Computer Monitoring Software Reports

BrowseReporter’s computer monitoring reports provide detailed insights into how employees are using technology in the workplace. Collect and compare computer usage data to make data-informed employee productivity and technology management decisions.

Use the End-User Reports feature to give employees on-demand access to their activity data so they can self-manage their productivity

See all of the websites your employees visit, even when they use private browsing or delete their history

Collect evidence of unsafe and unproductive internet activities and ensure that employees are following acceptable use policies

Track application usage, browsing history, and bandwidth consumption to understand how employees and departments use their computers during the work day

BrowseReporter filters out "noisy" URLs and information such as SDKs, CDNs and advertising pixels that make other computer monitoring software reports difficult to understand

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Computer Monitoring Report Categories

BrowseReporter provides 3 types of report categories to track your users

Internet Activities Reports

Monitoring employee internet activity mitigates the temptation employees have to abuse the internet during work hours, discourages bad actors from engaging in harmful activities on the web, and provides your company with the insights it needs to identify inappropriate or unsafe computer usage behavior in the workplace.

Assess Employee Productivity

Review employee productivity at a glance based on the website categories in their web browsing history
Category rankings can be customized based on what is considered productive for your employees
Identify the unproductive websites that are most commonly abused by employees

Compare Productivity by Location

See how employees change their web browsing habits when working in-office vs working remotely
Categorize web browsing based on the public IP address of the user's computer location
See how often each employee is working from outside of the office and compare their productivity

Monitor Search Engine Queries

Review the exact search keywords used by employees

Identify employees that are distracted or struggling with specific topics

Discover employee sentiment and monitor for high-risk search terms

Track Websites Visited by URL or Domain

View every website visited during any given time period

Sort data by date, active time, and total time

Filter data to show general domains or specific URLs

Top Domains Visited by Browsing Time

Discover the domains most frequently browsed

Compare changes in domain usage over time

Collect evidence of inappropriate internet activity

Total Browsing Time

See which computers are used the most and which ones are under-utilized

Review which employees spend the most time on the internet

Aggregate browsing data to review overall internet usage within the company

Categories of Websites Visited

Switch to the URL category view to see web history summaries based on the categories of websites

Search reports for undesirable categories or excessive time spent on unrelated websites

Understand the context of web usage history at a glance without reviewing each website manually

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Bandwidth Usage Monitoring Reports

Streaming a 4K Ultra HD Netflix video consumes 7GB of data per hour. Employees that misuse the internet in their workplace aren’t only harming their own productivity, they also strain the available bandwidth and make network speeds slower for their coworkers.

Monitor Bandwidth Usage by Website

Track websites that may need to be blocked to reduce latency

Identify the websites that demand the most bandwidth

Track websites that may need to be blocked to reduce latency

Bandwidth Usage Summaries

Review data sent and received each day for specific employees, computers, and workgroups

Identify abnormal spikes or dips in expected bandwidth usage

Discover which employees are responsible for the greatest bandwidth usage in a given time period

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Computer Applications Usage Reports

BrowseReporter isn’t just a powerful internet usage monitor, it can also monitor computer applications. Application monitoring provides insights into the time that employees actively spend using software in the workplace, allowing you to understand the most commonly used applications for each user, device, and department in your organization.

Top Computer Application Usage

Check which applications your employees use the most during the work day

Find employees that are using unsafe or unproductive applications

Save money by finding out which applications are actually used and which ones can be decommissioned

Hourly Computer Application Usage

Gain insights into the software usage habits of your employees

Analyze app usage trends throughout the workday

Prioritize floating license availability by identifying peak app usage periods

Specific Application Usage

Run reports based on a single application or a list of applications

See how much time is spent using applications for specific users and departments

Verify the time spent using applications on a daily basis.

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