Monitor Internet Usage Based on Categories

BrowseReporter’s internet usage monitor can be configured to display or filter websites based on categories. Immediately review the nature of the URLs and domains visited by employees to discover the types of websites being accessed in your network. Find out which employees are visiting social media and other unproductive websites on company time.

Websites are automatically tracked and categorized by BrowseReporter using the categories database. Website categories are regularly updated to include new websites, domains, and URLs so you’ll always have a high-level overview of the types of websites visited by the people you are monitoring.

Save time reviewing reports by previewing the nature of the websites tracked without visiting them manually

Discover users that are visiting websites related to porn, hacking, drugs, social media, and more

See which categories of websites your employees spend the most time on

Why monitor URL categories?

Monitoring the categories of websites visited by employees is important for contextualizing their web browsing habits. BrowseReporter’s URL category tracking makes employee monitoring simple by providing a high-level overview of the types of websites visited during the work day.

Improve Efficiency: Save time reviewing employee monitoring reports. Quickly identify the nature of unfamiliar websites without manually visiting each one.

Inappropriate Surfing: Filter internet monitoring data to display categories of websites that go against your acceptable use policies such as porn, gambling, and hate.

Employee Productivity: Discover employees that are browsing social media and games sites on company time.

BrowseReporter has dozens of reports to choose from. Use this powerful employee monitoring software to review web history based on productive vs unproductive time, track search engine queries, bandwidth usage, and more! Check out the web activity reports page for the full list.

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