remotely connect to their workstations and access the resources they needed.

enPowerManager’s remote power management capabilities make it the perfect solution for getting their remote workforce back online right away without the need to wait for a manual restart, making it a critical tool for business continuity.

“We purchased enPowerManager to help us restart our computers remotely. It helps us make sure our work-from-home employees don’t lose time after a power outage. ”



As a CurrentWare customer, Aaron has had the opportunity to experience firsthand our dedication to improving our products based on direct feedback from our customers. A future release of enPowerManager will introduce new features that Aaron has been hoping for, including tracking the number of logins throughout the day.


CurrentWare Customer Sessions & Kimball LLP Headquarters


CurrentWare’s remote workforce compatibility and ease-of-use helped Sessions & Kimball LLP maintain business continuity during unprecedented times. BrowseReporter has proven to be an integral tool for monitoring employee internet activity in an effort to identify disengaged employees, enforce their standards of excellence, and maintain business continuity no matter where they work.



enPowerManager has provided Sessions & Kimball LLP with the peace of mind that their off-site workers will not lose valuable productive hours to unexpected shutdowns following a power outage. Employee workstations can be effortlessly restarted from an off-site central console, allowing remote-access employees to get back up and running without waiting for a time-consuming manual restart.


“I’m excited for the new features coming to enPowerManager. Having a record of when our people log in and out each day is going to be really helpful.”

CurrentWare Aaron Siegel

Aaron Siegel
Network Administrator
Sessions & Kimball LLP